Why is coworking for SMEs among the nicest things that might occur?

13 Feb 2024 10
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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a pivotal role in global economies, contributing significantly to GDP and job creation. Amidst this landscape, coworking spaces emerge as crucial catalysts for SME consistency and growth.

This blog delves into the myriad reasons and benefits of coworking spaces, essential for propelling SMEs forward. From cost-effectiveness to fostering easy hiring and growth, these spaces offer a host of advantages that align perfectly with SME requirements.

1. Cost Efficiency:
Budget constraints are paramount for startups and medium-sized businesses. Traditional office setups often entail long-term leases and hefty deposits, posing challenges for SMEs. Coworking spaces alleviate these financial burdens by providing affordable monthly rental plans with basic amenities included, eliminating the need for larger capital investments.

2. Enhanced Hiring and Growth Opportunities:
Strategically situated in accessible areas with proximity to markets, coworking spaces facilitate easy commuting and brand visibility, fostering business growth and employee retention.

3. Networking Potential:
The diverse community within coworking spaces offers invaluable networking opportunities for SMEs. Collaboration with individuals from various backgrounds facilitates access to new ideas, talent, and potential investors, enhancing both company and individual growth.

4. Flexibility and Work-Life Balance:
Coworking spaces empower SMEs with flexible work hours and a stable personal space, leading to improved employee retention and productivity.


Coworking spaces serve as invaluable assets for SMEs, providing cost-effective solutions, fostering growth, facilitating networking opportunities, and promoting work-life balance.

How do coworking spaces benefit SMEs?

Coworking spaces benefit SMEs by offering cost-effective solutions, facilitating easy hiring, providing networking opportunities, and promoting work-life balance, essential for sustained growth and success in a competitive market.


Yes, coworking spaces are one of the nicest things that fosters SMEs growth. SMEs are one of the major contributors to the Indian GDP and generate up to 50% employment, but there are a lot of factors that traditional settings do not support yet coworking spaces do.

The Top Benefits of Adopting Managed Workspaces in Enterprises

13 Feb 2024 10
Top Benefits of Adopting Managed Workspaces in Enterprises

Enterprises are constantly looking for innovative solutions to increase productivity and stay ahead of the competition. One such trend gaining significance is the adoption of affordable managed office spaces. 

1. Flexibility:
Enterprise office spaces today need offices where flexibility and collaboration are a priority. Managed workspaces provide a flexible environment that can easily adapt to the changing needs of a business. Whether it's expanding the workforce, accommodating remote teams, or adjusting office space requirements, managed workspaces offer these solutions. There is no need to wait for managed offices to wait for leases in order to make these changes. This way, their demands keep increasing. 

2. Focusing on the Business :
Managing and maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure, facilities, and support services can be resource-intensive and can divert attention from a company's core ideas. A company cannot focus on their initial purpose if they are busy making amends and fixing the infrastructure. But with managed workspaces, enterprises do not have to worry about the burden of day-to-day operational tasks since the managed office space would take care of it all. This allows organisations to concentrate on their core business functions. The shift from managing facilities to focusing on strategies enhances overall efficiency.

3. Advanced Technology:
Staying up to date with technology is important for enterprises in today's digital age. Serviced office spaces in all cities are equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology,  ensuring that businesses have access to the latest tools and resources without the difficulty of switching and maintaining the tech every now and then. From high-speed internet connectivity to cutting-edge collaboration tools, a best coworking office space will always provide a tech-savvy environment that fosters productivity and innovation which will help anyone looking for flexible office space solutions.

4. Savings:
One of the most selling reasons for enterprises to embrace managed workspaces is the potential for a lot of cost savings. Traditional offices and enterprise office spaces involve a huge investment in infrastructure, equipment, and ongoing expenses. Managed workspaces, on the other hand, are not only fully furnished but also operate on a subscription or leasing contract, allowing businesses to save on costs more effectively. 

5. Flexible Work Environments:
The modern workforce values flexibility and work-life balance that plays along with their mental well-being. Managed workspaces have flexible office space solutions that are designed to accommodate diverse work styles, including remote work and collaboration. With flexible seating arrangements, virtual collaboration tools, and amenities that cater to various preferences, these workspaces create an extremely flexible environment that cater to the expectations of today's employees. 

6. Security and Compliance:
Security concerns are a very important part of owning a business, especially in industries dealing with sensitive data. Managed office spaces in industrial parks often come with strong security measures, including secure access controls, data encryption, and regular audits. Service providers invest in maintaining compliance with industry regulations, releasing enterprise office spaces of the burden of ensuring security to their business.

In conclusion, the adoption of managed workspaces by enterprises depends on a combination of flexibility, cost savings, advanced technology, and the need to focus on the core ideas of the company provided by the managed office space. By moving to managed office spaces for lease, businesses can reap the benefits of modernity and security. Businesses can not only focus on their operations but also create an environment that celebrates innovation, collaboration, and growth.


If you want to grow your company into a more successful one, you can rely on Brantford’s expertise in finding the best coworking office spaces for you and your team to work in. 
We are one of the best coworking aggregators in India and will be there to help you no matter what your requirements. We have developed our own technology and gained extensive experience in providing the best coworking office space. Our focus is on providing tailor-made commercial offices that match your brand identity and business goals.

Utilise Managed Office Spaces with the Help of Brantford India to Grow Your Business

01 Feb 2024 10
Flexible and managed office spaces

Brantford India helps you in the search for managed offices. Finding and creating your haven in a coworking or leased office space is not easy, but it is made easier with Brantford’s help. 

There is a process you need to follow in order to find the best coworking office space for you. On top of that, finding an affordable managed office space can get even trickier. This is why you need Brantford India’s help. We use both AI and human intelligence to find the best coworking office space for your business.

What is a managed space?

With a surge of flexible working came a surge of coworking and managed offices. Traditionally speaking, a managed space is an office that is leased to entrepreneurs and businesses for a certain period of time. This office is only leased for over a year or so and is thus put into full control of the renter. The inhabitant can customize their office to how they need it or prefer it according to their company theme and ideology. 

A managed office space is usually one that is made for modern solutions like green office solutions and flexible office space solutions. In this day and age, we need modern ways of working which a managed office covers. It is usually made for sustainability and employee well-being. 

Why should I opt for a managed space?

A managed office works on the basis of a lease. It has all the benefits of a traditional office and more. Flexible and managed office spaces are used by entrepreneurs and businesses who are just starting out and growing. Since they are not buying an office space, they can reap all the benefits of the different amenities of an office and save a lot on their assets. These individuals can lease out these offices for the duration they need. 

So if you are someone who wants to grow their business and don’t have enough assets to buy an office, you can lease the managed office space. Other than this, big cities, where startups are prevalent, don’t have a lot of affordable office spaces on sale. So turning to coworking and managed spaces is a better option. 

Brantford India is one of India’s largest platforms for managed workspaces. According to your needs, Brantford will pinpoint the finest establishment for you to lease.

Is a serviced space better than a managed space?

A serviced office space is leased for a shorter period of time and hence is not in control of the renter. It has all the benefits of a modern office just like a managed office space but a serviced office is controlled by the owner of the office. All amenities have to be leased for a certain period of time. It is also a flexible office space that comes in handy in case you need a professional environment to hold meetings, and pitches, or need a professional address on your business card. 

Brantford India is a coworking aggregator in India that can help you understand more about the different kinds of flexible and managed office spaces. They can help you choose the right office space for your business with the snap of a hand. Which is why you should put your future into their hands. 


Any business be it a newly founded one or an established one is constantly growing. And in order to keep growing, there should constantly be change. A coworking space has brought this change into the world. Investing in a well-managed or serviced space that has all the modern amenities can help to grow your business in many ways. 

If you want to grow your company into a more successful one, you can rely on Brantford’s expertise in finding the best spaces for you and your team to work in. 

We are one of the best coworking aggregators in India and will be there to help you no matter what your requirements. We have developed our own technology and gained extensive experience in providing the best coworking office space. Our focus is on providing tailor-made commercial offices that match your brand identity and business goals.


How to choose the best coworking space for your group and yourself

31 Jan 2024 10
Mordern coworking office space


While looking out for the best coworking space near you there are certain defined factors that we are so far aware of, for example, high-speed internet, amenities, and good ambience. Though these factors are not all but a superficial glance and there are many more factors that are waiting to be substantiated or are already.

For a broader perspective, while finalising a coworking office space for rent the very first thing that you need to acknowledge is your “own business”. If you want your business to stand out or lease the best coworking space all you probably need is number one: analyse your business requirements; number two: find real estate aggregators with great reviews; number three: follow the list we have shared in this blog.

Modern coworking office spaces are known to optimise the performance of the employees and minimise distractions. Ergo, listed are some factors that you should consider.


Location is the defining factor for the best coworking office space. Having a flexible office space for your business should always be close to the market and public transport which is the most comfortable thing for the employees and clients. Location does leave an impression on the client as well. Thus location being the most important factor makes sense.


A fully furnished coworking office space for rent is not all that a “flexible office space” should look like. Certain amenities must be a part of the list:

  • High-speed internet
  • Functional and ergonomic furniture
  • Maintenance services 
  • Printing facilities
  • Security and privacy
  • Power backup
  • Cafeterias & so forth

These are certain things that must be mandatory in the list of amenities. 


A coruscating ambience is just what a decent coworking office space should look like. The ambience, look and feel of the coworking office space should be vibrant and professional that is not just for your business but for you, your clientele and employees.

Whilst looking for a coworking office space look out for workspace design which can be eco-friendly or modern workspace design or any other trends.


Flexible office space is the next crucial factor that defines “best coworking spaces”. The flexibility quotient exists not just for you as a freelancer but also for a startup or any other type of business. We should acknowledge that the gist of the coworking space is the flexible seating arrangements that they bring to the table beyond the typical desk chair arrangements.

The flexible hours of coworking spaces are just another factor that you can look up to.


Well, affordable office spaces are hard to find yet affordable coworking office spaces are just what you can find easily. When you are in a comparison of affordable workspaces then coworking office spaces stand out as you can book the areas based on your needs. You can book meeting rooms, conference rooms, and private workspaces based on what suits your business needs the best.

From a broader perspective, coworking spaces are affordable.

Privacy and Security 

There is a myth that suggests that there is no privacy in coworking spaces. Turns out the actual picture says something different. You get absolute privacy and security. You can always find a security room, and CCTV surveillance all over the building when you look out for a coworking office space for rent.

Though you have the opportunity to collaborate with people, yet there are private workspaces available if you need privacy.


The amenities and other factors define a coworking space under the “best” category. Research has shown that freelancers have benefited from coworking spaces by providing them with professional and flexible hours under budget. This makes coworking office spaces more feasible. 

There are other defining factors as well, how much can you invest in a coworking space based on business? How secure is the space? What flexibility does it give? How interactive is the ambience? and most importantly what amenities they provide under your defined budget is what makes a coworking space the best coworking office space for rent.


1. Why would someone prefer to rent coworking space over traditional office space?

Coworking spaces create a collaborative environment where businesses can scale up or down according to their needs. They provide ready-to-use amenities along with cost-effective solutions.

2. What makes a coworking space modern, and how does it adapt to the changing needs of professionals?

Modern coworking spaces are designed with open floor plans, state-of-the-art technology, and cosy furnishings to foster community, creativity, and collaboration. Professionals can take advantage of amenities like smart meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and a variety of facilities.

3. How does eco-friendly workspace design contribute to sustainability?

Green practices, energy-saving technologies, and sustainable materials are all incorporated into eco-friendly workspace design to lessen its negative effects on the environment and to foster a more sustainable, healthy work environment.

4. What are the primary benefits of utilising a shared office space?

Shared office spaces give businesses an easily adaptable, community-focused work environment while also offering cost savings, flexibility, and opportunities for collaboration.






Employee engagement matters? Explained!!

09 Oct 2023 10
Employee engagement matters? Explained

First things first, before we understand what, when, why, and how, let us understand what employee engagement is in the first place.

What is employee engagement?

Simpler than ever, if I were to define employee engagement I would just say the relationship between the employee and the organization. Now, this might vary from person to person. How much effort is your organization taking on their behalf to improve your inclusion how are you attached to the organization and what efforts do you take for your organization's employee engagement?

A lot of things make or break this bond. Job satisfaction is one such, employees must be provided with a feeling of being supported and appreciated, they must feel happy to work in the organization. Probably this can then be the factor that makes the relationship stronger.


Hardly companies are aware of the fact that for them demanding better results would need investment. Investment of good, support, and appreciation. When employees are highly engaged they are motivated and contribute better than ever. Not only do employees benefit from satisfaction rather companies notice better results.

Sadly, 2021 witnessed the first decline in employee engagement. 23% of employees are not actively engaged in the workplace. The reason could be anything: poor communication, micromanagement, lack of opportunities, peer culture, recognition, and excessive workload.

How can you possibly eradicate these challenges?

Let’s discuss this one by one:

  • More work, less recognition: One usual problem that is being faced by the employees constantly is not understanding the timelines. Employees are always swamped with work and are asked to deliver what's necessary even after work hours. These additional efforts are always kept under the category of office work and they are not provided with any recognition and appreciation. This makes the employees lose interest and actively look out for better opportunities. 

Solution: Try appreciating an employee's personal time and space. Do not extend their deadlines or ask them to extend their work hours for tasks, especially without extra pay. Besides, also appreciate and recognize their work, time, and efforts.

  • Make them feel heard and wanted: Every individual is a different human with a unique mindset and approach. Studies have shown that 82% of workers have better ideas to boost productivity and business yet their ideas and approaches are not welcomed. There is a major problem that employees are feeling unheard and they aren’t even feeling wanted. 

Solution: Companies should appreciate new ideas and approaches. Always make time and room for meetings where people can come up with new ideas and you can discuss them with resources to have a broader perspective of the scenario and implement it, this will eventually lead to providing the employees with the confidence to think out of the box and be appreciated. Additionally, companies will see the difference, trust me.

  • Communication gap: Not just the other communication barrier but communication is very difficult among the employees. An exchange of thought processes and ideas takes place when you communicate. You get to know the areas where you must work and get appreciated. A refreshment also comes along with healthy communication.

Solution: Managers and HRs should encourage healthy discussions, and meetings, and organize dinner or lunch outside the working zones. This will increase the interaction between employees and the managers with the end result that they will start enjoying their work more than ever.

What are the other ways to improve employee engagement?

  • Plan outings and brunches or dinners, promoting healthy collaboration of the employees, and the managers.
  • Provide your employees with a flexible work situation. This will improve their interest in the work.
  • Recognize and reward them from time to time.
  • Ask for feedback and suggestions.
  • Respect their personal time, workload, and working hours.
  • Do timely surveys and quality analysis and discuss the issues and problems of the employees.


There is a fine line and not respecting and appreciating that makes the employee move to either side, which is disinterested and unhappy working. It’s high time that companies take measures to ensure that employee engagement is high and that they make an effort to increase it.


Design Impact: Office Mistakes to Avoid

25 Sep 2023 10
Design Impact: Office Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know, “ Your office is being judged based on the interior design”. 

Yup, that’s true.

Office interiors is by far the first thing any employee joining the space, or visiting for an interview interacts with. Interior designs are “your side of the story” which means they literally reflect the company’s values, culture and awareness towards the idea of employee welfare.

Speaking of this, you must be thinking how a good environment impacts so much, the answer is this blog. You will understand this eventually while reading.

Significance of Good interior design

Here’s a thing:

  • 87% of workers would like their employers to offer healthy workspace benefits.
  • 97% employees would last longer in the company if they get a chance and healthier workplace benefits.
  • Healthy workplace environment includes:
  1. Flexibility
  2. Proper storage units
  3. Ergonomic furniture
  4. Room to move in and out
  5. Happy and vibrant interiors
  6. Technological advances

These are some easily accessible facts that you can find anywhere with merely a single search, this means happy employees are because of happy and vibrant workplaces. As per a study conducted, interior designs impact employees liking to work in a specific place.

We now understand that designs are important, but let us dig in what can be done that makes the interiors look great and welcoming:


  • Not keeping it Flexible is the first mistake that we make, flexible refers to comfortable spaces and not desk and chairs. Quiet zones, booths, meeting pods, seat outs are some of the references that can be done.
  • Strategically planning the space is very very necessary. You need to plan everything, every corner and provide room to move. Compact arrangement not only takes away the interest naturally but also gives a feeling of suffocation.
  • You don’t want messy desks and storage issues, do you? An appropriate solution to this would work. Plan storage while you plan the design. It works. Technology can also help you in this, you have lesser mess with better technology.
  • Happy vibes, opt for indoor plants, greenery, happy colours and artful pieces in the working areas. This grabs the attention of interest of the employees and people would then enjoy working.


These are the basic mistakes done, not giving space, not having enough colours, not having clutter free neat environment and the list goes on. Basic and minor things can make a big difference, and in the designing industry this really does.

Happy designing!


Rent: The ultimate decision maker

23 Sep 2023 10

Searching for office spaces is exhausting, right? 

It includes numerous factors that must be taken into account. Factors like location, budget, amenities, proximity to public transportation, market, etc. have the potential to fluctuate your decision making.

To get it right, let us bifurcate these factors into primary and secondary ones. Primary factors are the most important ones, they alone can change your decision making process completely, while secondary factors can be compromised. Primary factors include: Location and Budget (rent) while rest fall under the bracket of secondary factors.

Getting it right, a lot of necessary aspects drive your decision making, you rent or buy property based on which. Clearly renting is the ideal choice between the provided options, why?


  • It is the ideal choice because it is cost effective
  • You get to choose between your desired locations without a thought about how much money to invest, obviously because you are renting and not buying!
  • There is a room for change, if at all you don’t find it feasible you can always shift.

But, during this whole big-big process of finding a space and then shifting and then what not you always have to make a checklist. Previous blogs have been clear about what checklist factors should be mentioned and how important they are. This blog will have an idea about “budget” or what we call “rent”.

Why is Rent or Budget decided first?

You know this, whenever you plan for a trip what is the most important factor that comes to your mind? Budget right. The ideal thing to do is make your budget for the trip and then plan the days and events accordingly. 

This is the very first thing to do in this or in any investment case. Work based on your budget. Being a startup or even a company you don’t really can invest how much or whichever amount is asked, there needs to be a boundary that we call here budget set.


Significance of Budget or Rent. Explained.

  • It helps you to understand the amount of money you currently have in-hand, that is the money that can be used without hampering the other activities of the space.
  • Clearly rent is not the only thing that you have to take care of as an owner. There are other things like salary, basic expenses and necessities so it is important that we make a budget and cover other expenses based on that. It helps you manage everything well.
  • It draws your attention to the details of investment and expenses.
  • Is this point even considered? But, allow me to say, it RUNS the company (obviously).


We have been hearing this for a long time that the correct location has the potential to change your decision of finalising a space but then there is another factor as well. Budgeting at the same time plays the equal role, if not it even is more important as compared to any other factor. You can find a substitute for location by finding another place which is near the desired location or any other part of the city that is a hub to companies but this does not happen with budget, it should never be!

Rent or budget is pre-determined by your convenience and if you hamper it, it hampers every other expense eventually. Think carefully on that note, indeed rent is the ultimate deciding factor. Happy searching!


Space Priority: Boost your Success

22 Sep 2023 10

Space priority? What does that mean? 

Space priority includes work space and desk space management, or simply aligning the space you work at that might include desk or workspace. It is important because of various factors, which factors exactly, that we will get to know in this blog.

Managing your space is crucial as it is that aspect of the work-life balance that manages to regain your sanity and make you feel better at working. I mean imagine yourself working at a cluttered desk or in a compact room, will you then even enjoy working? Well psychologically, the answer is a big-big no!

What wonders can space management do to your workspace: office layout and desk?

Any random arrangement of a typical office can make it look cluttered and cluttered space instantly takes away your attention making you feel lazy already. Besides, you don’t have a space to breathe!!!!

A strategic arrangement of furniture and management of space makes it look bigger and neat, also peaceful, plus plus plus:

  • It helps in branding. Understand that layouting, interior management are some factors which legitimately reflect company culture, brand values and identity. A well managed space can make even small spaces look big and neat allowing one to feel free and work.
  • It encourages collaboration and innovation. Not just work space management but desk or any other aspect of space management encourages cohesive nature of the office. It brings people and ideas together, it brings collaboration and innovation together, it brings success stories together. Good space management is always equivalent to happy employees and benefits.
  • It impacts efficiency, as asked earlier, are you comfortable working in a place full of cluttered, suffocating, compact? No, right? Nobody would ever want to work in such a place, when you think of an office you think of a happy and nice and clean place which encourages working. 

How can you possibly manage the space at work?

  • Making changes in the layout, this kind of help is better provided by the interior designers themselves. You can always go for expert advice.
  • Opting for a multifunctional furniture option over traditional one. This two in one feature can save your space effectively with other benefits.
  • Invest in good storage units, technology and tools. Paper pens are then lesser in use and technology will help to save the important documents. This is a sustainable option.
  • Try keeping the space clutter-free. Manage to keep your desks clean, cleaner, cleanest this will make your desk a personalised happy space and not compact.


Like every other factor, space plays an important role. They have their significance to a different level altogether. Here we are with a defined blog of how space impacts the workspace.


The Importance of Sustainable Design in Commercial Interiors

21 Sep 2023 10
The Importance of Sustainable Design in Commercial Interiors

Sustainability has become a principle shaping decisions in various industries, including commercial interior design. As we face the consequences of climate change and reducing natural resources, the importance of sustainable design in commercial interiors cannot be overstated. This blog will dive into the reasons why sustainability is crucial in this field and how it can benefit both businesses and the environment.

Responsible Citizenship

One of the primary reasons for including sustainable designs in commercial interiors is environmental responsibility. The man-made environment, including commercial spaces, accounts for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption. Sustainable design seeks to reduce this impact by incorporating eco-friendly materials, efficient energy systems, and responsible waste management practices.


Designers can choose materials that are recycled, reclaimed, or renewable, reducing the demand for new raw resources and minimising the environmental footprint of a project. Additionally, energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems can lower energy consumption, leading to reduced emissions and lower operating costs over time.

Health and Well-being

Sustainable design isn't just about protecting the environment; it also prioritises the well-being of the people who use the space. Commercial interiors designed with sustainability in mind tend to have better indoor air quality, natural lighting, and ergonomic features. All of these factors contribute to improved employee productivity, satisfaction, and overall health.

For instance, the use of low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and finishes reduces harmful emissions, making the indoor air cleaner and safer. Incorporating biophilic elements, such as indoor plants and natural materials, can reduce stress and enhance mental well-being. In a world where employee well-being is a growing concern, sustainable design can be important for growing businesses.

Cost Savings

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand. While some sustainable materials and technologies may have a higher upfront cost, they often lead to substantial long-term savings. Energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, for example, can significantly reduce utility bills, providing a return on investment over time.

Sustainable designs often involve durable materials and construction methods that require less maintenance and replacement, further reducing operational costs. Businesses can also benefit from tax incentives and rebates offered for eco-friendly building practices.


Consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental and ethical issues, and they are more likely to support businesses that share their values. By embracing sustainable design in their commercial interiors, companies can enhance their reputation and strengthen their brand image as socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

Securing the Future

Sustainability is not a trend; it's a long-term necessity. Regulations and standards related to sustainability in construction and design are becoming more strict, and businesses adopting sustainable designs in commercial interiors will be trusted to comply with future requirements.


Good Location is the key? Know how.

20 Sep 2023 10

The ever changing landscape of the real estate market, and even the needs have affected a lot to the parameters for finding a suitable workplace for companies.

But the “only factor” that stayed prominent was always the location. Location matters, how and why? Let's dig in to know.

There’s a checklist that you go through when you are in the hunt for suitable office space. These factors include amenities, budget but most importantly location. But why is location so important while setting up a business?

Here are some reason that you should consider:

  • Welcomes better opportunities. Being in the centre of the market allows one to understand new trends and developments. Besides, it makes your business accessible and reachable. Even when you are looking for a strength or resources to work with, having your office in a prominent area can be a real help in the sense of easy accommodation of the employees, or public transportation.
  • Ensures brand visibility. Location plays an important role in ensuring that your brand is seen in the market. If you have your office proximity in or near the areas according to your business needs, trust me you are seen. Here now you have better opportunities to ensure you are visible and doing great branding-wise.
  • You can keep an eye on your competitors. You know where your competition stands in the market. Being location specific you can understand your competitors and get inline with them effectively.
  • Locations that are existing business hubs have this advantage with taxations and can help with other legal formalities as well. Choosing a favourable location can help you with cost saving, reduced bureaucracy, and a supportive business environment. 


We have this understanding about things that are necessary while searching for an office space, but among all of that why is location always the priority. We have got you some reasons why.

How Designing Adaptable Office Spaces Adheres to the Demands of the Modern World

18 Sep 2023 10

The new world keeps changing every day. And with it changes the way people think or work. So keeping up with the world is important in the workspace design industry.

Let us see how designing adaptable office spaces for flexibility in the modern world can be beneficial for everyone.

If traditional offices have been useful till date then why should we adapt to the modern world and change the ways of design? More and more people have started preferring to work in a non-traditional workspace. Especially the new and upcoming workforce is more aware of their surroundings and their health.

Which is why, designing office spaces according to their necessities and demands is something that every designer should keep in mind. Bringing together all the different aspects that make for a perfect workspace for the current workforce is beneficial for everyone involved. 

What has the modern world brought to office space designs?

You might be wondering how the modern world and its ideologies are connected to office design. The modern world brings new ideas to improve life everyday. The corporate world needs to listen to the world and adhere to the new lifestyles.

This phenomenon has already started. Many companies have heard their employees’ demands and implemented them. This has not only improved the employees’ well-being, it has also helped the company because of the increased productivity of their employees. 

Things like ergonomics and mental health awareness have changed the way the corporate world used to work. There are now multiple changes made to offices and their ways of functioning. For example, the health of the employees is prioritised.

Old ways of working on a desk and chair in a cubicle and sensory deprivation tanks have been discarded and concepts like coworking or remote working have prevailed. The COVID pandemic, ironically and coincidentally, is to thank for this enormous change.

During the lockdown, the world was but one big entity who were experiencing the same exact thing no matter race, class, or gender. This is when people became more aware of mental health and were in support of each other. People realised how important it is to protect your health from external stress which is when they realised that many jobs can be done remotely. And for people who did want to go to an office, the workplaces were designed to be more flexible. 

How do office designs adapt to the modern world?

The idea behind designing an office space that adheres to the modern world is to make it flexible and creative. This means more ergonomic design ideas and creative workstations. Offices should have proper lighting and ventilation in order to benefit the employees’ health. Workspaces that offer coworking for collaboration and as well as separate isolation booths for concentration. The pantry or kitchen area should be well lit and a creative space where people can come to relax. Many workspaces have also adapted a game room for team collaboration and stress relief. Other than this, designers have started bringing the outside in. Using biophilia in office designs is helpful to the employees since biophilic designs have proven to be stress relievers. 

Global businesses that started in a coworking space

16 Sep 2023 10

It has been quite a while since something like coworking spaces came into existence. They have been a centre of new ideas and businesses with a twist which make coworking space a place that has seen freelancers, and startups grow to big businesses.

With this idea in mind, we are here to share some global businesses that began at coworking spaces. This idea can help you understand how coworking space can actually help you grow. 

This blog is to let you know, which big brands began their journey with coworking spaces, that can burst all your myths regarding coworking spaces.

Which big companies started their journey with coworking?


Uber is an established brand, people know uber as an easy commuting option which is affordable. But, hardly people are aware that this idea came to work in a coworking space operated by Rocket Space in San Francisco in 2009, this is now a 5.8 billion dollar company.


Spotify is the most heard name of all times, we don’t even plan our day without music and that to spotify. We are so known to this brand yet we were still unaware of the fact that even Spotify started their journey in a coworking space. Started in 2006, Spotify currently has 350+ million active users.



Some ideas only need a platform where people can come together on one platform and get along with unique ideas, Indiegogo was one such. Founded in 2007, this idea grew and flourished in a coworking space in San Francisco.


We are all aware of the platform where we connect people, share ideas, make connections and what not. But did you know that even the idea of Instagram which was a massive hit back then and even today started in a coworking space. 

Why do you think they choose coworking?

Honestly, it is something to think about, why do you think they chose coworking space over anything else. The answer is simple, every notion does not grow in the same conditions, one has to work on it and most importantly work according to the conditions then.

All these ideas are a massive success now, but back then were just ideas that needed a platform, considering they chose what suited them the best. But why do startups usually go for coworking? It is because coworking spaces are professional, low cost thus pampers your budget and a space with vibrance and joy and different people encouraging you to work more and better.




Companies who later switched to coworking spaces realised that these spaces have given their employees a “happy at work” kinda feel and embraced their creativity which made the company’s business grow. A budget friendly temporary option which anyone anytime can choose.

Coworking spaces have thus been a choice for many, and have witnessed some impeccable journeys. 

So if you still are wondering about giving your ideas a business platform, don’t waste your time coworking spaces can always be a good choice and we, Brantford India can help you find it!


Innovative Office Layouts: Open vs. Closed Concepts

14 Sep 2023 10

Office floor plans are the crux of the commercial interior design process. So how can you decide which type of office layout is best for your office design? Open vs. closed concepts in office layouts have their own pros and cons.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both the open plan and closed plan floor layout concepts. We will be discussing them in this blog. First let us see what each of them means.

Open Floor Plan Concept:

The open floor concept emerged in the 1900s when the first modern office was built with an open floor. But what does it mean? When an office is devoid of cubicles and cabins, it is known as an open floor plan. There are desks for everyone and they are kept in a manner that everyone can easily communicate with one another. This kind of a floor plan is best for creative industries that need constant collaboration within the employees. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the open floor concept?


  • The biggest and main advantage of the open floor plan is communication. Industries that need constant communication between employees will benefit from an open floor plan. 
  • The open floor plan also advocates creativity. When people are sharing ideas, there will be a collective genius born from the effort. This creativity will flow in the team and inspire different ideas. 


  • The disadvantages of this type of floor plan is that if anyone wants to work individually, they will have to face noise and constant disturbances. 
  • The other disadvantage of this is that it can hamper your productivity. If there is no corner for individual work there can be difficulty in concentration which will thus cause lower productivity. 

Closed Floor Plan Concept:

Closed floor plan is a concept where there is little to no communication between the employees. Cubicles and cabins prevail and are dedicated to teams and individuals. This way the productivity is high with almost no need for communication. This type of a floor plan is better suited for industries that need high concentration and almost no collaboration. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the closed floor concept?


  • Closed floor plans offer more privacy in individual workspaces. This is especially important if your work includes concentration, where you might want to create a personal and secluded space.
  • Closed floor plans can help contain noise within specific areas. This is beneficial if you have a noisy activity happening in one space, while others need a quiet environment. 


  • Closed floor plans can restrict the flow of natural light throughout the space, leading to darker rooms. This is not good for the eyes and health of an employee. 
  • These types of floor plans can hinder social interaction and communication between employees resulting in miscommunication and lack of productivity.


Questions that should be asked when choosing a serviced offices

11 Sep 2023 10

Human needs have always been changing with the landscape and growth of the businesses. What initially was enough no more satisfied the parameters. Considering this fact, we tried to come up with something more and better, this is somewhere because of the competition in the market.

From conventional spaces to coworking spaces to managed spaces to serviced spaces, the commercial real estate industry came very far from how it started. Generations have witnessed this conversion based on the requirements and approach of the generation then. But while finalising any space for future use one has to go through a list of factors, we have made it simpler.

This blog is dedicated to a specific type, serviced offices. Let us learn what are they? And how to finalise the perfect serviced space that suits your pocket and business needs.

Introduction to serviced offices

Serviced offices are simply office spaces that are ready-to-use. Ready-to-use in the sense that they have all the facilities and requirements catered which is managed by the facility manager also called as operator. 

These spaces are budget friendly, highly equipped and come with short term leases.

The facilities with serviced spaces includes:

  • Air conditioners
  • Water purifiers 
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • High-speed internet access
  • Modern-furniture
  • Meeting zones, pantry, seatouts 
  • 24 hour access to the building
  • Security and parking

Benefits of opting a serviced space:

Compared to conventions ones, serviced spaces have a lot to offer:

  1. They are “ready-to-move-in” spaces. 
  2. Mostly serviced spaces are the most budget-friendly ones
  3. They have short term leases, this make it feasible to relocate
  4. Access to amenities
  5. Hassel and tension free experience 

What must be taken care of, before you choose “the one”?

  • Starting with the location, it is the most important thing when you choose an office space. Understanding that you stand in the market is important, you have to choose a location that gives you an easy access to public transport and market area.
  • Budget. First things first if you are not planning as per your budget, you are not planning for a longer term to be very honest. Budget should be taken into account and definitely aid the decision of finalising a space.
  • What list of amenities the respective space caters you is something to discuss. Consider asking them for the list of facilities that are being provided and check whether it fits in your list or requirements or not.
  • Security and accessibility, probably these are the most underrated factors but this must be considered among the top most requirement list.




It is good to take a moment to actually discuss what is important and what is not. Conventional office spaces have been a good friend for a long time which is eventually getting replaced with other spaces, which includes serviced spaces.

These spaces really influence your business and in a good way, considering that you are choosing the right place. Thus, when you choose a space choose what is better suited and comfortable for you with respect to the factors mentioned above.

Happy hunting, we wish you find a good space! And if there’s something you can’t find Brantford is here to help. Connect with us!



Crafting a Brand-Driven Workspace: The Intersection of Design and Identity

07 Sep 2023 10

Designing an office space can go a long way if you don’t know what exactly to do. One tip is to follow the brand theme. Designing according to the brand is one way to let ideas flow.

There are benefits to designing a brand-driven workspace. It rejects the traditional way of designing a workspace: tables, chairs, rows and columns of workstations, special blind desks that hamper creativity, etc.

Designing a brand-driven workspace is an excellent opportunity for a designer to show their creativity and design something that would influence the market.

Deciding a Theme:

When you create a brand-driven workspace, you have to look into the brand colours, fonts, logos, mascots, etc. The existence of all of these helps to decide a theme for the workspace design. When you bring together all of these to make a design pitch deck, you can present options from which the client can choose.

Embracing Modernity:

Traditional offices have a very age old design: there is an open floor plan with rows of workstations, usually with traditional work desks. This design is known to drain employees and hamper their creativity thus setting productivity back by months.  

Today’s workforce prefers working in places that engage creativity rather than drain it. So using modern design and technology, designers can make the workspace design brand-driven and ensure employee engagement.

Implementing Creativity:

By being able to embrace modernity and using the brand theme, designers can implement their creativity and showcase their ideas in the brand-driven workspace. Another perk of designing a brand-driven workspace is that the designer and the client can collaborate more and create the amalgamation of the vision that both of them have in mind. This way the client is satisfied and the designer has more in depth insight on the brand.

Following Brand Values:

Brand values are the principles that the company believes in. These include the ideology, their way of working, what they want their influence to be like, and how they treat their employees. 

Adding these values in the workspace design would showcase the company to the clients and people who visit. This would create a good impression on them.


Designing a brand-driven workspace is a great way to promote the company in the initial stages. This would also engage the clients and employees and allow them to be more in touch with the company’s theme. Increasing creativity in a workspace design is a way to break the traditional office culture and embracing the new age culture. 

Decorating Your Workspace for Ganesh Chaturthi

04 Sep 2023 10

The festival of Lord Ganesha is finally here. It is a joyous and prosperous time everywhere. This festival should be celebrated with families, be it your home family or your work family! Here are some tips for decorating your workspace for Ganesh Chaturthi.

First let us dive into why it is important to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in your workspace. As we all know, this festival signifies prosperity, love, and protection.

If you have a tightly knit group of colleagues who have worked together for a long time, you need to celebrate these forms of togetherness with them.

Arrange for a Murti in your workspace and decorate it. And just like at home, perform your aartis with your work family. There are reasons behind celebrating this festival within your workspace:


If your company is a new one, a first ganesh chaturthi is a very auspicious occasion for it. Celebrating Lord Ganesha and the values he incorporates within your workspace will only bring in good vibes in your office. Any negative vibes and bad luck will be removed from the workspace. Since Lord Ganesha instils prosperity, celebrating the murti will increase your company’s goodwill.  

Building Community:

Festivals bring people together. Doing festive activities in one place is sure to bring coworkers together. Decorating, doing aartis, dressing in traditionals, etc will build a relationship between the colleagues. 

How can you celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in your workspace?

In today’s world where everyone is more aware of saving nature and recycling, you can turn a festival into a fun activity. Instead of bringing home a Plaster of Paris Ganesh murti, you can recruit the employees to make their own murti with eco-friendly materials like mud or clay. This way, the employees will have a blast making the murti together and also be reducing their carbon footprint in the world! 

There are ways that people have found to turn this festive experience into a lesson on nature and continue taking care of the murti even after the visarjan. While making the murti, insert some seeds into it! So after visarjan, you can plant the murti into a pot and take care of it till it turns into a plant. This is a great way to boost morale in the office by having a kind of collective project.

Encourage employees to decorate the workspace with garlands and fairy lights. Have a brainstorming session to include everybody’s ideas for the festivities. Other than this, you can also have a games day where the employees can enjoy a good meal and play competitive games. 


Festivals are not only based on religion and beliefs. They should be celebrated to boost morale and bring people together. Being able to celebrate the culture of everyone is extremely important in a workspace. Making sure that everyone feels included and is a part of the celebration is the point of celebrating a festival. 


Creative Interior Office Furniture: A Designer's Dream

29 Aug 2023 10
Creative Interior Office Furniture: A Designer's Dream

Nowadays, offices have become extremely creative. Designers have started incorporating and prioritising productivity through creativity and socialisation over menial traditional office designs.

It may be scary to take a creative step instead of sticking to the traditional. And if you think that creative office spaces are just for startups and coworking spaces, you are wrong.

Big corporations like Google, LinkedIn, RedBull, Dropbox, Airbnb, etc have huge offices that are built exactly with the principle of putting creativity before traditionalism. 

So if you are a designer, take that leap and get creative. 


This coworking cum recreational area is a way to have some fun while working. Being creative during work is a great idea booster. So if the job needs the employees to get their creative juices flowing, this type of a fun area is perfect for them. 

Everyone can attest to the fact that greenery makes people calmer. Being in or around nature is the best remedy to stress. So having a green space in the office will immediately relieve the stress the employees face daily. They can even get to work in a nature inspired environment where they can experience the sunrays and fresh oxygen. Incorporating green spaces in a workspace has become a dire need in today’s stressful work environments. 

Creative desk placements for teams and cooperation can boost productivity in the office. Get creative with how and where you place the work desks in the workspace. For teams to collaborate better and be able to talk freely, a placement like the one above can be a fun experience. This eases the cooperation between two or more people. 

Meeting rooms don’t always have to be the same old long desk and executive chairs. Sometimes, certain organisations that promote creativity may need an innovative meeting space like the one above. The projector in front of the stairs is for the presentations and pitches while the seats around are for the employees to sit and watch. This way, people can take notes and understand the meeting better in a less formal setting where discussions are open. 

Coworking spaces like these will have everyone collaborating and brainstorming in the same room. This is a good way to get everyone involved in the process and getting everyone’s views and opinions. There can also be personal spaces for people who need to work alone. So the entire office space can get what they need and reap the benefits of coworking. 



An office space does not need to be the traditional desk and chairs in four walls. Today’s generation prefers creative spaces over monotonous ones. This means that you can put your biggest ideas to work and create a workspace that would inspire the new workforce. Getting creative does not mean it will not work, in fact, it is better to be in a creative space than in a traditional one.

Elevate Your Workspace: Office Ceiling Wonders

26 Aug 2023 10

Ceilings can make a difference in your workspace. False ceilings have been very popularised in new world architecture. This is because of their efficiency along with their beautifying aspects.

What are False Ceilings?

Also referred to as a dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling, these ceiling structures are installed not only for their aesthetic, but also for their utility. Tracing their origins back to Japan, the demand for these secondary or artificial ceilings has been rising within modern establishments.

The space between the false ceiling and the main ceiling serves as a conduit for housing the area's wiring. This setup allows for the convenient installation of lights, effectively concealing the wiring and reducing clutter, thus enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, this space can be utilised for accommodating HVAC ducts and plumbing systems. False ceilings are installed in both commercial and residential settings.

Advantages of False Ceilings:


Enhanced Acoustics

A majority of the materials employed in false ceilings possess excellent sound insulating properties. Consequently, these false ceilings diminish the necessity for soundproofing measures. They amplify the acoustics and absorb both internal and external sounds within a room.

Aesthetic Appeal

Among the most overt attributes of false or suspended ceilings is their capacity to elevate the visual charm of a room. These ceilings are highly customisable, allowing them to blend in with the ambiance and mood of the space. The false ceiling can be equipped with a variety of light fixtures to allow an exquisite appearance upon the room.

Cable Concealment 

One of the features of false ceilings revolves around their ability to discreetly conceal cables and wires. As these ceilings hang from the primary ceiling, a vacant space emerges, which conveniently accommodates the wiring and plumbing of the area. This design element fosters an uncluttered and neat environment within the room.

Environmentally Friendly

The ease of installation and removal renders false ceilings highly manageable, reducing the immediate need for replacement. Even if they have to be  replaced, they remain cost-effective. Additionally, these ceilings exhibit excellent heat resistance, effectively isolating the interior from external temperature fluctuations. This translates into reduced reliance on HVAC systems. The reflective properties of false ceilings also contribute to a well-lit room, thereby curbing electricity expenses. Collectively, these attributes work towards reducing energy consumption.

Economic Viability

By actively contributing to energy reduction, false ceilings emerge as economical solutions. Furthermore, the materials used in crafting false ceilings are reasonably priced. The amalgamation of their aesthetic and practical functionalities renders them economically advantageous. With a false ceiling in place, there's no need for extra expenditure on duct concealment or lighting installations.

Insulating Properties

Insulation ranks as a fundamental element for every living space. The materials comprising false ceilings exhibit insulation properties encompassing sound, heat, and cold (and even electricity, in the case of wooden ceilings). These ceilings serve as a safeguard against external influences, thereby negating the need for additional insulation measures.

Discover the best coworking space: Key Takeaways and Considerations

21 Aug 2023 10
Discover the best coworking space: Key Takeaways and Considerations

We understand coworking spaces are the new trends, big companies are turning their ways towards it, it is a flexible and productive place, blah, blah. But wait! Coworking spaces have ample benefits and most importantly a different perspective of a workplace. People come across the idea, understand the urgency of matter and rush to random places. But what is important here is to understand that rushing to random places won’t take you anywhere.

All you have to do is calm down, and go through the checklist of what factors to be considered and what not in your search for a coworking space.

As a startup your priorities may differ as compared to other companies who are already in their growth journey. Considering this there are few things that must be taken care of, here you go!

Finalising your budget:

Budget is the most important factor, you cannot move an ounce without it. Simply understanding the budget that startups have is different from what established companies have who are looking for a temporary solution. Thus considering this you need to finalise the budget in the first place and then continue with your search.

Finalising your location:

After finalising your budget the next step is to pick out locations that you are looking for not on your priority but with some factors. Factors like proximity to public transport, main market. What is surrounding the space and neighbouring areas. Other factors like what companies are already residing in the location and how suitable is the place for every member with respect to commuting.

Looking for amenities:

Coworking spaces are usually imagined as a heavenly place for the people who are looking for flexibility and equipped with all sorts of facilities. The reality check is, they are not always as portrayed. So confirm what kinds of amenities are being provided, is there a good internet connectivity or not.


Coworking spaces had these shortcomings with security, yet it is being covered with time. Coworking spaces are now making way to incorporate more and better security. Understanding and confirming whether they have CCTVs, surveillance rooms or security guards as security and privacy is very important in any company.


Checklist must include this major thing as well. Ensure a visit and confirm if there is a vibrant and jolly atmosphere where people would love to work and not waste time feeling bored. 

The interiors must be good and make the employees feel comfortable and productive.

Community building:

The best thing that coworking provides you with is an opportunity to build communities, meet skilled and experienced people and unlock growing opportunities.

It robust collaboration and encourages growth. Coworking can be a good experience in terms of numerous opportunities including collaboration on top!



Coworking provides you with numerous opportunities, but you cannot really rush to random places in that sense. All you have to do is consider certain points that can be helpful for you to finalise a perfect coworking space!


Coworking Spaces: Flexible and Accessible

18 Aug 2023 10
Coworking Spaces: Flexible and Accessible

Coworking spaces are known for various reasons, in this constantly changing landscapes and needs of the commercial spaces leasing companies have been trying their best to add different aspects into the commercial spaces and leasing easier and better.

One such aspect was thus introduced long back, initially for freelancers, this space later gained acknowledgement by big giant companies. Companies are now finding coworking spaces more beneficial.


Coworking spaces are basically office spaces that are highly flexible and easily accessible. You get an opportunity to work under one roof with various employees irrespective of their background, regardless of their companies to form communities. You get better exposures here, meet new people, learn new things. Everyone who is well aware of the industry trend is aware of how popular are coworking spaces in the present time.



Let us learn a few reasons why coworking spaces are highly appreciated and welcomed.


1. Cost effectiveness

You at coworking space can enjoy the leisure of paying for things that you use, besides, you get amenities like free internet and many more for free.

Companies are finding it really cost effective as compared to conventional spaces and probably this reason has clearly grown the percentage of coworking space globally.

2. Location and flexibility

Coworking spaces are flexible and location friendly, from this I meant that these spaces are usually located in the prime location which makes it more customer friendly, easily accessible and with high proximity of public transportation. Besides, we are aware of how flexible and convenient these spaces are!

3. Amenities and services

Well aware are few that you can enjoy complimentary services and refreshments in coworking spaces. High speed internet connection, furniture and vibrant ambience are other elements.

4. Collaboration and community building

People in coworking get the leverage of collaborating with people belonging to different communities, learning new skills and gaining knowledge. You can easily meet new people and build good relationships, and communities.

5. Creativity and peace

Obviously there is peace of mind. Surveys have shown that people who are working at coworking spaces are less lonely, more happy and highly productive. Coworking spaces have potentially multiplied the creative power and productivity eventually showing growth of the company.


This blog has all the reasons why coworking spaces are best suited, coworking on one hand provides flexibility and comfort while on the other hand is beneficial for the company as well. Considering all the factors one can no doubt choose coworking, besides this blog proves the flexibility and accessibility of coworking spaces.

The Versatility Of Conventional Office Spaces

16 Aug 2023 10
The Versatility Of Conventional Office Spaces

Conventional in the meaning itself speaks about how normal it is, conventional office space are the rented offices that are leased directly from the landlord based on price per square foot.

These spaces are generally dedicated to the company with other outside exposure. Conventional spaces provide basic facilities like a dedicated desk to work for an employee, internet etc.

Simply speaking of conventional spaces these are highly dedicated work spaces for companies specifically. The quotient of flexibility which you get in coworking lacks here. But does that make conventional spaces boring? No. Companies to some extent prefer conventional spaces over any flexible office space.

Post pandemic there was huge degradation of numbers that was faced by conventional office spaces.

Conventional spaces have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog we will try to understand how conventional spaces are beneficial and how we can make conventional spaces more versatile.


1. Professional space

Conventional office spaces give you the advantage of a professional vibe. You develop a brand personality, a system of sophistication. Conventional spaces are thus known to reflect brand personality better.

2. A place to collaborate

It is a place where people meet and interact and collaborate. Since conventional space is a place where people physically meet it has this advantage to grow, exchange ideas and collaborate more effectively.

3. Control

You have an eye on the office environment, besides the work is controlled.

4. Brand identity

You have one major advantage here is, company identity is better projected to the clients. There is a good scope thus.

How can you make your conventional space more versatile? 

Though conventional spaces do manage to deliver different aspects and professionalism, there are certainly a few things that can be done to make it more versatile as compared to flexible office space.

1. Spaces that are multipurpose are versatile

Make sure that the space has multiple functionalities. For example, a conference room can be used for multiple other purposes like training zones, etc. rather than sticking its origin to one purpose only.

2. Add flexibility

Conventional spaces are less flexible or not flexible as compared to other unconventional spaces. This factor can be considered a pro or a con at the same time. Adding a flexibility quotient can help conventional spaces become more versatile and not boring or typical.

3. Comfort is important

Employees spend their maximum time of the day in the offices, which makes it their second home to an extent, ensuring that every employee enjoys a sense of comfort in the space is crucial. It can thus impact the productivity and overall performance of the company. 

Areas like relaxation zones, cafeteria, ergonomic furniture can help.

4. Increase creativity

Try to make the reception desk more creative and nice. This impacts the visitors and makes it more welcoming and visually appealing.


Typically conventional spaces are decent and professional spaces, they are typical and normal. Companies who choose conventional spaces are with this objective that promotes professionalism, yet inorder to make the office space more versatile there are a few measures that must be taken care off. We have tried to bring into platter all of the advices and suggestions that can be used to make conventional spaces more attractive and impactful in longer run.

Managed office spaces: Simplifying Operations

14 Aug 2023 10
Managed office spaces: Simplifying Operations

Flourishing companies do need a place, a space to grow and tackle the competition with grace and professionalism. There are many aspects and types of office spaces available, companies with different approaches choose different types of offices and each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every approach has a type, for example, coworking space, managed space, serviced space, traditional space, etc.

This blog is dedicated to managed spaces and how managed spaces provide agility to the business.

We are aware that managed office spaces have gained popularity and people consider managed spaces as a very sustainable option. Why? Let us understand what are managed office spaces first. Managed offices are the offices on lease which is managed by the third part supplier. The tenants or the tenant company have the advantage of customising the whole interior based on their needs on traditional lease contracts. Managed spaces are more secure and privacy concerned.

What is included in managed offices?

  • Essential furniture
  • Essential electric cables
  • Utility bills
  • Office customisation
  • CCTVs and on site security
  • Cleaning services

There are other features as well. These features make managed office spaces stand out of the row:

1. Customised

These spaces are provided on the basis of your customisation. Managed spaces give you the advantage of flexibility, comfort with security and essence of your identity and brand.

It is very important for a brand to show its identity and design interiors accordingly, besides, a survey states that a well designed space has the capability to make employees 33% happier at work which is why managed spaces can be a good choice for such companies.

2. Privacy

One feature that other flexible spaces do not provide with accuracy is privacy and security. Unlike other spaces, managed spaces have in-built security systems with on site measures like guard and other surveillance.

3. Brand identity

With the customisation of spaces, the best thing managed spaces do is allow you to not give up your identity. The brand identity is always accentuated in managed spaces as compared to other spaces like coworking or serviced offices.

4. Scalability

Scalability is something that companies cannot find in conventional setup but managed office spaces.

5. Short term leases

The lease contract is pretty flexible based on how long term or short term you want to sign it up.

6. Other benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness and time effectiveness are other major benefits of managed offices.
  • Managed offices are simply a win-win situation for the company.
  • You basically sign up for an office space which is easily obtainable, customised, cost effective as managed by a third party and thus is a great time saver.
  • Connected amenities, it is a big-big leisure that managed spaces provide.
  • The connected amenities like internet, telephone, furniture, cables, cafeteria, etc. is a luxury that managed offices give.


The trend for managed spaces is now gaining popularity, and will subsequently grow. Grow because it covers major shortcomings of other platforms like coworking or serviced spaces.

Privacy and security is the major one. Other features like cost effectiveness, time management, connected amenities, flexible leasing and customisation of the space that comes under the responsibility of a third party is the most any office space can provide.

Managed spaces are pretty much for the brands who believe in privacy and not for communities and coworkers.

Inspiring Office Walls: Artistry in Design

12 Aug 2023 10

Who said office walls need to be boring? Your office can have fun walls just like your house does. There are many ways in which you can decorate your office interior.

An office space does not necessarily mean a monotonous place where you have to stare at a white wall all day. You can add a little flair to your office by decorating your office walls. 

Besides, it is important to spruce up the workplace by adding art in design. Especially since we work in a generation where creativity is prioritised, it is important to keep the tradition going.

Here are some office wall designs to inspire you and help you create a creative and fun environment for your employees.


Intricate Patterns:

An intricate design can be an attractive pièce de résistance in the workplace. Both employees and clients can be inspired by it and become just as creative and productive. 

A partition can also work in this case. An art piece can strike up a conversation and help employees engage socially to relieve some stress. Other than this, designs related to nature will soothe the person looking at them.

Geometric Designs: 

A wall with a geometric design is an all time classic. Picking a geometric design that would engage employees can help with productivity. Shapes put into art is always a fascinating style of design. It can promote creativity and increase the value of the company. 

The Break Room Walls:

Break rooms are a necessity in all workplaces. They help employees relax and take their minds off work for a while. The snacks and beverages reduce stress. Employees also use the break room to let off steam and have a nice chat with their colleagues. If the break room is this important in the overall office wellbeing, the interior should stand out just as much. 

The break room wall should be overloaded with creativity. It should exuberate relaxation. Fun designs and art on the walls can draw a laugh from the employees. They would also feel comfortable in a place with good wall designs.

Opening Up the Space:

A glass door is transparent. An open space gives a sense of belonging. Being one with your employees and clients is better than blocking them out. This way, employees feel like they can trust the company and the managers. When the space is opened up, there is a lot more collaboration between all the departments and teams of the office. 

Keeping it Solid:

Painting walls in workstations a dark solid colour like blue or green will help them concentrate better. There are colours that help in keeping the mind engaged and productive. If these colours are implemented in the workspace, it can help employee wellbeing as well as help them be more productive. 



Bringing art into the workspace is a great idea. Monotonous workspaces do not engage the employees and can drain them which reduces productivity and creativity. Instead, inspiring wall designs can change the vibe of the workspace from dull to exciting. Experimenting with different office walls by adding artistic features to them will bring the workspace to life. 

5 Office Cabin Design Ideas That Yield Results

11 Aug 2023 10
5 Office Cabin Design Ideas That Yield Results

An office cabin is a productive haven where one can work with dedication. Which is why it should be designed in the most efficient way possible. Because creative office cabins are where ideas take flight. 

Psychographic Designs:

Psychographics is the study that deals with the consumer’s behaviour. So creating an office cabin based on how it would look to the clients is one sureshot way to be efficient in office cabin design. 

When clients come into the office, they are going to look around and immediately set a mental image about the company based on the ongoings and interior of the office. Hence, designing the cabin according to the ethics and attitudes of the company will build its personality. 

This will not increase the productivity of the person working in the cabin but also create a professional impression on the clients. 

Collaborative Designs:

Office cabins are not always personal spaces. There can be a cabin dedicated to a team as well. When this is the case, the cabin needs to become a collaborative space and be functional for everyone in the team. One way to make sure this happens is to design the cabin in such a way that the employees feel engaged throughout the day. 


If you can only work in a highly professional environment with no distractions, a modern office cabin design is for you. A completely efficient and objective design that has only one purpose is to be professional. With minimal personal objects and maximum efficient objects, this office will exude productivity. 

A modern design would include a decluttered space with a neutral colour palette consisting of monochrome colour schemes. 


The opposite of a modern office cabin. This type of a design will have a completely subjective interior with personal items bombarded in the cabin. This will help the person occupying the cabin feel more comfortable and easy in the workspace. This type of design is usually used more in creative companies. A creative environment will help people engage their brains. Adding a productive game or two to the cabin will help not only in team collaboration but also in getting creative juices flowing. 

Open Cabins:

Open concept cabins are made of glass doors. This way if you want to make a good impression on your client, you can display your cabins and thus the personality of the company. This also makes it easier for a manager to keep in touch with their team. Easy communication is the key to a productive workspace. 


In crafting effective office cabin designs, several strategies stand out for effective outcomes.

  • Psychographic Designs tap into consumer behaviour, enabling a cabin to mirror a company's soul and resonate with clients, exuding professionalism and productivity.
  • Collaborative Designs facilitate team synergy by engaging employees, turning cabins into shared spaces.
  • The Modern approach focuses on streamlined professionalism, featuring minimalist aesthetics and neutral tones for increased focus.
  • On the contrary, Creative designs bring out personality, particularly apt for innovative industries, promoting comfort and ideation.
  • Open Cabins, defined by glass doors, promote transparency, aiding client impressions and seamless team communication.

How can serviced offices help you in streamlining your business?

10 Aug 2023 10
How can serviced offices help you in streamlining your business?

We are aware of coworking spaces, traditional office spaces but there are other parallel terms in the industry that define different levels of flexibility and agility to the business, one of which is the serviced office spaces. Now, what are serviced spaces and how do they benefit your business? 

The answers to these questions will be explained better in this blog. You will be able to get along with the terms and thus, will understand which type of space is beneficial to you in terms of your business.

What are Serviced Offices? 

Serviced offices are fully equipped and furnished office spaces that are ready-to-use. Also labelled as executive office or administrative centre, serviced offices unlike traditional offices are even provided with internet and telephone facilities.

Serviced offices are through third party service providers and hence are located in the business areas. The third party is usually responsible for the maintenance of facilities. They come with a very flexible and short term contract making it a suitable choice for the freelancers, project based workers and small businesses.

Let us understand the global market stats and benefits:

Serviced spaces are highly popular because of their benefits. Companies, startups, freelancers, everyone to an extent is benefited with serviced spaces. Here are some listed ones:

  • A ready made infrastructure

Most helpful factor that draws the attention of business holders is ready made infrastructure. Since serviced offices are all furnished, the operators even provide you the internet and telephone services making it highly feasible and convenient. Besides, there is no wastage of time and money.

  • Flexible and short term leases

One such benefit of serviced spaces that make it stand out of the row are the short term contracts. It can work as a temporary fixture for the large workspace or a place for your startups, or freelancing, etc.

  • Cost effective

No one can deny the fact that serviced spaces are real time and money saver. You get equipped with everything and anything which makes it even more convenient and cost effective. Other maintaining responsibilities are on the third party.

Now, speaking of the statistics, the serviced office market size was 33.3 billion dollars in 2022, which jumped to 39.49 billion dollars showing an annual growth of 18.6%. A survey states that this size is expected to grow to 74.21 billion dollars by 2027 that is CAGR of 17.1%

How are serviced offices streamlining businesses?

The growth of different businesses regardless of the background and subject matter is known to us all. This growth has initiated the growth of many different aspects in the real estate industry including coworking spaces, shared offices and many more. Considering the business demands and wants, businesses opt for the suitable space.

The expansion of the serviced offices is thus widely contributing in the business revolution where it is changing the approach of the companies and employees towards work and streamlined the growth of all kinds of enterprises.

We are well aware of the benefits of serviced spaces and how it is a potential option for your business growth. 

Serviced spaces are the first choice and priority for freelancers, project based professionals, small and medium businesses and even the flourishing ones.

The idea behind this is that serviced spaces are highly effective and give you peace of mind as you and your company don’t really have to get into maintenance at all.

It is obviously your needs that decide but you can tally and understand the better choice.


Furnished Office Spaces: Convenience at your fingertips

09 Aug 2023 10
Furnished Office Spaces: Convenience at your fingertips

This ever increasing and flourishing landscape of the commercial industries or businesses have somewhere influenced the growth of the real estate industry. These flourishing businesses have increased the demand for better office spaces that are more convenient to handle the strength and other aspects like availability of public transportation, location, etc.

While looking for these spaces, there are two specific types of office spaces that often come across. Furnished and Unfurnished.

Let us first understand the difference between these two, and key points.

Unfurnished Office Space:

Unfurnished office spaces are vacant spaces where you have to begin everything from scratch. This option is selected by a particular population who are ready to invest and build the space based on their needs and preferences.

You have the advantage to design the space based on your taste, vibe and aesthetics, but this can even be a costly option for the ones choosing unfurnished spaces.

Furnished Office Space:

Furnished office spaces are places where you and team can readily begin with the work after installation of systems. These types of spaces are well equipped with the basic amenities like chairs, desks, tables, ACs, lights, etc. 

They are highly comfortable and a suitable choice, you can anytime go for this option as it is a saviour of time and money.

You have no burden for deciding furniture and other furniture or colour or any interior decoration. Though it may have high rent as compared to vacant ones.

Which option is convenient, furnished or unfurnished?

Choosing which one is your personal preference, yet we can surely help. Unfurnished and furnished spaces have their own advantages and disadvantages, but when you tally, furnished spaces have the least amount of disadvantages making it more suitable for companies.

Furnished office spaces carries the benefits like:

  • Cost effectiveness: Opting for an office space that is furnished is anytime more convenient and cost effective. You don’t personally have to get furniture or interior done. It is always a simple and convenient path and thus very cost efficient.
  • Save a lot of time: When you step into a new place you obviously have to make it more comfortable and something of your type. Unfurshined on one hand gives you the leisure to do the interiors but on the other hand demands too much of the time and money which makes it not the best suited option.
  • Professional vibes: Since the office space is designed in order to provide it for the offices, it naturally demands interiors and designing in a professional manner. Thus furnished offices are often designed in a pattern that reflects the professional and sophisticated vibes.
  • A ready-to-use-infrastructure: This is the main reason why people often go for furnished options. They have a ready made infrastructure giving it extra brownie points.
  • Helps with easy relocation: As there is nothing major to carry apart from the files and documents or any other necessities, furnished offices really allow and promote the growth and help the organisation with easy relocation or expansion.

Key takeaway:

We are aware of two subtle patterns of offices ruling the real estate market. These are the two major and basic types of offices: Furnished and unfurnished.

  1. Furnished spaces are highly maintainable, since there is no investment from the renting party.
  2. Unfurnished on the other hand gives you the advantage of deciding the interior and furniture based on the needs and taste.

Evaluating the two you understand furnished spaces are better and convenient as they save time and money, have a ready made infrastructure, readily available for the use and have essential utilities. Besides, they can help you with easy relocation, etc.

Choosing the right one is all on the choice, these choices are made based on your lookout and idea of the office, yet in this blog we have tried our best to give you the clarity of what is better and what can be a good choice for you.

Embracing the trend: Coworking Office Spaces

08 Aug 2023 10
Embracing the trend: Coworking Office Spaces

By now, coworking spaces is evidently the most heard term of all times. We have been constantly trying to understand the term “coworking” and learn about the platform and advantages associated with it. 

While exploring office spaces or in the news headlines we have often crossed paths with the term “Coworking Space”, to an extent we are even aware of the idea of coworking or shared office spaces.

Let us get into the matter again and learn the nitty gritty of coworking spaces, stats advancement during the course of time, future and present of shared spaces, in brief.


Coworking spaces are now a familiar term for us, if not let’s revise again. Coworking spaces are simply shared offices where people, basically employees belonging to different organisations, and communities come together under one roof and work. 

Employees build communities, understand the work pattern and background, learn more and regardless of backgrounds and companies, besides shared spaces are flexible and convenient. Freelancers get a professional address with a better approach to clientele. 

Coworking spaces are a productive collaboration of companies, individuals and communities. Not just the employees, but coworking spaces have never failed to justify the company’s finances and business.

Coworking spaces give you the leverage of location independence, collaboration, and whatnot? 

Growth of coworking spaces with time, here are some stats for reference:

The growth of coworking spaces was witnessed by the real estate industry, it was no doubt massive but they have also impacted the companies positively making significant and major switch by giant companies.

Research states that 89% of the employees are happier at coworking spaces while 84% of the employees feel more productive and willing to work here. Out of the total population, 42% of the population in the space are freelancers. 

Coworking industry is flourishing and probably one big reason is the strength and understanding of employee’s needs and engagement, well stats show, 61% of businesses are planning to modify and inculcate flexible spaces while 83% of employers have confirmed that remote working is more productive.

Interestingly, the growth of coworking spaces by 2022 was 18700 which is estimated to reach 41975 by 2024, globally. Shared spaces are expected to grow 13% every year! As per the number bar, 2022 November stats;

  • US followed by India followed by UK contributed the world share of 18.30% (3762 coworking space),
  • 10.67% (2197 coworking space) and
  • 5.08% (1044 coworking spaces) respectively.

The market size is valued at 14397.53 million USD in 2022, which will expand by 17.24% to 37374.84 by 2028, as quoted by experts to which India has crossed 50 million sq. ft. in 2022.


The recent stats stated that the growth is so not stopping anytime soon, besides the advantages and results are so captivating that companies are not resisting themselves to invest in coworking.

Coworking spaces are always called out as the “future” of offices and clearly the growth proves it all. Also, as per the research by 2025 half of the workspace will be taken over by the millennials who have a different approach to work and thus promotes coworking.

Besides, there was a major factor of security and privacy at coworking which they have taken into consideration and fixed.

The trend of working space in 2023 is the more secure and private spaced area in coworking for meetings and discussions.Thus the next industry trend or the future is coworking space.

Final thoughts:

The growth and development of coworking spaces are pretty evident, probably this is the reason why the concept of coworking spaces was so welcomed and loved by the companies thus making it a trend and the companies are no doubt embracing it well. 

Companies have seen the differences after switching to coworking in different aspects: productivity, growth and cost cutting as well. Companies are anyways in profit and so are the employees due to flexibility, productivity and increased skills. Coworking spaces have allowed them to meet and build communities and enhance their work pattern and productivity on a whole different level, besides they feel more happier and comfortable and less stressed and lonely. Coworking spaces are hence a win-win situation in the system.


Boss-Approved Office Desks: Style Meets Function

07 Aug 2023 10
Boss-Approved Office Desks: Style Meets Function

When it comes to choosing an office table for your personal cabin, you cannot just pick up the biggest and baddest option you see. You need to weigh your options before making a decision. Here are some tips to choose boss-approved office tables where style meets function.

If you are here it means you’ve acquired your own office or cabin for yourself! Congratulations! Now you want the best kind of office desk so you can work your hardest. We have found some ways which will help you choose the right office table. Be it your cabin or workstations for your employees, here are ways to choose a perfect table.


  •  Pay attention to the size and dimensions- Before you make any decision about a table, make sure you measure the size of the room. You don’t want the entire room to be all desk and no space. You want your desk to be lavish enough to feel comfortable but not so big that it takes up the spotlight. 


  • Storage- If you are someone who needs everything in one place, you have to select a desk with storage. Drawers, cupboards, and compartments are a must in every table. In order to keep your tabletop organised and decluttered you need storage in your desk so you are easily accessible to the things you need.


  • Material- Choosing the perfect desk with the right size and the right amount of storage will not matter if it is made of bad material. A bad material will break easily causing the desk to become weak and easily damaged over a short period of time. The other threats posed by bad material are splinters or tetanus. Bad wood with cracks in will attract parasites like termites and bed bugs. Most importantly, a desk in a bad condition does not form a good impression on clients. Which is why, always study the wood, metal, or marble that is being used to make the tale.


  • Ergonomics- Today, employee health and wellbeing has become a priority. Choosing a desk according to your height and build will prevent stress on your mind and body. An ergonomic table is usually built according to your requirements. You should be able to feel comfortable working on it while also doing other activities like reading, writing, and typing. 


  • Appearance- Choose a table according to the aesthetic of the room, if you have decided on one. Sticking to a colour scheme will make the room feel more appealing and hence more professional. Your cabin or workstation should feel productive so refrain from choosing dull colours like grey or yellow.


In case of a cabin: If you are the boss/manager and you need a desk for your office, read this! 

A cabin is a space where you can show your professionalism. Choosing a desk for your own is not enough. Since the desk is the biggest component of a cabin, it is the first thing to draw the eye. So it needs to be a professional design which also reflects your personality. It should have just enough storage with a lock so you can keep everyday documents in it.



In case of a workstation: If you are the facility manager choosing desks for the employee workstation, read this!

Employees will spend all if not most of their time on their desks. Hence the desks need to be comfortable and ergonomic. They should also have storage enough for employees to keep their important things easily accessible. The material from which the tables are made should be sturdy and sustainable. Try to avoid wood when it comes to workstation office tables. 


Eco-friendly Facility Management Practices for Serviced Offices

05 Aug 2023 10
Eco-friendly Facility Management Practices for Serviced Offices

The world grows everyday; and with it so should the corporate world. Being sustainable has become imperative today. There are eco-friendly facility management practices for serviced offices.

Understanding how important adopting sustainable and eco-friendly practices in an office of any kind is important. Sustainability is a way of coexisting as tech-driven human beings with nature without harming the environment we live in. 


Investigate your equipment company

The world can be deceiving. Many asset leasing companies may claim that they are sustainable and eco-friendly but what they do with their equipment is beyond our control.

Asset leasing is a great way of incorporating sustainability into your organisation and it is also preferred by most managed and serviced offices. But when you are selecting an asset leasing company, always conduct your market research and dive deep into the selected company’s reputation. This will ensure that you are actually paying for sustainable practices. 


Energy Efficient Material:

In case you live in an old building, the material used during its construction is doing more harm to the environment. Switching your material like insulation or generator motors is a better service to the environment than letting them run because you stop shopping practices. One thing about switching to eco-friendly and sustainable practices is that you will have to spend more in one go but it will last for years without any harm. 

The insulation that is installed in older buildings is not doing the environment any benefit. Because it is old, it takes up more energy and heats up the machinery. 


Solar Panels

Instead of old generators and inverters, get solar panels installed for the building. Despite its cost splurge, it is a big step towards sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

Solar panels harness the heat of the sun, a renewable source of energy, in order to operate machinery instead of artificial energy, which would reduce carbon footprint. 


Switch lights

Older buildings have fluorescent and incandescent lights which are carcinogenic and not excellent for the environment. Switch to LED or CFL lighting. These lights use less energy and last for years if maintained properly. An even better alternative is motion-sensored lighting. These lights save up immense amounts of energy and are only in use when you need them.



Once you start composting, there is no going back. Many people do not realise that almost everything can be composted. There should be separate bins for recycling and composting. This would help in prevention of acres of landfills. Composting will also allow you to build a garden of your own in your building. 


Big Windows

Make use of the sun. Take down small windows and build big windows which allow plenty of sunlight to enter. This not only is energy efficient but also is good for employee health. It reduces stress on the environment as well as the brain.


Saving water

While this may seem like an obvious solution that you may already be carrying out, shutting off old taps that have been leaking forever and are being ignored because “that’s just the way it’s been” can make a big difference. Many organisations have incorporated motion-sensored taps into their bathrooms. 

You can also start rain-water harvesting. Especially in a country like India, where we have plenty of opportunities to harvest natural resources, we should take advantage of the fact. 

Affordable office space: Finding the perfect fit

04 Aug 2023 10
Affordable office space

Well aren’t we all known to the fact that office spaces are more than just a place to work. They play a crucial role in providing the company and brand a professional image and an address to work at. The first impression on the client is always how you have embraced the space like.

This blog will get into the nitty gritty of the subject and will provide you with the guide that will help you find your perfect fit, when it comes to office spaces.

Honestly, when you step into the market to look at the highs and lows of the industry trends and your requirements you get to know about the current pricing and that there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration. Here’s the guide:


Number 1: Understanding the need

This is the most comprehensive step involved in the process. It includes considering the actual wants and needs of the company, brand and the staff as a whole. 

We need to understand the purpose of choosing the new space, the first question is do you need a new space? And if it is the first office leased or bought, what are your needs and expectations from your office space?

One cannot make a decision without considering the strength of the employees, parking availability and convenience, proximity to public transportation and potential to expand. Here in the sense if the company grows and requires the resources too will the space be capable enough to bear the increased candidates?

Another consideration is ensuring that the space that you are looking for is sustainable through economic uncertainty. 


Number 2: Understanding your type

Understanding what is your desired type, as in while choosing for the correct space make sure that the space, building, construction and budget suits your budget.


Number 3: Budgeting and lease agreement

Perfect fit must fit your budget during all the uncertain times and progress. Affordability is a prominent element in the search for the space. 

It is very important that you have a crucial understanding of your budget and how much you can invest.

Understanding of the lease agreement is another aspect, you need to understand the terms and pay conditions. Moreover, there is always rental agreement renewal with a high unexpected hike in the rent. Clearing and negotiating the pricing percentage is all you can do for a better understanding.


Number 4: Take a tour

This is supposedly one of the important aspects that must be considered. Take a tour to ensure that your expectations meet the actual view of the space because there are times when they don’t. Taking a tour would definitely work, you can check and understand the amenities, and other relevant information.



Renting an office is not as easy as it seems, one has to consider a few aspects before taking any step further. 

This blog speaks of them all, the needs of the company, the type, budgeting, agreement and reality check. These steps are crucial and necessary. 


Office Bliss: Unlocking Creative Interiors

03 Aug 2023 10
Office Bliss: Unlocking Creative Interiors

In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, companies are beginning to recognise the importance of providing their employees with a creative and inspiring workspace.

The days of monotonous, cubicle-filled offices are over; instead, a new trend is emerging—office bliss with creative interiors. In this blog, we will explore six key elements that can transform any office space into a space of creativity and innovation:


Storage and Display Units:

One of the first steps in designing a creatively stimulating office environment is ensuring that employees have efficient storage and display units. Clutter-free workspaces can significantly boost productivity and focus. Innovative storage solutions like modular shelves, sleek cabinets, and concealed compartments not only keep the office organised but also add a touch of elegance and neatness to the interiors. Incorporating display units to showcase team achievements, artwork, and inspirational quotes can foster a sense of pride and motivation among employees.



Biophilia, the innate human tendency to connect with nature, has gained significant attention in recent years for its positive impact on well-being and productivity. Introducing biophilic elements in the office, such as indoor plants, living walls, and natural light sources, can create a calming and refreshing ambiance. These elements not only enhance air quality but also reduce stress and boost creativity. Studies have shown that incorporating biophilia into office design leads to a happier and more engaged workforce.


Contrasting Colour Palette:

Colour has a profound effect on human psychology and can influence moods and emotions. When designing creative office interiors, opting for a contrasting colour palette can stimulate creativity and imagination. Vibrant hues like blues and greens can evoke a sense of calmness, while pops of bold colours like reds and yellows can ignite energy and passion. Finding the right balance between neutral and contrasting colours can create a visually appealing and creatively stimulating environment.


Collaborative Spaces:

Innovation thrives when employees can collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. Incorporating collaborative spaces in the office layout can encourage teamwork and creativity. From open meeting areas with comfortable seating to brainstorming rooms equipped with whiteboards and interactive screens, these spaces allow employees to interact in a relaxed and informal setting. Providing quiet zones or small breakout areas can cater to employees who prefer solitude for focused work or contemplation.


Innovative Materials:

Innovation should not be limited to the work produced by employees; it should extend to the materials used in the office design as well. Integrating sustainable and innovative materials not only reduces the environmental impact but also adds a touch of uniqueness to the workspace. Recycled materials and energy-efficient fixtures can align with a company's commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and inspire employees to adopt sustainable practices both inside and outside the workplace.


Game Rooms:

Encouraging a healthy work-life balance is crucial for a productive and satisfied workforce. Game rooms, featuring ping-pong tables, foosball, or video game consoles, can serve as a much-needed space for employees to unwind and recharge during breaks. They are also a great team building exercise. 



In conclusion, unlocking creative interiors in the office is a combination of elements of design, nature, and employee well-being. By incorporating storage and display units, biophilia, contrasting colour palettes, collaborative spaces, innovative materials, and game rooms, companies can create an office environment that inspires creativity, boosts productivity, and ultimately leads to success. 

Implementing Smart Technology

02 Aug 2023 10
Facility management


We are very well aware of the fact that facility management was anyway gaining fame in the industry for multiple reasons, yet there is a new term added to it that has now gained wide interest by the companies, Smart Facility Management. This term gained popularity after the usual challenges faced by the company and the execution team.

Facility management is all about maintaining and supporting the performance of the company structure and employees in order to meet the objectives of the organisation. The major challenge that comes across the facility management domain is data handling and supporting. Technological advancements have played a crucial role to ease out the work with the help of technology. Hence the term smart facility management.


Ways incorporate technology for best results:

  • Building automation systems

These are the computerised network of devices that monitors and controls the HVAC system.

These systems have five components with distinct functionalities, namely: sensors, controllers, output devices, communication protocols and user interfaces. Fire alarms and sensory lights are good examples of BAS.

  • Preventative maintenance

These sensors work to give insights on small or big mishaps. The main objective of preventive maintenance is to ensure minor issues so that proactive engagement of facility managers in the shortcoming would surely prevent the bigger problem.

FMs can understand and take action easily and swiftly.

  • Cloud based softwares

Cloud based softwares is a profound backup for the facility managers. These are like the multiple servers interconnected to a system which help one to manage data remotely across different geographical locations, it can help with tracking and maintenance as well.

  • Internet of things

The Internet of things is used to collect data on building systems.

It allows the facility managers to optimise performance, and reduce cost.


How is technology helpful? Key takeaway:

The reason for how they really help the easy operation is simple and basic to understand. The main objective of this service is to ensure smooth operation of the tasks, they deal with a wide range of shortcomings for example equipment failure, data handling, etc.

We have to understand that technologies can significantly change the structure of the traditional facility management system. Incorporation of technologies can be a good step towards growing and advancing. Technologies have helped FMs to manage the system swiftly with a wide range of tools and softwares available in the market.

The Role of Asset Leasing in Promoting Sustainable Practices in the Commercial Sector

28 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

Sustainability has become a very important topic. It is being considered as one of the only ways to save the planet. It is the reason why the role of asset leasing in promoting sustainable practices in the commercial sector is so important.

What is sustainability?

Any way in which assets or materials can be recycled or reused instead of thrown out is called sustainability. The biggest producers of waste are industries. Which is why being sustainable has become an important aspect. 

How can the commercial sector help?

Industries being the biggest cause of harmful material being let out has changed the way organisations run their businesses. This is where asset leasing comes in. The commercial sector has started to use leasing as their primary means of saving the environment as well as their finances. 

A circular economy is introduced in coworking office spaces as well as conventional office spaces. Circular economy refers to the cycle of the assets being reused by different businesses. This way, no assets are thrown away by offices. This is extremely sustainable since the meaning of sustainability itself is reusing. And even if the asset is no longer useful, it is recycled by the leasing company to use in other assets. 

In today’s world where startups are on a surge in the market, it is necessary to keep in mind that startups are heavily sensitive to the economy and environment. By this, it means that there is a 50% chance that a startup will work out and become successful. Buying assets and the startup not meeting the needs of the market will not only result in the loss of the company, but also the environment. If the organisation had bought computers, chairs, tables, HVAC systems, etc, they would have had to either rent it out to someone else or throw it all away.

But if they would have leased all their assets, they would just go back to the leasing company and then be useful for other businesses. 

There are more advantages to leasing assets than just saving finances and the environment. Once you consult an asset leasing company, there are plenty more services that they provide. The contract or the RFP can include not just asset leasing but also services like HVAC instalment, waste management, elevator maintenance, plumbing services, building amenities, parking, etc. even though asset leasing companies use and reuse the same products, you can always request for a replacement or a new product in case yours becomes damaged. 

Asset leasing becomes energy and environment sufficient. Incorporating a circular economy into the commercial sector will help a lot of people. Equipment leasing becomes a best practice if you are consistent with it. Of course, there are pros and cons but the pros outweigh the cons if you are trying to save the planet. There are many harmful gases and chemicals in IT equipment which, when thrown out, affect the environment. So instead of throwing them out, it is better that they get reused and recycled. 


Sustainability is crucial for saving the planet, making asset leasing's role in promoting sustainable practices in the commercial sector vital. Sustainability involves recycling and reusing assets to reduce waste, particularly important as industries are major waste producers. Asset leasing allows the commercial sector to adopt a circular economy, where assets are reused among different businesses, minimising disposal. Startups benefit from leasing since it conserves finances and the environment. Leasing companies offer various services, including waste management and maintenance. Adopting asset leasing supports energy efficiency, environment protection, and the reduction of harmful substances from discarded IT equipment. Which is why, leasing assets proves to be a beneficial practice for a sustainable future.


Coworking and Corporate Culture: How Companies Are Embracing Shared Workspaces

26 Jul 2023 10
best coworking & commercial office space

A big share of the commercial industry is millennials. Different generations share a different approach to the technology and working patterns so far. The traditional way of a 9 to 5 job-job seems to fade with time. A recent survey predicted that there will be four millennials out of five working employees by 2025, which clearly states that millennials are ready to take over the industry and workspace.

As mentioned, every generation has a different approach to work and working style. In this gradually changing landscape of the industry and work patterns employees have created a fine line between the work and personal life balance, even the companies have welcomed their take wholeheartedly and switched to a working pattern that is more than just a traditional space. The coworking.

Post pandemic companies have drastically changed their perspective about coworking spaces, initially coworking spaces were only restricted to startups and freelancers. To understand better, coworking spaces are basically diverse or shared offices where people from different companies, and backgrounds come together and work based on an affordable payroll. You only have to pay for things that are being used on your level. These spaces are usually highly creative and sustainable, one can book meeting pods, conference areas as per their needs.

This is what the numbers said:

As per the constant research that are taking place due to the popularity of coworking spaces here are some key points that needs to be considered:

  • The growth of coworking spaces is anticipated to reach the mark of 42,000 by 2024. Previously this rise was seen in the survey where from 2015 to 2018 they covered the number from 7800 to 37000 globally which is a huge increase!
  • The global market value of coworking spaces is estimated to create a 15.5 billion dollar industry by 2027.
  • Coworking space is all set to centre stage, as per a report, a coworking space project to occupy at least 30% of the corporate space. 
  • 84% of coworkers feel motivated and are highly productive at coworking space.

Reason why companies are embracing shared offices:

There are numerous reasons why companies would prefer switching, number one, coworking spaces are highly cost effective. Buying and renting makes a difference though, yet paying for equipment that is used can help in cost cutting which eventually benefits the company, so why not?

The prominence of flexibility is what makes a difference. Companies are very aware that a productivity rate is equivalent to flexibility as per survey employees are less likely to feel alone and are very productive which has been beneficial to the company.

Many other factors thus have a significant impact on the employees that makes it different from others.


Giant companies and organisations like Amazon, Microsoft, Verizon and many others find coworking spaces more convenient and relevant. Many companies have made a decent profit switching to coworking spaces and same goes with the employees. Employees are potentially more creative and productive which is why switching to coworking by corporate spaces is seen in a large number and probably would continue in the future.



The Role of Facility Management in Enhancing Managed Office Space Tenant Experience

24 Jul 2023 10
facility management

Facility management is important in so many ways. Especially when it comes to the leasing out of a managed office space. Leasing a managed office space means you depend on the manager to enhance your experience. 

Facility managers have a duty to take care of the physical attributes of the office and also to maintain the workplace workflow. They not only have to take care of maintaining the assets of the office, they also have to make sure that the office supplies are fully stocked. 

When a managed office space is leased by a renter, there are some expectations that need to be met by the facility manager in order to keep the renter’s experience at the office a comfortable one. 


AMC is possibly the most important task that a facility manager needs to look over. AMC is the annual maintenance contract. This contract is drawn up by external parties and the facility manager is in charge of finding the right organisation for the company. This needs thorough research and knowledge of the organisations. Choosing an organisation that will not slack off and commit to their maintenance is crucial. 

This ensures a smooth tenant experience. Because if the elevator stops working or if the HVAC system is damaged, the tenant will have problems.


It is proven that employees feel more productive and creative when in nature. So, many employers have started to incorporate greenery in their offices. 

Making sure that the tenants are attracted to their workplace and also that they keep their productivity high is one of the tasks a facility manager has to do. 

Biophilia integration like a living wall or pots in the workplace can make the place a lot more likeable.  


Maintenance of furniture is extremely important in a workspace. Broken and damaged furniture is not the best attraction for renters. Keeping the furniture up to date and under inspection at all times is important. This falls under the task of a facility manager. 

If there is any furniture that bothers the tenant, they have to inform the facility manager, who then takes further steps to fix or replace it. 


Any and all equipment and assets in the office are the responsibility of the facility manager. Depending on whether the assets were leased or bought, the facility manager must keep a record of their working states. For example, if the managed office space provides laptops or PCs to the tenants, it is the facility manager’s job to make sure the tenants are getting what they were promised.

Other than this, managed offices mean fully furnished offices with all amenities, so keeping an eye out on these amenities or facilities is also a facility manager’s responsibility. 


Facility management is a department that takes care of most of the physical aspects of the office. So in a managed office, the tenants have one point of contact who should be able to help them in case any difficulties arise and that is the facility manager. Facility managers enhance the experience of a tenant in a coworking office space or a managed office space.


A Guide to Equipment Leasing in the Commercial Industry: Key Considerations and Best Practices

22 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

A guide is abetting one through a certain journey with added knowledge and value in order to make one understand the pros, the cons and the considerations associated with the subject and then take a step to what works best for them.

This blog spot is the guide that will help you to understand equipment leasing comprehensively, and help you choose the best practice for the organisation substantially. Let us get through the topic and understand.

What is equipment leasing and key points:

Equipment leasing is renting or borrowing a system, machinery, vehicles or furniture in exchange of finances from a specific organisation is equipment leasing. When you choose to lease an equipment, you get into a contract with the organisation to whom you are bound to pay in exchange for the services provided. This contract may range for years, usually for three, seven or ten. 

Equipment leasing is less expensive than purchasing equipment, probably this is the reason why equipment leasing is preferred over buying. Understand, the fact is buying or investing in an equipment is a matter of time. There is always a new and updated version of machines and technology available in the market, and there is genuine need for you being 2a part of a growing and flourishing organisation to cope with the market trends. Thence, leasing it is always a better option. Besides, it offers peace of mind.

What are the pros and cons of equipment leasing?


  • Cost effectiveness. Equipment leasing is highly cost effective. Purchasing machines or other equipment for the company can certainly hamper the budget of the company to some extent, in contrast, leasing equipment can be a budget friendly and suitable option. Besides, there is always a huge cost reduction when you lease, as there is low maintenance cost involved.
  • Update it when you need it. The industry is full of newer, better and time saving technologies, companies that are growing and even successful find a need of constant upgradation which is not possible or even suitable for companies who buy equipment rather than leasing it.
  • May offer tax benefits. Equipment leases often make one eligible for tax credits. Lease equipment payments are tax deductible.


  • Penalties. One major disadvantage of equipment leases is the penalties that are paid under the cancellation of contract. If under certain circumstances the company decides to end the contract, there’s a price to it.
  • Limited range. The most recorded problem of asset leasing is the range of products is quite limited, which is a major disadvantage.

What are the best practices that will help you make the most out of your leasing arrangement?

Here’s key points of things that must be taken into consideration:

  • Before you lease or take a step ahead, the first thing you need to do is understand the needs of the company. One must undergo a thorough research of the type of equipment to lease and their rank and reviews in the industry.
  • Choosing “the one” is important. Here’s why, before you invest in a company and bind yourself to a contract to ensure that you know well about the company and reviews in the market, this would surely work in the long run.
  • Understand. Understand the terms and conditions of leasing and payment terms, penalties, before opting for any company. It is crucial that you read and understand the contract better before signing it. 
  • Negotiate. This is the most important step, you can obviously negotiate wherever required. 


Leasing equipment can be a real game changer. Company leasing equipment is always in profit and the reasons are mentioned above. 

Leasing is an affordable and appropriate option in the long run as it is cost effective, technological growing and comes with various other benefits that purchasing might not offer.


The Secret to a Productive Workspace

21 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

If you’re left wondering what all you can do better in your workspace to increase your employees’ productivity, wonder no more. We have a secret to share with you. The truth is that the secret to a productive workspace is its interior. 

An office space is a sacred space where one needs concentration to be productive. You can achieve this concentration by building an environment that brings out creativity and productivity from employees. The secret is optimising the office interior in a way that engages the employees to their best interest. 


The first and foremost thing to remember is to keep your workspace sophisticated. Sophistication does not only mean being fancy and being pretentious. By sophistication, we mean that keep your workspace as clean as you would keep your house. The design of the office should exuberate good vibes and not something that the employees would not resonate with. For example, an uncomfortable painting or a seating arrangement near the bathroom or garbage. Keeping the office interior design clean and straight will keep the employees in a good mood. 

The office wall design and the office furniture design should be arranged according to the ventilation of the door.

Rest Zones:

Rest zones should be mandatory in an office. It is important to remember that employees are human beings and need to take breaks. Rest zones allow employees to take their minds off work and relax. Comfortable seating, fun activities, snacks, and beverages should all be present in the rest zones. 

Employee health should be prioritised over work; only then will it encourage them to work. 


We live in 2023 which means that technology has come a long way. We live in a century where cars drive us and AI can produce images that don’t exist. With technology as accessible and advanced as this, it should be fairly easy to incorporate this technology into your office interior. Technology was made to make life easier. It should be used for the same reason. 

Including smart devices in your office will motivate employees and increase their presence in the workplace. 

Lights and Colours:

Knowing how much of a difference lights and colours make in let alone a workplace, but in general any room is very important. Because, you can then use colour theory and psychology in your office interior design. 

The more natural light you let in the better. Natural light has proved to be more effective than artificial light and it does not affect your health. With artificial lights, if the wrong decisions are made, it can lead to a gloomy environment which is also at risk of affecting your eyes. 

Colours, too, make a lot of difference when it comes to painting your office walls. Colours like red and brown are not great for productive environments. But colours like blue and other cool colours are scientifically proven to increase productivity.


Navigating The Trends: Design Concepts For Modern Commercial Interiors

20 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

Interior designing trends grows and subsequently changes every now and then, one must have a critical understanding of the matter. Interiors are a crucial element of any space, not because they make the space lively, but because they create an impression on the clients, visitors, vendors and even the employees. Interiors are supposed to leave a footprint, an artistic impression on everyone.

In a nutshell, interiors accentuate the whole vibe and experience. The current need for good interiors resonates with productivity and a happy vibe. Considering these points and keeping the concept in loop, this blog will speak in depth about the designing trends in the commercial interior market.

Understanding what defines a good interior:

The whole notion of a ‘good interior’ oscillates between certain defined elements and their appropriate execution. These crucial elements are: the layout, lighting, furniture, colour, technology and the vibe.

How and what you type and scheme you choose speaks depth about you, and the company. The offices or the workplace today is more than just a place to sit and work. Employees and companies have recognised the idea and significance of good ambience and comfort in the interiors as people who come and work regularly spend a share of their day in the offices. 

The layout is the designed idea of the space, colour scheme decides the mood, ergonomic furniture is the comforter, lighting affects the energy, technology supports ease and good vibe is all you need for productivity. The whole point is everything supports everything and thus is crucial. These elements together contribute to a good interior design.

A good interior design is also the latest need in the market so you don’t lack behind which makes the suitable knowledge of the trend more significant.

Navigating the recent for modern commercial interior design

Here’s some of them in the order of basic to new:

1.Natural light:

Everyone of us is aware of the recent trend and need for natural light and air. The more you welcome natural light to space, the more energised and productive it makes.

2.Natural elements and geometry

Biophilia is the vibe, involving greens in the space can legit lift up the whole interior. Using geometric shapes and designs in the interior makes it more sophisticated, professional looking and fancy at the same time and biophilia is a nurturing aspect in the whole interior design which is familiar to us.

3.Sustainability in the interior 

Using vintage and retro design in the interior makes it more appealing and pleasant. Involving textured walls and other retro elements which can be a sustainable option for the interior and even the company. Besides, they add aesthetic vibe to the overall interior design.

4.Warmer colour scheme

The colour scheme we choose speaks about us, and trends are what people appreciate in the industry. Currently, the industry is looking more than just the monotonous walls of the offices, there must be a splash of bold and warmer shades like gold, sage green, faded indigo or desert tone. Basically colours that compliment your interiors to make it something exquisite.


Integrating technology can seamlessly ease out the functionality of the space. Companies are ensuring a good internet connectivity for the employees and even silent or meeting zones for their easy work. Companies and coworking spaces have thus introduced meeting pods in the space.

6.Resimmercial furnishings 

This is the most exclusive trend in the market. In simple terms, resimmercial is the fusion of residential and commercial space. There are companies that believe a personal touch in the work space can improve the employee’s productivity and comfort. 


Recent trends are basically what the industry is currently accepting and appreciating. This blog spot consisted of some of the major aspects and elements that are now profoundly contributing to the commercial interior trends.


Commercial Real Estate Trends for the Future

20 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

Real Estate is always evolving. Along with technological and philosophical advancements, real estate too evolves. Commercial real estate trends for the future are predictable and have already started to set their footprint.

Commercial real estate changes with the ages. It has to, in order to keep up with the sales. The more people evolve, the more real estate evolves. The future of commercial real estate hence can be predicted based on what human beings are currently passionate about; that would be technological advances and prioritising comfort and health. 


Virtual reality is a way of seeing a 3D render of a space so it feels like you are actually there. Virtual reality first started with video games. It has entered the real estate industry. Now people can just put on a VR headset and see a 3D render of the place they want to buy or rent from the comfort of their home. This way they can tour a number of properties without actually visiting them.


Startups and small businesses have started to save their assets and funds by leasing out shop-cum-offices. These buildings have a double-storey setup where one of the floors is dedicated to retail while the other is the office of the same organisation. This saves money and time for organisations that are into retail. 

Office Leasing

Buying office spaces is a thing of the past. Ever since organisations found out that you can get a coworking office space for rent, it has become the primary way of acquiring managed office space over conventional office space. 

Office leasing is extremely beneficial for the upcoming workforce. In a generation where money is handled with care, office leasing is the best option for organisations. 

Analysing Data

With Artificial Intelligence comes perfect computing of data. AI has almost been mastered by humans. There are so many programs that can perfectly compute and analyse data to give us the most effective result. Commercial real estate has started to incorporate these programs into their businesses. Brantford India Limited uses AI to perfectly match clients’ needs to the office spaces that are entered into the database. 

With no human error or any missing out on spaces, it has become extremely convenient for people to find a coworking office space for rent. Imagine what these AI programs will be capable of in a couple of years in the real estate industry alone!


The world is becoming more and more aware of sustainability in different industries. Many industries, like Real Estate, have already started incorporating sustainable materials in their designs. 

In a few years, everyone might shift to sustainable materials and designs in their buildings/interiors/offices. 


Ergonomics is the study of efficiency in the workplace. The most comfortable designs for the well being of employees are the motive of this study. The idea is that if the employees are comfortable then they are more productive.

Commercial Real Estate has already started to use ergonomics in their industry, it has thus become an extremely productive and grown industry to date.


Beyond Open Floor Plans: Rethinking Collaborative Spaces in Offices

18 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

We all saw the rise of open floor offices. We all know that there are better alternatives that could be better than open floor plans. Here's why we need to be rethinking collaborative spaces in offices. 

If you’ve ever worked in an open floor plan office, you’ll know how distracting and noisy they can get. Hardly any work gets done and even if you find your focus, it lasts for the shortest time. If you look at it from the point of view of managers who have a cabin all to themselves, it makes sense since it saves money and is also easier for them to keep an eye on everyone at once. But this is of course, just their point of view. 

Another reason why this way of office floor planning got so famous is because organisations wanted to make their employees collaborate more easily and be able to solve any arising problems instantaneously by having open communication with all departments. 

Even though their intentions were right, they did not realise how this plan would not work. So we are here to point out why organisations need to switch to different methods of office space layouts. 


Having made open floor plans in offices for discussions to take place, they actually are very hard to have. Since every team is having their discussions in the same space, there is way too much noise in the office. People cannot concentrate on their thoughts and therefore it affects the team’s planning process. 


It does not need to be pointed out to know that open floor offices are extremely unhygienic. If one person gets sick, everyone is bound to catch the infection because everyone is breathing in the same air. It’s ironically not efficient to be in an open floor office. 

Other than this, in an open floor office, since everyone shares the same space, people who are careless with their trash end up littering everyone’s space. People usually don’t like this and it causes conflict.


Every person is comfortable in their own preferred spaces. If someone is more comfortable working in a corner and not surrounded by 10 people then they should be given that option. This not only increases productivity but also gives the employees assurance that their health is cared for by the organisation. Except, this is the opposite of what an open floor plan office does. Someone might be more comfortable sitting in isolation only because their job requires a quiet environment. 

How Do We Change Things?

The alternatives to an open floor plan are not very difficult to implement. There are many ways that an organisation can change their already existing open floor plan offices into better replacements. For example, a hub and spoke setup is an office plan where there are cabins or rooms surrounding a common area. This gives every team their own separate area. It also allows inter team communication in the common area. 

An organisation can also just incorporate quiet areas and booths for people who do like to work alone. These areas can be accessed by all employees either for work or for rest. This would give them a break from the office commotion.


Facility Management and Workplace Safety: Ensuring a Secure Environment

17 Jul 2023 10
facility management

In the fast-paced business world, facility management plays a crucial role in creating a safe and secure working environment. Effective facility management encompasses various aspects, including infrastructure maintenance, space planning, and most importantly, workplace safety. By implementing robust safety measures, facility managers can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and potential liabilities. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of facility management in ensuring a secure environment and discuss key strategies that can be employed.

First and foremost, facility management is responsible for maintaining the physical infrastructure of a workplace. This includes everything from building maintenance to the operation of essential systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Regular inspections and maintenance of these systems are essential to prevent malfunctions or breakdowns that could pose safety hazards. By conducting routine checks and promptly addressing any issues, facility managers can minimize the risk of accidents or disruptions that may compromise the safety of employees.

In addition to this, facility managers must also focus on space planning and layout design. A well-designed workspace takes into account the flow of people, emergency exits, and the arrangement of equipment and furniture. Adequate space planning not only promotes efficiency but also ensures that emergency evacuation routes are clear and easily accessible. Facility managers should collaborate with architects and interior designers to create an environment that prioritizes safety and security without compromising functionality.

Another crucial aspect of facility management is implementing effective security measures. This involves deploying access control systems, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems to deter unauthorized access and monitor activities within the premises. Facility managers should conduct regular security audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures to address them. Training employees on security protocols, such as proper badge usage and reporting suspicious activities, is essential in maintaining a secure workplace.

Furthermore, facility managers should prioritize the implementation of robust emergency preparedness plans. These plans should outline procedures for handling various emergencies, including fires, natural disasters, medical emergencies, or security threats. Regular drills and training sessions should be conducted to ensure that employees are familiar with these procedures and can respond effectively in critical situations. Facility managers should also establish communication channels to quickly disseminate information during emergencies and coordinate with external authorities if necessary.

Creating a culture of safety is vital for maintaining a secure workplace environment. Facility managers should actively promote safety awareness among employees through training programs, safety campaigns, and regular communication channels. By fostering a safety-conscious culture, employees are more likely to follow safety protocols, report potential hazards, and take proactive measures to prevent accidents.

Lastly, facility managers must stay current with relevant safety regulations and standards. Compliance with local, national, and industry-specific safety regulations is crucial to avoid legal liabilities and penalties. It is essential to regularly review and update safety policies and procedures to align with changing laws and emerging best practices.

In conclusion, facility management plays a pivotal role in ensuring a secure environment in the workplace. By focusing on infrastructure maintenance, space planning, security measures, emergency preparedness, promoting safety awareness, and staying compliant with regulations, facility managers can create a safe working environment for employees. Prioritizing workplace safety not only protects employees from potential harm but also enhances productivity, morale, and overall organizational success. Therefore, businesses must recognize the importance of facility management in safeguarding their most valuable asset: their employees.


Budgeting and Cost Optimization in Facility Management

15 Jul 2023 10
facility management


Effective budgeting and cost optimisation play a vital role in the success of facility management. With the ever-increasing expenses associated with running and maintaining facilities, organisations must implement strategic measures to control costs while ensuring optimal performance. In this blog post, we will explore key strategies that facility managers can employ to streamline budgeting processes and achieve cost optimisation.

1. Conduct a Comprehensive Facility Audit:

Before embarking on any cost optimization initiative, it is crucial to conduct a thorough facility audit. This assessment will provide valuable insights into the current state of your facility, identify areas of inefficiency, and help prioritise cost-saving opportunities. Evaluate energy consumption, maintenance practices, and inventory management. Analysing historical data and benchmarking against industry standards can help pinpoint areas for improvement.

2. Prioritise Preventive Maintenance:

One of the most effective ways to optimise costs is by implementing a preventive maintenance program. Regular inspections, equipment servicing, and timely repairs can prevent costly breakdowns and extend the lifespan of assets. By identifying and addressing potential issues early on, facility managers can reduce unplanned downtime, minimise repair expenses, and avoid the need for expensive replacements.

3. Implement Energy-Efficient Solutions:

Energy consumption represents a significant portion of a facility's operating costs. Implementing energy-efficient measures, such as installing LED lighting, optimising HVAC systems, and utilising smart building technologies, can lead to substantial long-term savings. Conduct an energy audit to identify areas of improvement, leverage natural lighting and ventilation, and invest in energy management systems to monitor and optimise energy usage.

4. Optimise Space Utilisation:

Space utilisation directly impacts operational costs. Analyse occupancy rates, evaluate workflow patterns, and identify opportunities to optimise space allocation. Consolidate functions, promote flexible work arrangements, and utilise space management software to monitor and allocate resources effectively. Maximising space efficiency not only reduces real estate costs but also enhances productivity by creating a more conducive work environment.

5. Seek Vendor Partnerships and Competitive Bidding:

Establishing strategic partnerships with vendors and suppliers can lead to cost savings through negotiated pricing and discounts. Regularly review vendor contracts and explore competitive bidding options to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. Consolidating suppliers can also streamline procurement processes and reduce administrative overhead.


Budgeting and cost optimization are essential components of successful facility management. By conducting comprehensive facility audits, implementing preventive maintenance, focusing on energy efficiency, optimising space utilisation, and seeking strategic vendor partnerships, facility managers can achieve substantial cost savings without compromising quality or performance. Embracing these strategies will not only enhance financial stability but also contribute to the overall efficiency and sustainability of the facility.


Hacks for Building a Strong Real Estate Network

14 Jul 2023 10
Hacks for Building a Strong Real Estate Network

Getting into the real estate industry needs a lot of hard work. No matter what profession you are though, having a network is a very important aspect. It gets even more important when you work in real estate since you not only need clients but also need to keep up with the current market. So for those who have just started out or even just want to expand their circles, here are some hacks for building a strong real estate network. 

Social Media:

Social Media has been one of the biggest helpers of the corporate world. It may sound wrong because isn’t social media supposed to be used for fun and is mostly a younger people centric concept? Even though this might have been true many years back when social media was just introduced to the world, the whole concept changed when this same generation grew up and started using the full potential of social media. 

Using social media to meet new people always existed but only blew up as a concept to promote your business during the COVID-19 lockdown. This is when extroverted businesspeople were restricted and had to resort to other ways of connecting with people. This became a new use of social media and people could build a network online. 

Using apps like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn, and Facebook will give you a platform to promote your business as well as find like minded people who you would like to connect with. These apps also allow you to make collaborations with other businesses and influencers. 

Seminars and Conferences:

The real estate industry holds plenty of seminars and conferences in order to network with others in the industry. Holding or attending one of these is beneficial since you not only can find new people in the industry but also find out what’s happening in the industry. 

Conferences are a good way to discuss the industry especially if you are new. There is a lot to learn through seminars as well, which is one of the reasons why they are held. Turning your discussions into promotions with different professionals in the industry is one way to expand your network.


Human beings are social animals. Everyone likes to know people in places. If you live in a neighbourhood, you have a chance to be the person people know. This means that if you socialise enough, people will remember you when one of their friends are in need of your skills.

Getting your presence known is an important aspect if you are a real estate professional. People who know what you do are more likely to refer you to their circles. 

Host parties and offer help to your neighbours in order to expand your circle. Even though it sounds like social life advice, it will actually also promote your career. 


Volunteering in your free time can give you a chance to meet very different kinds of people. The real estate industry too holds many organisations where you can volunteer to expand your presence and thus your network. Meeting new people is always a plus point in any profession. Volunteering has a positive impact on your name as well so if you are interested in helping the community, you can offer your thoughts and ideas to the group. 


When you enter the real estate field, there is a lot of scope to network with all kinds of people. There are a plethora of benefits to expanding your network. You find out about the current trends and market in the industry, you get advice from people who are at higher positions, you can help out the newer entrepreneurs, and you get business opportunities. So if you have a chance of networking through whatever medium, always take it.


Creating an Agile and Adaptable Facility Management Strategy

13 Jul 2023 10
facility management

Traditionally or pre pandemic Facility management worked on different parameters,  though their work back then and today has been consistent yet industry trends, employee’s requirements were changing on day to day levels.

In this blog spot we are going to explore new trends and strategies that should be adapted. 

  • Get in touch with the technology

             Technology has improved quite well in recent years. We have been introduced to various tools and softwares that can be highly effective. Introducing these software to the team can really help facility managing entities and authorities to deal with the records and information by delegating it to the software, and technology. Technology does not require human dependency thus is accurate.

  • Robust your collaboration

             Facility management is a profession that requires decent communication between the functional entities and the hiring entities for better decision making. 

Thus to robust the collaboration between the employees, service providers and others, communication is the key. This will enhance transparency and growth.

  • Introduce flexibility

            The workstations and work environment has changed, changed with the growing scope of flexibility this is the major reason why the concept of flexible offices comes to picture. They can easily robust creativity, productivity and sustainability.

  • Scope for development

             In order to build a team which is agile, a lot of adaptations should be made. The management team should be aware of the latest trends and technologies in the market. They must come up with transparent solutions and flexibility, all of which are responsible for smooth functioning and simultaneously help the organisation to grow and develop.

There must be regular conduction of assessments and maintained records, this will help one to understand the working process, achievements and failures to work on.

  • Employee experience solution

             A good work environment is where people get flexibility and deliver outcomes instead. Agile workplace gives the credibility to the employees to move without hampering their productivity. There are a lot of tools and techniques involved in this case.

FMs can use software or applications that will help them with these factors and can reduce the work smartly.


Agile workplace can be achieved by adapting basic strategies like investing in the right technology, collaborating with the team and encouraging transparency, involving flexibility, finding solutions based on employees needs and many more. With these adopting changes, facility management can surely respond to changes and adapt to ensure long term success of the facilities and organisation.


Facility Management Outsourcing: Pros, Cons, and Consideration

11 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

Today’s blog will be a brief overview of facility management outsourcing, and pointers that will clear the notion about facility management outsourcing and trade-offs. 

Let us not waste time and get into the topic, 

A quick overview on Facility management and responsibilities

Facility management is a profession that shows its absolute dedication towards the functionalities and effectiveness of the facility and workflow of an organisation. Services that are included in FM are: lease management, lease administration and accounting.

These functionalities come under the facility manager who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the organisation. They on a whole put together all the facilities necessary for management.

What is facility management outsourcing?

Facility management outsourcing is assigning all the management tasks and responsibilities, decision making authorities to third parties. 

Like every other notion, there are evidently some pros and cons associated with it. Understand the possible pros and potential cons with associate considerations.


  • Number 1: Cost Saving

Outsourcing can save not just your money but also your time, any organisation who hires a third party gets easy access to timely functions, easy operations, cost management, cutting down on extra costs, and many more.

  • Number 2: Expertise = efficiency 

Every one of us is aware that any task done by an expert will provide results with efficiency. Outsourcing can give you ready access to experts, who have knowledge and experience in the field. They are very well trained and can come up with powerful solutions in case of any mishap.

  • Number 3: Peace of mind

When you have delegated you work to the third party and it is taken care of efficiently, evidently your stress is reduced and managed. 

  • Number 4: Complete record on the action

Every action of the outsource company is maintained in the records, and one can have easy access to it. Besides the cost used, the cut down cost everything is recorded for better understanding.


  • Number 1: Lack of flexibility

Lack of flexibility refers to the fact that there are problems and concerns associated with the company, and to make changes it causes time. Signed contracts are usually too rigid to change., thus lack flexibility.

  • Number 2: Communication challenges

Communication challenges are the basic problem faced by the company. Any company hiring a third party if develops misunderstandings between company and service provider finds it difficult to vocal it out leading to delayed work. This eventually hampers the employees.

  • Number 3: Difficulty with quality control

The company shows dependency on the third party, there are occurrences where the service providers may not necessarily focus on quality of work. This can cause bitter relationships between the firms.

Key considerations:

  • The company has to check if the company’s purpose and goals align well with the third party organisation. This will help the company to go hand in hand with the service providers thus focusing on the company’s growth.
  • Monitoring the system and communicating with the company or the service provider is crucial. The company has to establish effective communication and proper discussion with appropriate monitoring of the services.
  • Contract is the first thing signed when you join hands with the company. Ensure that the contract is well developed, comprehensive and clear about the scope of services and level of services. This may include flexibility, protection and monitoring of the services.


Facility management outsourcing’s benefits lie in its definition. It comes along with a lot of facilities and services that ease out the work of employees and company. But like either side of the story, there are a few disadvantages and considerations that can be taken care of.

This is thus made easier, through this blog. Consider the company, go through the calculations thoroughly and then hire a part that considers the overall purpose and goals of the company and work as a true helper in different aspects so that the company can grow and flourish.


Building an Inclusive Coworking Space by Supporting Diversity and Culture

08 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

As coworking spaces are being embraced in higher demands, let us learn how to make it an even more inclusive space by supporting diversity and culture. 

We live in a diverse world. There are different types of people all over the world. 8 Billion of them, to be exact. So it is in the higher bracket of possibility that we are going to encounter these diverse people at our coworking office. To build an inclusive space and support communities from all walks of life, an office space should be open enough to accept this diversity. Especially in a coworking office, there can be another organisation working with you who has a diverse workforce. Here are ways in which we can make our workspace more inclusive by supporting diversity and culture.

Inclusivity Training:

When you hire diverse employees or when another organisation in the coworking space has a diverse workforce, some of the older and conventional employees may have some problem with treating the new employees. There can be some things that the older employees may not be aware of. During inclusivity training, all employees must be made aware of how they should treat diverse cultures. All employees’ questions should be answered in a professional manner and rules must be set forward. Failure to follow the rules should have serious consequences. 

Accessible Workspace:

A diverse workforce also means people who are differently abled. When diverse employees are hired, it is the company’s responsibility to check whether the workspace is accessible to everyone. This promotes inclusivity and shows support to the people who are differently abled. 

Providing Safe Spaces:

Everyone in the coworking space should be able to express themselves by keeping their culture alive. The workspace can hold cultural events to celebrate everybody’s cultures and backgrounds. A potluck or a talent show can be held in order for people to show their culture to their coworkers. 

Suggestion Box:

Every coworking space should have either a diversity committee that employees can go to to express their concerns about being treated differently. Or a suggestion box must be put up to let employees anonymously let the people in charge know what is going on at the workspace. The suggestion box should be regularly checked and immediate action must be taken if there is any conflict in the workspace.  

Be Respectful:

Diversity means the acceptance of every and all kinds of different cultures, choices, races, identities, perspectives, and just ways of life in general. It does not exclude anybody and it does not discriminate. Be respectful of all employees’ livelihoods. It is important to remember that a workspace is a professional space and any judgement and bias towards diverse people can be penalised. 

Another thing to remember is that at the end of the day, everybody is human; words and actions can truly hurt a person. So always be respectful towards people in case the disrespect is in reward to their way of living. 


Building an inclusive coworking space by supporting diversity and culture is an important factor in this world. Conducting inclusivity training for all employees to educate them on how to treat diverse cultures is crucial. Additionally, ensuring that the workspace is accessible to people with different abilities demonstrates support for inclusivity. Organising cultural events and providing safe spaces for individuals to express their backgrounds fosters a sense of belonging. Establishing a diversity committee or suggestion box allows employees to voice concerns and take immediate action when conflicts arise. Ultimately, respect for all individuals and their diverse ways of life is essential in creating an inclusive workspace.


The Role of Commercial Real Estate in Urban Development and Revitalisation.

07 Jul 2023 10
The Role of Commercial Real Estate in Urban Development and Revitalisation.

Commercial Real Estate has changed the world in many ways. The biggest change can be seen in the revitalisation and development of urban areas. 

India is the most populated country in the world. With our country holding this demographic record, it has become important for urban development and revitalisation to rise. This is when commercial real estate comes in. Commercial real estate has transformed many small towns into urban cities. This has helped the people living and not living in the area to adapt to a better lifestyle, better job opportunities, and better stability. People living in the area get introduced to a better standard of living along with newer opportunities. Whereas people migrate to these areas because of the revitalisation in turn increasing the population density there. 

Commercial real estate does not just mean commercial buildings. It is a mix of commercial, recreational, and public real estate. All of these put together increase the appeal of a town. And with this increased appeal, people prefer to start migrating to the developing area. 

Commercial real estate creates job opportunities. Because of India’s unemployment rate, these are great opportunities for people to find work. Once people are given better jobs, their standards of living also become better hence making the overall area more attractive to outsiders. This also attracts bigger talents and finding people who never had the opportunity to explore their gifts. This results in people coming into the town to look for better jobs which increases the demographic which in turn gives the town an opportunity to become urban. 

Commercial Real Estate enhances the culture of an area. Since culture is one of the biggest selling factors of a place, if properties like restaurants start adhering to and promoting a certain culture, it gives the area a chance to promote their culture. Being able to let outsiders know about their culture gives the area a chance to develop into an urban area by attracting others. People who might relate to this culture move to the area which incorporates a sense of belonging. 

Commercial Real Estate celebrates the heritage of an area by preserving the historic buildings. They understand their values and open them to the public in order to show the area’s culture. This popularises and educates the public outside the area about the heritage of the place. 

Preserving the heritage of forest areas and integrating eco-friendly buildings into an area also promotes the area thus inviting people to live in a culturally preserved region. 

Commercial real estate also looks after the revitalisation of a region. If the region can be made more sustainable and can be saved with the help of modern technology, it is done by making a city plan for the area. Commercial centres will be built in order to promote a healthier and better lifestyle among the citizens. Places where people can explore a higher quality of life and different cultures are built which eventually leads to the development of an urban lifestyle. 


The role of commercial real estate in urban development and revitalisation is more than one would think. Commercialising an area is what draws the most attention to it. This is how small towns like Hyderabad and Gurgaon made a name for themselves and increased their demographic. Commercial real estate is an industry that has seen the potential of many regions and boosted them to help their urban development. 


Use Social Media to Boost Your Real Estate Business.

06 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

Real Estate has been around forever, social media has just come around, but combining them together is the ultimate combo!

Real Estate is never an unused market. There is always demand for real estate and there will continue to always be tremendous demand. But given this, there are more real estate companies out there than there are estates to sell! So how do you stand out in this generation? Because most millennials and gen z are becoming real estate investors now, the business needs to evolve with them and adhere to their ways of contact and promotion. 

Why can’t real estate just work how it has always worked? Why can’t we just promote it the usual way? Well, social media has become a platform where the new generation goes to ask questions, give answers, take advice, and find information. So if your real estate business starts using social media as a leverage to reach the new generation, you will stand out. 

Here are some ways in which you can use social media to boost your real estate business and why it would bring in more audience than the usual ways. 

1. Promoting not just the properties, but also promoting the area you’re selling it in. 

One mistake that real estate businesses do while using social media to promote their business is that they will only promote what they are selling. Many fail to realise that social media marketing is not like in person or organic marketing where the audience knows the area the property is being promoted in. While on social media, people all over the world have access to the promotion of a place; they do not know where this house or commercial building is located. Which is why, make it a habit to market the area you are selling a property in. 

2. Conduct a Q&A for your audience.

At open houses, the clients can directly ask you questions since it is in person. But on social media, the person may not be capable of visiting the site. So the seller should be aware that their potential customers may have questions about the place. Before they even have the chance to ask these questions, ask and answer them yourself. This shows dedication to your audience. Talk about the area, questions you would usually get in-person, questions about the property, etc. The customer will see these and see something they didn’t think of. 

3. Hold live sessions.

The “Go Live” option on instagram and twitter is just like meeting your potential customers in person. You can talk about your properties, their pricing, the areas they are located in, the lifestyle of these areas, and everything you would talk about in an open house. Another great part about a live session is that the audience who is watching your live can reply in real time. So they can ask their questions and you can respond to them as you go. 

4. Network.

This one is quite easy advice. Just like how in real life, you would go to seminars and network with other businesses, on social media, you can use LinkedIn or Twitter to connect with like minded people or even potential clients. Follow pages of other real estate businesses, dm different businesses for collaborations, etc. 

5. Make videos. 

Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Twitter Takes, and so many more platforms have basically the same concept: A small informative/entertaining video that people will come across if they are scrolling through their explore page. Many businesses have used these features to promote their products/services and have found such a humongous audience. These short videos pop up on the explore pages of people who have searched remotely anything related to your business. This will really help you reach a big audience. 


Social Media has become a very big part of the new generations’ lives. They use this more than organic media and hence are more likely to find what they are looking for on social media platforms. If you yourself cannot handle social media marketing, you should hire a social media marketing professional to handle your accounts for you. Of course, you must always have a hands-on process of work where you learn and progress yourself too. Social media marketing is a great way of reaching the younger audience if done right. 


Time Management Hacks for Busy Real Estate Agents

05 Jul 2023 10

Real estate agents live a very inconsistent life, and are always swamped with work ditching health and sanity. They are more committed to hectic work life, and unhealthy living style.

But why live a hectic and inconsistent life when you can obviously choose a better lifestyle. Considering it, here are some hacks to ease out your work life.

  • Plan your day

The most common hack that anyone can give you is planning out a day. Believe it or not, planning your day can be the most effective tip. 

Prioritise your task in descending order, with respect to the crucial and bigger to smaller ones. Set time limits, avoid distractions while working.

  • Wait, take a break!

Breaks are important, plan atleast one day a week with no scheduled meeting so you can plan the week better and complete the pending tasks. Taking timely breaks, including meal breaks is a must. Refreshing your mind regularly can do wonders for you and improves your concentration and productivity.

  • Delegate it!

Delegating can be helpful especially on packed days. Honestly you cannot skip a lot of tasks but surely can find helpers to deal with it. Find appropriate freelancers that can ease out your work with efficiency.

  • Whatever you build, build it right. Relationships or technological infrastructure

As an agent, ensure you build the right and healthy relation with your clients and sources.

Installing a system that is equipped with better technology can be beneficial for the long term. A right investment is always good, ensuring you invest in good technology, apps and softwares like calendar apps, collaboration tools, etc can be of great help.


Productivity and time management correlates, they are not achieved overnight. You have to plan, and execute it with discipline. 

Time management is crucial for everyone, and real estate agents spend their life with uncertainty and drowned into meetings and other matters.


Evolution Of Web Search Trends In Coworking Space Industry.

03 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

Coworking has been a trendy subject post pandemic. Its evolution overall is much talked about. The reason that coworking spaces are highly appreciated is because of the high flexibility quotient.

As coworking spaces are providing high flexibility and better approach to the people, this approach has helped coworking spaces emerge like never before. Since with the evolution of work life to coworking, let us understand the rising trends of coworking with the evolution.

Coworking spaces are the need of time, all of us need a platform that pampers comfort and growth.

So if you are looking for coworking spaces then it is crucial for you to understand the evolving trends of coworking. One of the evolving trends is web searches.

Let’s understand about this trend in this blog spot.

Brief idea of web searches

Web searches are basically uncensored samples of actual searches, they exist to give you an idea about the recent trends and searches across the globe. The main reason to monitor it is to display interest in the respective topic around the world.

Web search monitoring allows you as a company to get a comprehensive idea pertaining to the recent searches, these allow you to obtain keywords which can be helpful for the businesses, startups, they give an idea about the seasonalities, competitor analysis, market research and many more.

Understanding the evolution of web search trends in coworking space industry

The awareness about coworking spaces has somewhere impacted the graph of the coworking spaces. People and major companies are switching to coworking due to high sustainability, and affordability. As coworking gains recognition in the industry, web search trends can help investors with better decisions on industrial level.

What were the frequent searches obtained: coworking space, virtual offices, shared offices, private offices.

According to recent surveys, let's understand the evolution pattern and key events in the journey of coworking:

The term coworking was coined in 1995, yet the first ever search registered was in the year 2007. The trend began from 2007 to 2009 which was at an all time high in June, 2011.

The graph later increased from 2011 to 2017, though searches were pretty high from 2015 to 2017.

October 2017 registered 25% more searches than previous years.

Second prominent hike was in the year 2020, which is the year of pandemic. Late 2021 and early 2022 even witnessed a spike that peaked from June to July.

Final thoughts 

The patterns for everything around us are constantly changing, constantly evolving. The traditional office spaces shifted to virtual some to new notion termed as coworking. The cyber cafes are now not as frequently visited as they used to be, people have quick access to the internet at the present time. Everything across the globe is at your fingertips, you can easily understand the trends, search things, ideas, notions based on their popularity which can be helpful for you to decide the business, market trend and industry value.

This is made easy with internet, and web search. Web search allows you to meet the recent trends by just monitoring it. 

This blog is all about how this evolving trend of web search has impacted and fueled one of the popular concepts of real estate, like coworking. Web searches do help one to understand, analyse and compare the patterns. Investors can get help by monitoring them.


How the rise of coworking spaces is influencing conventional workplace design.

01 Jul 2023 10
coworking space

Coworking market is estimated to grow to a 34.99 billion dollar industry by 2027, that is 16.4%. This shows that the trend of coworking is catching everyone’s attention these days. The web search trend of coworking is even in trend in the industry.

The popularity of coworking spaces has revolutionised the Global market and the real estate sector. The change have been witnessed by the investors and the employee, the need for flexible and comfortable work station, easy going lifestyle and location independence (at times) have legitimately impacted the design, structure and pattern of the offices, it was believed (then) that the millennial would take over the market and jobs which (now) is seen. This is the reason why this has even impacted the design and structure of the offices.

This blog spot will speak of how coworking spaces have redefined the conventional workplace design.

  • As per a survey conducted, it is believed that the millennial generation would take over by  2025., every 3 in 4 would be a millennial. Because of this the requirement of flexibility and space management took over. 

Companies now consider space management as priority. They have thus changed the workspace design based on the majority. Need for cafeteria, meeting rooms, phone booth is seen and addressed.

  •  Since coworking space is widely divided into small sections of the spaces, vividly combining all the aspects and branches together. This can be a reason why companies have considered 30% of their spaces to turn to seating zones, etc.
  • The whole concept of new office designs by the millennials profoundly speaks of ergonomics which is why companies have introduced furniture that is ergonomic and loose. 
  • Millennials have enthusiastically encouraged building offices more than a place to work. Their preferences and ideology of a comfortable workplace supported a workplace reflecting peace and promoting productivity, thus introducing elements like biophilia, artefacts, wall drawings, etc.
  • Other aspects of coworking spaces have successfully made their ways in the conventional workplace, besides these ideas are welcome wholeheartedly. Open cafeteria, coffee bars, pantry design, etc. has evolved over time.
  • Introduction of technological tools to manage and operate the office functionalities is something that must have been incorporated long back. A positive change is thus made due to coworking spaces access cards, attendance monitoring system, security and surveillance are now seen in every office.
  • Other elements have also made their ways in the conventional surrounding, coworking spaces have revived the whole vibe of a traditional office space. False ceiling, fancy luxurious flooring, carpets, funky artefacts are now seen.
  • Coworking spaces are highly sustainable, the usage of shared facilities by the employees brings it in the race of sustainability. This move is adopted by many companies in various ways and led them in the race of sustainability.
  • As coworking supports community building, this is the whole reason why conventional spaces now promote common areas, relaxing rooms and others. 


Millennials have taken over the companies, every second person working in big or small companies is a millennial. This evolution has supported the growth of spaces that are sustainable, economic and ergonomic. Coworking is the result of the same and thus has gained popularity globally.

Coworking spaces have not only impacted the traditional work pattern but also the offices which is why conventional spaces have taken an initiative towards redefining the workplace design on a whole.

This blog covers the changes that are seen in a while in the conventional workplace designs.


Fixed vs Flexible Seats: Which One is Better For You?

30 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

Depending on your business, you need to know which type of seating is better for you: fixed or flexible. In this blog, we’re going to break down how each of these work. 

As you probably know, coworking has become the future of the upcoming workforce. It is an efficient way of working since it is cost effective and flexible. People have started switching to coworking very quickly, thus creating a demand for more flexible workspaces. 

If you are planning on being one of these people, you must be wondering which workspace is more comfortable for your business. Here’s some tips to help you decide:

First let us tell you the differences between flexible and fixed coworking spaces.

Fixed Seats:

In a coworking space, when you lease fixed seats, you and your team or just you will be assigned a permanent workspace. You will be seated in this space till the end of your lease. You can be comfortable in your own space.

Flexible Seats:

In flexible seats, you will have to choose your seats on a first-come first-serve basis. There is no assigned seat for you. It is arbitrary and random. This is otherwise known as hot-seating. 

Now that you know which seat means what, let us look at the pros of each of them.

Pros of Fixed Seats:

  1. Fixed Seating arrangements work best when you have a long term commitment to the place.
  2. Works best if you have to work in a team; it gives an assurance that you can work together in the same space. 
  3. Works on a contract based lease that you can alter and choose according to your requirement. 
  4. You can organise and decorate your workspace and get comfortable in your space. 

Pros of Flexible Seating:

  1. The seating arrangements work on a daily lease basis, so this method works best if you have a flexible schedule. 
  2. You can choose where you want to sit so you can choose your comfort zone.
  3. Flexible seating is perfect if you work alone since there is no stress about having to find a place for a team to sit together. 

Depending on your budget:

Making a choice between flexible and fixed coworking seats can also depend on how much you're ready to invest in your company. If you are willing to spend on the workspace, you should consider fixed workspaces but if you are a newly started business and want to save up and use that money in other business ventures like for marketing and employee benefits, go for flexible seating. 

Depending on the novelty of your business:

In the beginning of any business, you should save up on as much as you can. So using flexible seating instead of fixed seating can benefit your business the most. Once you begin to develop into a team or a bigger group, you can invest in fixed seating. 


Converting to or choosing coworking is a great step in many ways. But you need to carefully consider what type of coworking will be best for you, your employees, and your business. Yes, it is extremely flexible, but that should not be the only point on your mind while switching.

Why Are Flexible Office Spaces Becoming the Preferred Choice in Corporate India?

28 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

Flexible office spaces are like coworking spaces, where there is flexibility in the place and time that an employee can choose from. But why are they becoming so popular in India?

What are Flexible Office Spaces?

Like the name suggests, flexible office spaces are ones where employees can be more comfortable than in a traditional office. This type of an office not only reduces energy used by the employees but also the expenses that are used for commuting and other investments made in offices. Flexible offices, or flexi seats, have multiple options that employees can choose from. 

Coworking is one of the most famous and upcoming forms of flexible offices. In this type of an office, multiple organisations come together to work in one space. Coworking is beneficial for both parties because it reduces the expense the company would otherwise spend in buying an office. Instead, sharing the rent in a coworking space will help save a lot of money.

Other forms include: 

Managed/Serviced Offices are ones that are managed by a third party and people can lease out a space in order to work. A benefit of these is that they can reap the benefits of a traditional office just by signing a lease. Curated amenities like quiet zones, collaboration zones, and cafeterias with an added advantage of a professional address are the other benefits of a managed office. These can either be rented out by big businesses or even by entrepreneurs.

Hot Desks are located inside a workspace that are rented out on an hourly basis. This form of flexible offices is beneficial for people who work from home and need to be in a professional environment when they want to. The advantage of this is that you pay by the hour so there is no commitment made by signing a contract. 

Nowadays there are also cafes that let customers use their facilities on a timely basis. Customers can go in, work on their tasks, order as much coffee as they want and pay according to the time they’ve been there. 

But Why Are Flexible Office Spaces Becoming the Preferred Choice in Corporate India? 

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the population of the country. Especially if there are so many metropolitan cities, which continue to grow every single day. Where will the newer generation or the people who come in for job opportunities work if all the commercial buildings are taken by single corporations?

This is when flexible offices come in handy. They help to save space and are extremely efficient. Not only can organisations benefit the various amenities but can also have networking benefits. When you work in an office that has more than one organisation working in it, there are plenty of possibilities to increase your professional and social network. 

Another reason for corporate India to switch to flexible office spaces is the economy. Because of the number of startups that are registered everyday, it is feasible for them to save their expenses and invest in aspects that can benefit and increase their assets. 

Are People Actually Taking This Seriously?

You’d be wondering that even though there are benefits to these offices, will people recognise these benefits and implement them? Well the answer is yes. The upcoming workforce has realised the plethora of benefits offered by flexible offices and have started demanding more seats in the same. 

In fact, just recently, EFC India has stated that they are planning to triple their seats in the next financial year. This is only because of the rising demand for more flexi seats in the industry. 


It is safe to assume that there are many more such enterprises who are willing to make the change and recruit more startups and organisations to invest in flexible office spaces. These office spaces have the prospect to save so much time and money that people have started giving them a serious thought. Very soon, India will see the potential of these spaces and give them the recognition they deserve. 



Distributed Workforce: A Fascinating Win for Your Business

27 Jun 2023 10
#workforce #business

Ever since the pandemic, working from home has been encouraged in many organisations. The tradition stayed on even after the lockdown was over. Here’s why incorporating a distributed workforce is a fascinating win for your business. 

What is a distributed workforce?

The COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult time for everyone. Businesses suffered and were forced to either let go of their employees or let them work remotely. Many chose the latter because it makes the most sense, of course. But the result of this choice changed the world after the pandemic. Many businesses started to realise that working from home/remotely/near home is a possibility for their employees without changing anything in the workflow substantially. 

This is what led to the creation of a distributed workforce. An organisation that has its employees not working from an office building essentially is a distributed workforce. 

So how will your business benefit from becoming a distributed workforce?

The thing is, if you have a distributed workforce, there are so many advantages that you’ll start wondering why traditional offices even exist. Of course there are disadvantages to having a distributed workforce but the advantages outweigh them. Once a company realises that things run just as smoothly online as they do offline, they can easily make the switch to a distributed workforce. 


Because there won’t be any restrictions in the application and hiring of the company, people from anywhere can work in the organisation. This leads to a multicultural workplace which can also have highly skilled individuals who wouldn’t otherwise apply because of factors like commute or relocation. 


One of the perks of hiring a distributed workforce is that the technology is always advancing. Keeping in touch with the newer technological advancements and switching to them becomes an easier task. So there won’t be a software issue in the communication of the employees. 


The most obvious and the winner of the debate is of course the flexibility a distributed workforce offers. People do not have to waste their time commuting; working from home or wherever they want saves them time and money which they can invest in the company. This brings us to our next point.


If the company offers a commute reimbursement policy, this will nullify in a distributed workforce. The organisation will be able to save the money which they can instead add to the employees’ packages. 

Other than that, the money spent in leasing/buying assets and offices can be invested in other features and facilities like marketing or software purchases. 


The emotional and physical toll that goes into commuting to office is a heavy one. This needs extra preparation of the mind by the employees. Because the employees will be home or wherever they are comfortable working, they will have more motivation to work. Even if there are meetings to attend, they can be more creative since they’ll be in the environment that they find comfortable. 


A distributed workforce has been stigmatised and reduced to being an unproductive and carefree space. On the contrary, an organisation that allows their employees to work how they want to has a higher percentage of happy employees. Prioritising employee wellbeing is an important factor that all organisations over the world should follow. It not only produces happier employees but also better results.


Scopes Of Startups In Recent Indian Gig Economy

26 Jun 2023 10
Scopes Of Startups In Recent Indian Gig Economy

The process of evolution started long back, initially us as beings and later our needs evolved. The work requirements, work conditions and even work stations have impacted the growth and evolution process. 

Generations passed and the liking changes, unlike older generations, youth have invested a large portion of their time in multitasking, no wonder they find it difficult to adjust with the traditional way of working.

The need for a flexible lifestyle has played a vital role in effectively increasing the demand of startups like zomato, swiggy, blinkit, zepto, and coworking spaces have been gradually contributing to the gig economy.

Gig economy has generated 204 billion dollars globally, while 56% of employment is generated via the gig economy, which is expected to rise to 23.5 million gig workers by 2029-2030.

Gig economy. Summing it up!

Gig economy sum ups as a market or industry that is dependent on an agile workforce. Agile workforce refers to a group of people who choose an uncertain work environment, for example freelancers, independent contractors. Gig economy has witnessed significant growth due to the growth seen in the number of platforms, easy internet access and access to transportation.

Gig economy is made up of 3 aspects, these are consumers, gig workers and gig work platforms. Gig work platforms are digital platforms that are designed to deliver services and ease out the employment process, besides gig workers are the agile workforce and consumers, the one to whom the services are provided.

Role of startups in gig economy

Startups are the prime source of employment in the gig economy, they have offered 4% of total employment. Niti Ayog estimated the volume of gig workers to rise from 7.7 million to 23.5 million by 2029-30.

The recent survey, Decoding gig economy, has published that stats that out of 145 companies 49% are dependent on gig workers and a prominent 69% plan to do so.  

The breakdown of total contribution is such that, door delivery services contribute 22-26%, vehicle and household repairs contribute 16%, cleaning contributes 10%, personal care by 7%.

Indian startups have made a mark, globally. They have made India the third largest startup ecosystem in the world thus contributing 4 to 5% to Indian GDP.

As startups like zomato, swiggy, etc. are generating better employment opportunities, which links to better career prospects which directly impacts a stronger economy.

Final Thoughts

The major dependency of consumers today majorly relies on the consumption and easy access of the goods and services. Innovative startups thus have found a skillful solution to this by introducing online applications like Zomato, Swiggy, Blinkit, Zepto, etc.

These digital platforms play an important role in generation of employment through skillful and unskillful professionals that contribute to the growth of the gig economy.

Gig economy relies on agile force, this force contains freelancers, short term contractors and other vendors, basically ones who are known to choose the unusual work environment and schedule.

The Gig economy has made a significant impact in the Indian economy through its contribution, as the employment and business generated by startups is noteworthy. This generous growth in the gig workers is due to factors like easy internet access, transportation and availability of platforms which encourages people to earn passive income at times or full time based on what they choose.

In a nutshell, the gig economy is highly fueled with the presence of startups and the employment opportunities provided by them.


Startup’s Contribution to India’s GDP

26 Jun 2023 10
India gdp  contribution


India's startup ecosystem has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, becoming a vital catalyst for the country's economic development. With their innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and agile business models, startups have made significant contributions to India's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This blog explores the various ways startups are positively impacting the Indian economy and driving its GDP growth.

1. Job Creation and Employment

Startups have emerged as powerful engines for job creation in India. They are often characterised by their ability to scale rapidly, leading to increased demand for skilled professionals. By providing employment opportunities, startups reduce unemployment rates and enhance the income levels of individuals. According to estimates, the Indian startup ecosystem is expected to create 1.5-3 million direct jobs by 2025. The growth of startups across sectors like e-commerce, technology, healthcare, and finance has been instrumental in absorbing a significant portion of the country's young workforce.

2. Technological Advancement 

Startups are at the forefront of technological innovation, driving advancements in various sectors. They leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics to create disruptive solutions. These innovations have a multiplier effect on the economy, leading to increased productivity and efficiency across industries. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, startups contribute to the growth of the digital economy and help India transition into a knowledge-driven society.

3. Boosting Investments

Startups attract significant investments, both domestic and foreign, fostering economic growth. Venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate entities actively invest in promising startups, providing them with the necessary capital to scale their operations. Additionally, the government of India has introduced various schemes and initiatives to support startup funding. These investments not only facilitate business expansion but also create a positive investment climate, attracting further capital inflow into the country.

4. Export Opportunities

Startups in India have not only focused on the domestic market but have also tapped into global markets. With increased access to international platforms and e-commerce, startups have the potential to become global players. By exporting innovative products and services, startups contribute to the country's export earnings, improving the balance of trade. This expands India's economic footprint and strengthens its position in the global marketplace.


The growth of startups in India has been transformative, with profound implications for the country's GDP. Through job creation, technological advancements, increased investments, and international trade, startups have emerged as key contributors to India's economic development. By nurturing a conducive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, the government and other stakeholders can continue to foster the growth of startups, leading to sustained economic growth and enhanced prosperity for the nation.


Coworking Can Make Your Employee Relocation Easier

23 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

When you relocate your employees, it can be difficult for them to adjust to the new office. But coworking can make your employee relocation easier. Find out why this is a trick that you’d want to use for your employees. 

Relocation can be voluntary or involuntary. But both the times, it is not an easy task for both employee and employer. If the employee is not comfortable at the new location, that can pose a problem for the employer too. The comfort of the employee is what matters. A coworking space is better than a traditional office. Which is why you should switch your locations to a coworking office. Other than this reason, here are some more points to consider a coworking space:

Working Environment

When you move your employee from their main office to another office, it can get difficult for them to socialise. They might not be able to adjust into their new location quick enough. Since they’ll be new blood, there will be a lot of competition for them and hence it might be difficult to make new friends. This might affect their work. 

In a coworking office, there are people from different organisations who are more than ready to connect with each other. The environment is less competitive and more friendly, hence making it easy for a new employee to fit in. 


When you’re relocating your employee to a new location, the company is responsible for every expense and has to reimburse the employee for the moving cost. Even though a coworking office does not nullify this, saving funds becomes a possibility, saving money that can be spent on the employees instead of on the offices. 

Since coworking offices are economically feasible, you can save the funds and invest them in other things like assets, employee reimbursements, manufacturing, marketing, etc. 


When you relocate an employee, the employee needs some time to adjust to the new place, especially if it is in a new city or country. Flexible office hours can solve this problem. Coworking offices have immense flexibility in working hours and places. With the availability of multiple work spaces in one coworking space, the employee can choose which space they find the most comfortable and work from there.

Social Life

It is fair to assume that the employee being relocated might lose their social life in the new city or even country that they are being relocated to. They might become nervous and overwhelmed with the sudden change. Especially in a traditional office, where there is an enmity between employees, it would not be easy for the employee to sustain their social life. 

In a coworking space, since there are more than one organisations working together, it reduces the chances of competition. Employees can talk to each other with no fear of office politics. 


Even though traditional offices are a preferred option in all organisations, coworking is rising above and becoming a consideration in all fields. Especially since people started to prioritise the mental health of the employees, coworking spaces have become famous. Therefore, switching to coworking during relocation of your employees will help not only the company but also the employee.  


Exploring Location Independence Through Co-working.

22 Jun 2023 10
Exploring Location Independence Through Co-working.

Sitting at the same place, on the same desk, under the same roof in the same traditional environment can be boring, very boring! 

When we take a glance at the current scenario we understand that the evolution and concept of work and workspace have been constantly changing and evolving. The office space and work style of the generation then (boomers) and the generation now (millennials) are different from each other, with the evolution of traditional 9 to 6 jobs the room for flexibility has grown.

People need more flexible options, according to a research 53% of millennials prefer working from home, while 38% prefer working from home at least once a week which shows people need flexibility and “location independence”.


Location Independence. Explained.

Describing it in simple terms, location independence is the freedom of mobility regardless of the geographical location. The professionals who are choosing location independence in their career are popularly known as digital nomads.
Working from anywhere, building a community and with basic amenities like high speed internet, and flexible hours is what professionals search now. 

This quest for a location independent work space obviously ends with the evolution that is previously spoken about, coworking.

Coworking is a medium through which you can achieve a location independent career, with an aesthetically pleasing set up, professional address, people to interact and build connections, amenities like high speed internet connectivity.


Relationship between coworking and location independence

Digital nomads as explained earlier are the ones who are prominently choosing location independent workspaces to live a life based on their terms, only with an uncompromised internet connection. The basic yet major requirement of these professionals is internet connectivity. 

They basically are remote workers, setting up their workstation at a coffee shop, at home or some other place.


As we talk about the evolution of the workspace, we talk about the fashion that has changed the old traditions, desk and chair, and even the traditional office space. The freedom of mobility has made coworking a more convenient and flexible option. How? Digital nomads besides leaving a settled work life have certain issues in row, which include lack of good networks that might deprive them from better opportunities, poor internet connectivity at times, not having a professional address for the clientele and even loneliness.

Coworking comes to rescue, factually speaking, coworking centres unlike coffee shops are better structured with all the required facilities including internet connectivity, privacy, and flexibility. One is given the opportunity to meet and make connections that will be helpful on a long run in the industry.

Recent studies have shown people at coworking spaces are less likely to feel lonely and are more productive.


Reasons how coworking is helpful:

We are aware of the fact that coworking spaces are flexible and comfortable, one gets a professional address that will help them to create an impression on the clients, but what more. Coworking certainly adds more value in the lives of people opting for it.


1. Providing them with a feeling of belongingness 

The fact that digital nomads or people who are running behind the freedom of location mobility are often accompanied by loneliness, and lack of good network in the industry.

Coworking spaces help you with better connections, that will help you with the network and perhaps good friends.


2. Amenities

Uninterrupted internet connectivity is a must, you don’t really have to ensure that while working in a coworking space. 

Private skype rooms, conference hall and other requirements are ensured by the owner.


3. Place that inspires

There are times when you lack motivation to work, or people with artistic professional backgrounds find it difficult to be creative, these aesthetically pleasing spaces can work as your inspiration, besides, the coworkers can be your inspiration.

How can Brantford India help you with this?

Brantford is a real estate tech enabled platform, who help you with your locating, searching, comparing and booking of the spaces. They provide office spaces including: coworking, traditional, conventional and private office spaces on lease PAN India.

It can be a one stop solution for your real estate needs. Thus, if you are searching for a place that pampers your freedom of mobility and flexibility with a professional twist and required amenities Brantford is here to help. Find coworking spaces as per your requirements here.

How to Use Reels to Boost Your Business

19 Jun 2023 10

If you aren’t from the younger half of this generation, you may not be familiar with the new ways of promoting a business: through Instagram Reels. Don’t worry, we are here to let you know how to use reels to boost your business. 

What are Instagram Reels?

Everyone is aware of Instagram, but what about the reels that were introduced to us during the pandemic? There is a global history behind why Reels became such a favourite platform for small businesses to engage their audiences. 

A lot of people started a home grown business during the pandemic globally. This was because of a lot of factors like increased time on people’s hands and spending too much time thinking. Don’t worry, we won’t be getting into the demographics. But what you need to know is that Instagram introduces Reels around the same time as the start of the lockdown. Now that people were stuck inside their homes with a startup on their hands and no way to promote it, Reels became the ultimate source of reaching the audience. 

People started using Reels and just social media as a whole to do what they could not do traditionally. Promote and grow their business. With no means to communicate and connect with people in real life, people turned to social media, mainly Reels, to promote their businesses. 

How do you use Reels to boost your business?

Reels are something that every instagram user receives on their search or reel page. So if you have a good enough reach (the number of accounts your reel appears on), you are more likely to spread awareness about your business. 

1. Talk about yourself and your business

When you want to increase your reach, talk about your journey as a start to your Reels. An audience is more likely to empathise with a real story about how your business came to be. This way, your story can be shared and more awareness will be created.

2. Show your process

People are always fascinated with how things work. So no matter which sector you are in, there will be an audience waiting for you to explain how it works. Behind the scenes is one of the most loved things to watch since TLC introduced it to us!

3. Make reaction videos

If you are in an informative sector, you can react to other reels on instagram and debunk myths and misconceptions by people. This is a great way to draw attention to yourself and show your knowledge. People will notice that you know what you are talking about and come to your business.

4. Recreate Videos

Every month, there is a new trend on instagram which goes viral. These viral reels use a specific audio and a trend. Using this audio and recreating the trend will give you a lot of views. You can always add your own touch to the ongoing trend. This will make your reel unique but also give you an audience. 


Instagram Reels is a very easy platform to use where you can not just reach an audience but also have fun doing so. Once you get the hang of it, it will be irresistible to keep making them! The only thing is that you have to spend some time dedicating your time and creativity to this process. You can also form connections with other businesses through this process.


What are the common challenges of coworking? How to address them?

17 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

Coworking spaces are now quite popular not only between the startups but also other giant companies after companies like Amazon have switched their way towards coworking.

Employees find it difficult to get the flexibility as coworking spaces in the traditional ones while companies find it difficult to manage other amenities and affordability at the same time, coworking then came up like a solution to everyone. Companies find it an affordable option with the flexibility and comfort involved.

Everyone of us by today have understood all the benefits of it in depth, while only some of us are aware of the challenges. The fact that every coin has two sides makes it obvious to have both pros and cons. We will have a discussion of the cons associated with the coworking spaces and possible solutions to it.

Recent survey shows the percentage of the problems faced by the employees as per the reports:

1. Noise and Distraction: Problem 1

Coworking/ shared offices is a working space where people share the same roof with employees of different organisations. It is obvious that people who share similar space will obviously connect amongst each other, and this grown friendship is the major problem amidst.

People are distracted and the workspace is made noisy. Around 48% of total people working there find this as a major challenge.

How do you cope with this?

There are a few ways that can help:

  • Using a noise cancellation earphones
  • Requesting them to maintain silence or continue the conversation in sitting areas as it can be distracting on the work floor.
  • Adding barriers or partitions

2. No Privacy: Problem 2

Since you are a part of a space which is open to every employee who is willing to work in the coworking spaces, it makes it obvious that you might lack privacy. The percentage of people who need privacy and finds it a genuine concern is 48%,

How do you tackle this?

Privacy is something that you need while working, involvement of your chit chat friends or disturbing colleagues is not something you would appreciate, these are all you can do:

  • Installing panels and partitions
  • A transparent wall would rather work
  • Balancing out between individual work areas and shared spaces

3. Insufficient space: Problem 3

Space is what everyone needs at a workplace, no one would ever admire space that is cluttered or messed. 39% of employees working at coworking spaces find it an issue. It should be taken into consideration as messy space is proven to decrease productivity. 

How to address it?

  • Organise and clean the surrounding
  • Try organising the cables with cable manager maybe
  • Use partition
  • Keep the desk clutter free

4. Lack of proper equipment: Problem 4

A prominent 31% of employees working at coworking spaces finds it an issue, the lack of appropriate equipment. The basic equipment provided in the coworking space is: ergonomic furniture, secure internet, basic stationery, printing and scanning devices etc. 

These are the basic requirements whatsoever, any company with employees is bound to provide it.

How to overcome this?

  • Provide the space with supply centres where the coworkers can easily deal with the stationery.
  • Acknowledge their needs and conduct a regular survey
  • Ensure that they are provided with the basic necessities.


5. Not allowing them to personalise their space: Problem 5

Human race is known for its ability to express emotions and attachments. We spend half of our lives in the offices working, which makes it obvious for us to feel attached somewhere. These emotions are addressed by us by making the place where we work more personalised, this can be done by a picture, some good luck symbols or objects, an art piece or anything. 31% of the total employees find it difficult to personalise the space they work in, as this it is restricted.

How to solve this?

This part is totally the owner’s call, yet there are ways of how this challenge can be overcomed:

  • We agree that it is not a traditional office, yet the employees should be allowed to adorn their space the way they like.
  • Assure that the employees are provided with personal desks and lockers.



There are challenges that every company faces, these challenges can surely be addressed by some basic changes and organisation. By following the mentioned tips you can certainly encourage smooth functioning of the space.



Why You Need To Start Leasing Your Assets Instead of Buying

15 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

Renting is always better than buying. This holds true even when it comes to offices. It is better to rent offices and it is even better to rent the assets of your office. 

If you are still sceptical about it, let us give you reasons to change your mind. Other than the obvious, which is saving money, leasing or renting assets have more benefits. They include things from tax benefits (you read that right) to convenience.

Saving on Capital

Once you have capital for your business, you keep spending it on things that you know are important and in the blink of an eye, you’ve lost most of your capital. One way that you can save up on your working capital is by renting and not buying. This way, you can use your funds for abstract things like marketing, research, etc. 

Saving on Credit

A new business needs a credit line from the bank. The credit limit will be reached if the business buys everything from the office to the marketing. To save extra credit and invest that into something that will grow the business, companies should use leasing companies and lease assets from them. 

Multiple Options

When it comes to leasing, there are always a plethora of options to choose from. You can decide on one lease after having read and discussed  them with multiple leasing companies. And if you are not satisfied with the products, you can always make a decision to end the lease. Whereas, when you own a certain product, there is no option of testing it as you go.

Tax Deferrals

When a company chooses to lease an asset instead of buy it, there is an added benefit: they don't have to make upfront payments for sales tax or other taxes at the time of acquiring the asset. Instead, these taxes are distributed and included in the monthly lease payments over the entire lease duration. This provides the company with a financial advantage as they don't have to pay a large lump sum of taxes immediately, allowing them to better manage their cash flow.

Inclusion of Services

Leasing companies have a policy to include services like installation, replacement, maintenance, and consultations. This way, you do not have to worry about extra charges for installation and maintenance. When you rent a certain product, the owner of the product is responsible for it. 

Technological Advancements

When you buy something instead of leasing it, you will not be able to keep replacing it with newer versions. This is why renting is better than buying. Once you have a lease, you can easily ask the owner to update the products with very little charge as compared to buying something new entirely. You can also just cancel the lease and opt for one with better options.                                                                                                                

Expert Assistance

The companies who lease have to understand their services properly. Imagine deciding to buy a new TV. You will conduct all kinds of research and gather up information on it before you settle on one. You possibly cannot do this for everything in your office. That is when the expertise of the leasing companies come in. The owners or the leasing companies can give you expert assistance.


Convenience might be the biggest selling factor of anything in the world. And so it is for leasing instead of buying assets too. When you have to move around, you would have it extremely easy if you don’t have to carry the things you own from one office to another. This is why most businesses lease their assets. They do not have to take the effort or pay extra to move the assets.


Practical Strategies to Reduce Stress at Work

14 Jun 2023 10
Practical Strategies to Reduce Stress at Work

Work can get very hectic, especially if you're a workaholic. Once you start to feel the burnout, there is no coming out of it until you take a leave and sleep all day. Well there is a way to avoid this. 

Note Down Your Stressors

In a place where you are being overwhelmed, the first thing you need to do is to pinpoint exactly what is overwhelming you. Once you understand that, you can start to narrow down why these things are stressing you out. 

At times, you won’t even realise that a certain thing is bringing you stress. Stressors can begin to manifest from small ticks like restlessness which, if not brought under control, will turn into a full-fledged panic attack. The British Safety Council of India has found that 50 people die of suicide because of work related stress every week. So it is important to figure out exactly when you feel overwhelmed or even underwhelmed. 

Some ways to avoid stress are the following:

Stay away from negative people

In an office setting, it is quite easy to feel demotivated. And since misery needs company, the demotivated will bring others down as well. It is fun to crb about work when both of you are feeling the same, but if you are motivated about a specific task, and then someone brings you down, you may lose your will to work too. Everyone knows that feeling down on a good day can become a stressor.

In case this is the other way around, keep in mind that you cope with your feelings before including someone else. Of course, if you need counsel, you can count on your friend then, but tread with caution. 

Avoid Politics

Workplace politics is inevitable no matter what kind of office you are in. When push comes to shove (and when it comes to saving your career), you too participate in these politics. But this can have a diverse effect on your mental well-being. It can become a stressor and you will start worrying about it everyday. Concentration from work will be diverted towards plotting your coworker’s downfall. You definitely do not want that to happen since that will lead you to become the bad guy, which in itself will become another stressor. 


Whoever said that having fun at work will hamper productivity probably never had friends at work. Making your colleagues your allies can not only result in willingness to come into the office, it will also help you eradicate workplace politics. Friends at the office are always a plus point. They are probably the only ones who can related to your work-related ailments 

Work-life balance

There are many people who cannot balance their work and life. This usually happens when the working hours are over 9 in one day. People tend to make work their life and forget to live their actual lives. Once this gets out of hand, there is no going back. If you have a family, and friends that are like family, you need to learn how to spend time with them. Without making work your priority, learn to let some things go. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it is also a crucial part of life. 


Work is a normal part of life. Everyone has to do it. It can cause unbearable stress and burnout that can escalate into a mental illness. If it does exceed to such levels, seek counsel immediately. If you notice it taking over your life, and if it is still under your control, the above methods will help you tackle stress at work. 



Future of Coworking in India

13 Jun 2023 10
Future of Coworking in India

Coworking spaces are gaining popularity like never before, people have been quite welcoming towards the idea of shared offices or what we call as a coworking space. While we dig into this topic further, let us understand when and how this notion came to existence.


A brief history of Coworking around the globe:

  • It is believed that the first coworking was introduced in 1995 by a group of hackers, they called it hackerspace. The idea was to share skills, space and knowledge in their future projects.
  • In the same year, Bernard Dekoven, coined the term coworking and coworking spaces were officially introduced with the idea of sharing spaces and knowledge under one roof.
  • It later gained popularity, and by 2020 when the pandemic hit, everyone found it sustainable and suitable that is affordable and flexible.


Coworking and its introduction in India :

  • Coworking is known to everyone by now, people are pretty aware of shared office spaces and their advantages, also the reason why coworking is gaining immense popularity and appreciation is because of the flexibility quotient that it adds.
  • The traces of coworking in India dates back to 2012, 91Springboard was the first company to start its operations in a shared office space. Later in 2017, a number of firms in Bangalore adopted coworking spaces over traditional ones. 
  • In 2018, a significant growth was seen in the graph of coworking. Many major cities in India for example, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad switched to coworking.


Growth of coworking spaces in the past years (India):

  • The valuation of the coworking industry has seen a growth of  2.2 billion dollars by 2022. As per the recent studies, the Indian coworking market has grown to 50 million sq. ft. by 2023.
  • The growth of coworking has been significantly remarkable, hence the potential market size of coworking expected to touch 12 to 16 million across India.  The coworking market lease has shown estimated growth across India in the year 2014 - 2020
  • Notably in 2021 India ranked second globally for having the most coworking spaces. The count was 2,197.


Why are people switching to coworking? What is the reason for this tremendous expansion?

The answer is easy and simple to understand. Coworking spaces are profitable because they provide a flexibility quotient to the employees, besides, people are more aware of their jobs and responsibilities. Environment has a psychological impact on the employees and hence a good and flourishing ambience at the workplace addresses more productivity and growth of the company. Also, regardless of the skills and professional people coming together a better knowledge and skill exchange can happen under the single roof, which is why companies are now more inclined towards coworking.

Benefits include:

  1. Better networking opportunities
  2. Flexibility
  3. Knowledge enhancement
  4. Affordable pricing
  5. Amenities


What is the future of coworking in India?

Started under different conditions at different places around the globe. The future of coworking is evident through the statistics as mentioned, but why is coworking being accepted? Listed below are some pointers

  1. Technological advancements: The coworking spaces are constantly improving by introducing new and better technologies. This might include 5G internet, security access, and many such.
  2. Flexible hours and remote working: Coworking spaces are not necessarily like a traditional work space. The flexible hours, comfort and professionalism is all at once here. This quotient is one major reason why people prefer investing in coworking.
  3. Building a community and peace: Building a community is made way easier with coworking space, as coworking space gives you a liberty to meet and interact with people of different communities working under the same roof. You make new friends, new networks and explore better career options.Also, studies show that people after switching to coworking space feel less alone than ever, they have people working with them.
  4. Shifting of large companies towards coworking: Large companies have made a difference and popularised the whole concept of coworking spaces. Giants like Amazon have made their way towards coworking.


Concluding note:

Coworking spaces are one of the fastest growing communities currently across the globe, it has not only worked for many companies and startups but is now gaining popularity significantly in India as well. It not only contributes to India’s GDP but also is going to grow significantly by 2024 as per the recent reports.

There are a lot of factors that comfort companies to switch to coworking spaces. It can be the affordability, the flexibility or the networking trends that it offers, choice is yours.


Office Spaces: Should Startups Rent Them?

10 Jun 2023 10
office space

If you are a startup wondering whether you should rent an office, this blog will make your decision easier. As a startup, your priority lies in the expense. How to save money and where to invest it is one of the biggest questions on an entrepreneur’s mind. An office is something worth investing in. 

The benefits of an office are endless. If you are someone who wants to invest all of your time and money into your startup, it is a good idea to rent an office. Know that once you have an office, you are officially committed to your startup, so that is an extra motivator to give your all to your company. 

Make it official:

Renting an office means you are completely committed to your startup. But it also means that you now have an official address on your business card. The reason why your startup will benefit from this is because you can now take full advantage of all the office amenities like a meeting room, the hardware, office supplies, storage, etc. 


If you are a startup based on manufacturing or retailing, this is a great way to store your products in a safe space. One problem with remote startups is that the products have nowhere to go; they would be everywhere within the house and they could get damaged. 


With renting (instead of buying) an office, you don’t have to worry about the payment. Renting allows you to negotiate the contract based on how you want. Monthly contracts are the simplest to handle and you do not have to worry about the sudden loss of money or loans and down payments. 

You also have the option of co-leasing the space with another company, resulting in a coworking environment. Coworking has hundreds of benefits which includes learning new things and business interactions which would increase your network. 

Metropolitan Cities:

One good thing about leasing an office are the business opportunities around you. There of course are benefits from working from home but you do not get the same exposure as you would at an office in a metropolitan area. This would grow your business by opening up a diverse clientele. 

Control over employees:

If you are a new-born startup, you have probably hired freelancers. And if you have had experience with freelancers, or if you yourself are a freelancer, you know how many difficulties can arise through the process. 

Take a bold step forward and hire employees at your office. This way, you are in charge of selecting the candidates based on multiple interview processes and you have complete control over the workflow. You can also get immediate fixes instead of having to work on someone else’s time. 

The complete office experience:

Finally, the most fun part about an office space is that you get the entire cultural and social experience that comes with working with your colleagues. You can learn together, get insight from each other, make decisions together, and most of all, celebrate the company’s growth together!


A startup can be a scary endeavour, but an excellent journey if you are committed enough to it. An office can make this journey familiar and official. Office leasing might need extra efforts from your side but that is what we are here for! Brantford can help your company; with our consultations and a wide range of curated office spaces, your company and you can both see a brighter future. 


Tips That Help You Fuel Your Motivation Drive And Keep You Going.

08 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

Not all days are the same, each day comes up with different challenges and commitment while you work in a corporate environment.

It can be difficult to cope with deadlines somedays. There are times when you feel low and unmotivated, disinterested from work, this blog is for you.

Let's get into the topic and understand how to keep fueling up your motivation drive.

Here are some tips,

1. Do not consider any work hard, you know you can do it.

We understand that there are times when it is hard to deal with everything, in that case never consider that any work or any deadline is hard to accomplish, trust your skill set and keep going.

You can obviously manage time, make a schedule and list down priorities for better functioning and meeting deadlines.

2. Small steps, big goals and it is easy!

Bigger things make it feel hard to achieve. You can break it down into small parts that seem easy and achievable. Dividing the work in manageable chunks and accomplishing it step by step, will help you feel more positive about the goals and motivate you.

3. Read Daily

Self help books are the best way to keep yourself motivated, why? Because they have experiences explained in easy language. Reading books are proven ways to transform your daily routine, and encourage you to achieve more and better. 

Reading not just books but quotes can help you better, there are a few quotes that you can certainly implement in your work schedule that keeps you going. Some of them are listed below:


You can work hours without being productive. Incorporating this quote into your life can help you in various ways. 

Decide time lines, take regular breaks to refresh your mind and then get back to work again.


Managing your time when you decide priorities to meet your deadlines better is crucial. To manage everything else, breaks, and other important things you need to manage time effectively.


This quote speaks about time management in depth, running time and deadlines can make you feel frustrated and exhausted, thus, lost time can be deadly. Plan and execute the daily priorities before losing it.


While you plan your days, and naps time you need to ensure you work on it. Actions are the first step to accomplish what is important at that point in time. 


Planning out a day is the first thing to do in the morning when you reach your work space. Corporate life can be full of miscellaneous tasks and urgent execution, if you wish to meet the deadlines, you have to work as per the decided schedule, to keep room for such miscellaneous activities.

4.  Don’t care about things that are not important

     There are situations that are energy consuming, when you decide not to give unnecessary importance to things that are mentally exhausting is the first thing to do. 

This will help you to keep going and away from unnecessary mental breakdowns and distractions.

5.  Set a quiet time

     Super exhausting days need a quiet time. Not all days at work are the same, you may have arguments, opinion differences, disagreements or a bad day. Allow yourself to breathe and get back your focus. Give yourself sometime in peace and ease.

6.  Celebrate wins

     Whenever you manage to accomplish your daily decided tasks within the time span, allow yourself to celebrate. Go out for a small tea break, ice cream break or maybe just a nap. This will keep your motivation drive fueled up and you going.



Corporate life is unpredictable, it can be smooth sailing someday and rainy the other. All these ups and downs affect your motivation and your work approach differently. In order to keep yourself motivated, accomplish your assessments, and build a potential graph you need a constant motivation drive. Key factors are: Time management, strategic planning and timely breaks. This blog has all the potential key points that can help you boost your work performance and motivate you further.


Generational Wars: Managing a Multigenerational Office

07 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

Baby Boomers, Generation Y, Millennials, and GenZ are the current workforce and having them all in the same room can get a little sticky. Here’s a guide on managing a multigenerational office.


Sometimes office arguments can get a little heated. But there are ways to tackle this situation. Once you understand how each of these generations work, it is not difficult to avoid discords in the workplace due to conflicts of interest. But knowing how to handle each generation can make your work easier. Whether you're in HR or a manager or even just a curious employee, this article will help understanding and managing the multigenerational workforce. 


Why Do They Clash?

Before diving into resolving the generational wars, you must first understand why generations clash. The most obvious answer is, of course, the different ways of thinking. The ideologies of each generation are different. So when one generation comes across something from another that they do not agree with, an argument can take place. 


Not all offices have a multigenerational workforce. There are offices that only prefer one generation working for them. A certain number of years of experience is necessary in some offices which filters out the younger generations. But offices that do not have this requirement have a multigenerational workforce. 


Intergenerational cultural differences also affect this factor. When one generation is used to a certain thing, they do not want to accept that other generations have changed said thing. This leads to disagreements. This can be seen in cases like empowerment of sexualities, ethnicities, cultures, etc. by the younger generations, which the older generations were not used to. There can also be conflicts regarding how certain things are supposed to be done. 


Managing a Multigenerational Office

In this blog, you will understand the mentalities about work of each generation, which will help you manage them. 

Baby Boomers: 

Baby Boomers are the oldest working generation right now. The important thing to know about this generation is that they value hard work more than anybody. They believe in work over life. Baby Boomers are hard shelled and want to stand their ground when it comes to forming an opinion. They believe in power in seniority and work to provide. 

This generation needs to be handled with a lot of understanding and patience. Because the world is evolving and it is all new to them, they can panic and resolve to what they find comfort in. Instead of explaining to them, understand their points and try to integrate their ways of working in the meetings. 


Generation X:

This generation saw their parents’ live to work mentality and adapted the work to live ideology. One important thing to know about this generation is that they are flexible and value trust and loyalty. Gen Xers are also hard workers who prioritise their families. 

Dealing with this generation at a workplace is quite simple because they are resilient and are open to understanding. The best way to appeal to this generation is to bounce ideas off them. People in this generation are in their 40s and 50s. They are in the middle of the age groups and relate to both- the boomers and the millennials. 


The Millennials:

Generation Y, or more commonly known as the millennials, have made a name for themselves in the world. They are a generation with a lot of experience with technology. They are incredibly flexible and understanding. This generation gels more with their younger counterpart, GenZ. They know how to deal with difficult situations. This generation prefers to work for a good standard of living. 

Millennials are the one generation that will not have problems with their workplace. They are the one generation that can adapt the most. They will know how to resolve feuds and can come up with solutions on the spot. This generation appreciates mutual respect and understanding. They also believe in equality in all aspects in the workplace. 



This is the newest generation to enter the workforce. GenZ’s mentality can be a little difficult to understand, but they are more than happy to tell you. This generation believes in learning and teaching. They want to voice their opinions and do not like to be wronged. This generation’s ideology has been carved by the millennials; and has further been shaped by the new world. So they are the most open minded and inclusive generation. This generation has learnt from the previous generations and have understood to prioritise their health over work. 

Since this generation is extremely new to the corporate world, it is important to show them the ropes. This generation appreciates people who are willing to teach them without patronising them. As the youngest working generation, it is easy for them to be looked down upon by the older generations. A way to deal with this is to encourage them instead of humiliating them. 


How To Manage Everyone Together?

It is normal for some of the generations to not get along with each other. But the difficulty arises when ideologies clash over work. When this happens, 

  1. Remember to keep things professional and try to understand everybody’s points. 
  2. There should be no bias or conflict of interest over your own generation. 
  3. Know that everybody is an employee, and should thus be treated equally as employees. 
  4. If someone fails to understand, patiently explain professionally. 
  5. Remind them that the office is a professional setting and there should be no personal grudges to be held. 



It is important to remember that no matter what generation the workforce is from, they are all human, and thus should be treated this way. If there are any signs of people being patronised, it should be nipped in the bud. Everyone learns from experiences so nobody should be discredited or stonewalled. All opinions should be heard and considered before a decision is made. 


Coworking Space Or Working From Home, Which One Is Better?

05 Jun 2023 10
coworking space

Pandemic introduced us to the concept of working from home, a suitable and flexible option that gave leisure and comfort to every one of us in fair terms, yet somewhere working from home has impacted us all in terms of productivity, discipline and professionalism that was expected in a working professional.

The need for flexibility and comfort is made understood positively, post pandemic, but the fact that remains constant is the wave of laziness we face while working from home. 

There are always two sides to every story, working from home gives comfort but on the other hand has impacted the work professionals with distractions. This generated the need to incorporate flexibility and comfort to corporate spaces and hence coworking gained significant growth and appreciation.

This blog isn’t promoting coworking space in any terms, but is written with a clear intention to give the readers a comprehensive idea of which one is actually better.

Understanding the concept of Work from home

As per the records, the concept of remote work was introduced long back in 2010 but the need for it came across during COVID pandemic. One with or without choice had to work from home but now it is a leisure. 

The main purpose of working from home was to introduce flexible work arrangements and ease for the employees who find it difficult to manage their work life, hence this mode can help them balance out their work life effectively, besides an access to career opportunities comes along with this mode.

The basic benefits include:

  1. Freedom and flexibility
  2. Health and happiness
  3. Cost and time management

The purpose of remote work was to serve more comfort and favour more flexibility.

As mentioned above, every story has two perspectives, the positive aspects were clear to all but there were a few associated disadvantages of working from home. Let us learn about it.

  1. Restricting the networking opportunities
  2. Difficulty with client briefs and evaluation
  3. Distraction

These and a few other points were associated with remote work jobs, people opting for remote work later found it difficult to build a network for reference and jobs further, it also impacted the way and mode of communication, traditional spaces somewhere were disciplined and professional which now lacked professionalism.

There are startups and freelancing firms and associates who are self dependent and are pitching bigger companies for leasing their services. The need for a professional address was then introduced here. Client visits would surely be a task in this case, and there would be a clear need of professional space required, thence, a need of coworking space came to existence.

Why are coworking spaces opted in such cases?

The need for coworking spaces increased when the need for professionalism increased, remote work somewhere didn’t offer that. A recent study showed that people working in coworking spaces are less lonely and mentally healthy.

When people interact with one other their network grows, they are more likely to share under any discomfort. Coworking spaces are spaces leased based on the requirements, one can rooms and meeting halls. In such cases many independent employees and startups work together under one roof known as coworkers.

It is a new, trendy, flexible and affordable way of work.

The advantages here cover the drawbacks of remote work mode:

  1. Providing flexibility and being affordable.
  2. People meeting other members and build networks
  3. Professionalism, that was lost is comes to play here
  4. Motivation to strive and healthy competition is seen among the coworkers
  5. Good impression on the clientele, also a professional address to meet and conduct business meets.
  6. Increased productivity
  7. Stable health and mood


Both remote mode and coworking spaces have pros and cons, yet higher levels of benefits decide what to choose. While you are investing in office spaces even at home the electricity cost is relatively increased, coworking spaces on the other hand provides you offices which are not only budget friendly but also professional.

Remote mode was always an option due to the flexibility and convenience it delivers which is compensated here in coworking spaces. You get flexibility, you get comfort and you get sophistication while setting up a meet with your next client.

The productivity has suffered in most of the cases when people were still working at home, even the employees experienced huge distractions at times. Every such issue was easily coped with by coworking spaces, which is why 3.1 million people in the world today are choosing it over remote work.


How the US Debt Crisis May Impact the Indian Business Market

01 Jun 2023 10
business market

The entire world has been in a standstill over the United States Debt Ceiling Crisis. We all hold our breath while Congress makes a decision before the x-date. Many are wondering what this means for the Indian economy. 


What is the US Debt Crisis?

In the simplest of words, for over a decade, the United States has been spending more than they should and instead of taking control, they raise their budget every year. This year, they have reached a debt of $31.4 billion. Congress now has to come to a decision wherein they should yet again raise the budget. The problem arises with the fact that the Republicans are against this decision. They have posed a substantial argument saying that the ceiling should be raised only if the government funding is cut back starting from the next fiscal year. But the president of the country, a Democrat, is against this decision. He is adamant on not signing the bill in order to avoid cutting the budget later.

Because of all of these factors that could lead the country into a possible recession,  according to CFR, there are economists who think that there is a prospect of a US default. That is, if the government declares that they cannot pay their debts, the entire country will face recession. The taxes will soar high and the funding for government operations will plummet. 


What does it have to do with the world economy?

It is not a secret that the US Dollar has been running the world since the first ever world war. It continues to do so even after the financial growth of other countries. In fact, 58% of the global foreign reserves are in the US dollar. So imagine if the dollar weakens. Inflation will be initiated which is never a good sign. A default would erode their value and send a ripple effect throughout the market of the world with massive geopolitical consequences that the world would have to fight very hard to recover from. 

If the circumstances reach this point, it is estimated that around 7 million people will be forced to lose their jobs.


How will the Indian Market be affected? 

The United States is the world’s biggest trading nation and one of the two biggest economies of the world. Any decision that will be reached by the congress and the treasury is going to affect the entire world in many different ways. For India, the US is one of its biggest trading partners. With recession and inflation in the white country, India will receive a massive blowback in the merchandise export market.


Furthermore, the consequences of the crisis will exponentially increase the pre-existing trading crisis which arose because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Both the trading paths were forced to shut which derailed world trade. If the trading relations with the US also have a negative impact, world trade will be affected aggressively. India will have to find other ways which could be financially detrimental. 


Moreover, the change in interest rates will start buying traffic of the US dollar. This could result in the withdrawal of FIIs from the Indian stock market. This puts pressure on the rupee. Any business to deal with the dollar will face the effects of the crisis. 



With a nation that has the biggest impact on the world going into probable recession, there is natural panic in the world. Everyone fears the ripple effects that will be brought with the US default. India’s relations with the US are strong and dependent on survival. Indian markets and economy will face a difficult time along with the rest of the world, but not as difficult as the epicentre of the crisis.


4 Reasons Why Startups Are Opting For Managed Offices

26 May 2023 10
coworking space

Starting a small business is not easy. Everyone starts from home. The empire is set at home and slowly expanded and introduced to the outside world. The second step to expanding your startup should be opting for managed offices. 

What Are Managed Offices?

Managed offices are institutions that lease out their spaces for coworking purposes. All facilities and amenities are taken care of in a managed or coworking office. For example, if you are in need of a conference room for a week, you can lease out the space for that purpose. 

The reason why startups are opting for managed spaces is that they are extremely economical. A space that is not a traditional office but also not as relaxing as your home which also provides all the benefits of a traditional office is a sureshot way to grow your business without spending too much money. Here are 4 more reasons why startups are opting for managed offices:

Advantage of Facilities

Working from home can be an extremely comfortable and flexible way of expanding your business. But there is one thing that is absolutely essential when it comes to this. The facilities found in an office cannot be found at home. Meeting rooms, breakout rooms, collaboration and team rooms, etc. cannot be found at home. And when you are expanding your business, you’re going to need this.

Startups who have just begun to expand will find it easier to work at a managed office than a cafe or at home. A managed office provides all these facilities along with your leasing contract. It is a great start to your business if you make use of these facilities. 

Professional Setting

Working from home can be great. But the comfort of a home can mess with the feeling of professionalism. You can get lazy in the middle and are more likely to lose motivation if you are working at home. Especially in a startup, it is extremely important to have an environment where you can work with no distractions. 

A managed office offers exactly this. You have an option to work in an office without having to work in an office. That means, you have flexibility and professional discipline at the same time. This is a great advantage to businessmen who want to display their professionality. It shows that they want to put in an effort. 


When it comes to working at a startup, networking is the key to success. Getting a word out about your business or organisation is one way to expand. Business cards, attending conferences, cold emails and calls is the start to letting others know about you. 

A coworking space or a managed office makes this easier for you. There are many people like you who opt for this space. Connecting with them can increase your network. There are like minded and different minded people at these offices. Getting insights, sharing contacts, and learning from people is a successful way of increasing your business. 

Business Addresses 

Once your startup launches and starts to gain some attention, it is not very professional to have your home address as your business address. This is yet another benefit of opting for managed offices. Once you lease an office, you can add it to your business card as your address. This makes you look even more professional for meetings and deals. 


Now that you know the secret to why startups are opting for managed offices, you too can begin your journey to a successful business. Managed offices increase in number every year. We can help you find them. Contact Brantford to expand your startup. Let us help you find the best managed office or coworking space.


The Benefits of Coworking for the Upcoming Workforce

24 May 2023 10
coworking space

The new generation has been in high demand by employers. This is because the upcoming workforce has a fresh mind that nobody has seen before. They are more dedicated to their jobs and are not afraid to initiate creativity and put forth their ideas. We are talking about the generation Z. This generation has changed the world in more ways than one and continues to do so as they keep growing up and entering bigger phases of their lives. 

So why is coworking better for the upcoming generation? 

Since GenZ is a more open minded and independent generation, they want a better working environment that will make them productive. While the previous generations are ok with the corporate world and adhere to the rules, GenZ demands more freedom that would make a positive impact rather than a negative one. 

This is partly because the newer generation is aware of the ill-effects of a traditional workspace. They have seen their parents work day in and day out for very less or even nothing, which is why they demand a better lifestyle. When it comes to the newer generations, they are more aware of the world around them and are constantly trying to make it a better place. Generations worth of knowledge and betterment of lifestyle has taught this generation the value of mental health.

Helps With Mental Health

Human beings have always struggled with mental health; it is only now coming to light because of awareness about the same. GenZ has learnt by observing their parents and grandparents to not ignore mental health. This is why they prefer to work at places that will not hamper their peace of mind. 

Coworking places promote taking breaks, socialising, and diversity. These aspects are important for any human being. Since coworking is mostly rising in the new generation, it is extremely beneficial for the upcoming workforce. 

Productivity Over Exhaustion

Us humans have an undivided attention span of 5 hours. Anything more than that and our brains turn to mush. This means that working continuously with no breaks in between for 8+ hours (the average daily working hours) can become more pointless than productive. 

But in a coworking space, 15 minute breaks are encouraged. Taking breaks gives the mind a chance to rest and refocus on the task at hand. This allows people to think of ideas in the breaks and get back to work with a fresh mind. 

Because this method promotes productivity not just for the namesake, but in actuality, it is another benefit for the upcoming workforce. 

Interactive Environment

After the pandemic, people realised that some job titles don't require the personnel to come into work. This saved companies a lot of money that would be used in compensations and office rents. So people started working from home. This way of working is not the best for a social generation. This is when coworking is beneficial for people working from home. 

There are coworking spaces that allow WFH employees to come together to work in one space, which encourages social interaction. People also prefer this because it can get lonely to work from home without having physical interactions or brainstorming sessions. 

Learning Experience

GenZ is an open minded generation. They always want to learn and keep growing. When they are in a work from home setting, there is nobody they can interact with or learn from. They do not have anybody they can turn towards guidance. Which is why, coworking is beneficial for them. 

In a coworking environment, employees don’t only have a choice to learn from people they report to, but many other professionals around them who are from different areas of professions. 


The new generation has changed the style of working by investing in and choosing coworking spaces over traditional offices. Coworking spaces are beneficial not only to the new generation but also to the old ones. Everyone can reap the benefits of coworking spaces since it is also an easy to access service. Coworking is beneficial for people who are looking for a less traditional, more open working environment that promotes creativity and productivity.


Introduction to managed office spaces

20 May 2023 10
coworking space, office space, co work, coworking space pune

While you are deciding to rent an office space, have you researched enough? Employers are aware of the trend of unconventional office spaces, these are basically office spaces designed to create an atmosphere with comfort and flexibility to the employees to increase their productivity.

There are three popular models of unconventional office spaces, where managed office spaces are gaining popularity worldwide. According to stats, the demand of managed offices has grown by 21% in 2020-2021, where if you compare the significant growth seen in the past 4 years, the number has doubled. 

Global flexible workspaces valuation is expected to touch USD 111.68 billion by 2027 at CAGR of 17.1

Firstly, let us dive deeper to understand what exactly is managed office space and how it suits your business needs.

Managed Offices. Explained.

Managed office spaces are the empty units which can be rented out, and the basic amenities will be provided. These spaces are further designed by the tenants as per their business needs. 

Thus, this is one possible reason why managed spaces are breaking the traditional standard building infrastructure. Managed spaces are not basic, besides, they aim at promoting business requirements, growth and cost cutting. 

The company leasing office space has leisure to choose everything, right from the furniture to the designs, everything, yet the basic necessities are addressed in that case.

The tenants are provided with the essentials furniture that includes chairs and tables, waste management which includes communal and cleaning management and also the waste disposal, the amenities also include electricity cables, office customisations, security surveillance like CCTVs and bills are also included.

What are the advantages of the Managed office space

1. Economically fair

Managed office spaces are real cost effective, unlike any other leased office space you are only responsible for the rent every month is decided while signing the lease agreement. Not just rent but costs like operating expenses and bills everything is covered under one bracket.

2. Positive impression 

When you decide to rent an empty space you surely gain a liberty to design it the way you want and your business demands. The way interiors look is corley dependent upon the company’s narrative of themselves and their work culture in person. A good interior and significant design can surely create a good impact on the clientele.

3. Security

Managed office spaces reduce the security concerns substantially, where it be privacy related concerns or data security. There’s a dedicated team that works on security and data protection.

4. Privacy

            Privacy is the major concern in most of the cases of coworking space. The privacy

             is not harmed under any circumstances here, as you don't have to necessarily    share space with other businesses.

5. Flexible lease agreements

The lease agreement is flexible, unlike other agreements the tenants are not bound for years, they can lease the space for 1 to3 years, which ideally suits the start ups well.


Let’s understand the basic difference between managed office space and serviced office space

Managed and serviced spaces are often considered the same, yet they share a slight difference. Service office space is an office space that has all the amenities included in the rent whereas the managed office spaces are given empty units with basic furniture and amenities. 


In conclusion, managed office spaces are easy going affordable spaces. A pathbreaking growth in the managed spaces is witnessed in past years which is expected to grow further because managed office spaces are something that will suit your business needs better.

Above all, they can be customised as per your business needs. This article contributes to your knowledge of an unconventional space and why it can be a good option when you rent them.


Secrets You Didn’t Know About Coworking Offices

17 May 2023 10
coworking space

Everybody knows that coworking offices are on the rise with more and more people preferring to work with other people outside their organisations. This preference has been acquired through experience of working in a coworking office.

Whether it is because you work in a traditional office or because you work from home, if you are someone who has not got to experience this yet, we are here to spill the secrets about coworking offices. Maybe you would too feel like switching after this.


Social Options

Unlike a traditional office where everyone has come from the same background and the same experience, a coworking office sees a variety in professions and mindsets. Since there are multiple people from different companies and organisations in the same space, there is a diversity in people to choose from. This way, one never gets bored of hearing the same type of experiences and one is aware of the different lives at the office. You can talk to different people and choose who is fit to be your office bestfriend!


Active Workspace

Coworking offices consist of more than one organisation working in the same space. Because of this, there is always something or the other happening at the office. Clients, meetings, interactions, brainstorming, icebreaker activities, and so much more is always happening at a coworking space. There is never a dull moment if you are working in a coworking space. 



Just because the above secret reveals that a coworking space is always lively, does not mean that it is not just as productive. In fact, studies have reported that people who switch from traditional working to coworking feel more productive in a coworking space. The reason behind is that there is 1) there is comparatively lesser competition and 2) one’s mind is always being picked over something. Because you won’t be focusing on competing with other employees, you will be more concentrated on your own work. In a coworking office, everyone is constantly needed by everyone. 



Continuing the above secret, in a coworking office, there are like minded as well as different types of professions. If there is a variety of thoughts, people will want to know what others think about a decision. Maybe someone from one company needs the insight or professional opinion of the other company. In a coworking space, everyone takes advice for fresh and creative perspectives. Team collaborations from different organisations become possible which helps both parties. It is important to keep an open mind and collect ideas from different perspectives. 



In a traditional office, people usually lose their creativity after a couple of hours due to overworking. Coworking spaces bring with them the advantage of taking a break if you are exhausted. There are also isolated and/or open break rooms where you can go to relax your mind or even work as a change of environment. Some coworking spaces offer gaming rooms so that you can get competitive with your colleagues over something other than work. Doing things other than work can get your creative juices flowing, further allowing you to be more productive. 



Usually, traditional offices come with their own schedules. So employees have to be on the schedule of others. This does not bode well for people’s personal schedules nor does it help in having control over your work. This is eliminated in a coworking space. You can make and work on your own schedule. There is more flexibility in working hours, break times, and even meetings. Working on your own schedule is much more productive and helpful than being on someone else’s calendar. 



Coworking has helped many people realise that working amongst other people is much better than working alone or in a traditional office. It is better than working in isolation to work with other people. One gains experience and insight from interacting with people in a coworking space. Since human beings are social animals, it is always better to cowork than to work in isolation. 


Serviced Office Vs Managed Office Vs Co-Working: What Suits Your Business

16 May 2023 10
coworking space

A workplace is designed, leased or built based on the growth of the company, manpower and other challenges faced by the company. Workplace is directly proportional to the productivity of the employees, hence choosing it wisely and precisely is a crucial task.

While we take a glance at this blog today, let us first understand three popular models of unconventional office spaces: serviced office, managed office and coworking.

As per your business needs, first learn about each one of them in brief.

What is a serviced office?

Serviced office spaces are the long term contract based unconventional office spaces, which is now preferred by many companies who are not prepared to invest and create an office space themselves. Serviced office spaces are surely a good option for them, they can rent out space based on the facilities in use. Advantages include:

Cost effectiveness:

You can rent out space based on your needs which make it more feasible. One such advantage that comes along with it is the furniture and equipment, that makes it economically fair for every and any company leasing.

Contract based leasing:

You can always opt for flexible leasing, the contract duration can be short or long based on your requirements and needs. Isn’t the leasing and stay made easy with this?

Easy set up:

Since the serviced space includes ready furniture and equipment, it is made more easy and convenient to shift in such spaces, all you need is your machines else everything is readily available. Even the internet services are provided.

What is a managed office space?

Managed office spaces are traditionally empty spaces that can be rented out for business purposes. They are usually runned by third parties, such spaces are generally designed as per your needs and creative approach.

The other benefits and utilities that come along with managed rented spaces are: the essential furniture, security systems, cleaning services and at times AC ducts and services.

The advantages of managed offices are:

1. Lease agreements

Unlike traditional long lease agreements, these work differently. The agreement lasts for 1 to 3 years in such cases.

2. Your impression

 Managed spaces are usually open to suggestions and innovations, you can create and opt for your side of narration through your designs and interior.

3. Cost effectiveness

They work on monthly rental fees which means no extra costs and expenses, these save good.

What are coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are one central hub or collaborative centre where employees of different companies work together under one roof. They have a flexible and comfy way of working all over.

You have to pay for necessities that are in use. What comes along when you lease a coworking space: essential furniture, security systems, AC services, cleaning services and many more.

What are the advantages of coworking spaces:

1. Experience and networking

You gain experience and learn while working in a coworking space and meeting new people and learning from them.

2. Flexibility 

You get flexible work hours and comfortable working here with coworking spaces.

3. Cost effective

Coworking spaces save huge cost, as they work on pay for used utility policy.

You can even book rooms based on your needs, for example private meeting halls, conference rooms, and whatnot.


What is the difference between all these models of unconventional office spaces?

Coworking, serviced and managed spaces work differently based on their basic nature. The serviced office spaces have flexible lease contracts and readily available set up while for managed spaces they work on at least 1 to 3 years of total contract period that you have to serve once leased. Besides, the managed spaces aren’t fully equipped while services and coworking are. 

Coworking spaces are rented on the basis of the rooms and utilities used, while serviced and managed spaces charge on a monthly basis. Coworking spaces promote working with different employees while managed ones do not.


Final thoughts 

Deciding your work space is actually dependent on the characteristics of your business and the flexibility you need to implement. Budget and contract tenure, of course, plays a crucial role in the deciding terms. You can decide what is your narrative towards the workspaces and choose accordingly. This blog is all you should know about these three models and your needs, read and know.


Feeling Lazy At Work? Here’s How To Be More Productive

12 May 2023 10
coworking space

We all know how it feels to be at the office and not want to work because you're feeling lazy. Here are some tips that will make you want to work again. 


If you are someone who works, you know how unmotivated one can get during the day. There are days where you are excellent at being productive and even motivate others, but there can be other days where you absolutely do not have it in you to do an ounce of work. This blog is for the latter days. We hope you find the motivation you need if you're having one of these days. 



A human being can fully give their undivided attention to a task for 5 hours throughout the day. Since work spans from 8-9 hours a day, it is important that you divide this time in order to be productive. In order to achieve this, it is important to take breaks between your tasks. Working for 30 minutes should warrant a 5 minute break. Only by taking breaks and not continuously doing your task will you be fully productive. 


Change places

Your assigned workspace can become a habit. Once you start getting too comfortable with your workspace, it gets difficult to concentrate on work. Usually, offices have isolated break spaces. If you notice yourself getting too distracted at your assigned workspace, go and work at different spots in the office. 


Creativity in the Morning

If a task at work requires you to be creative, get the task out of the way in the morning itself. You are fresh in the morning and you tend to get more work done in the morning. So use this advantage to get creative in the morning and then do the mind numbing tasks through the rest of the day. 



We all decorate our rooms according to our personalities and creativity to feel at home. So why not decorate our workspaces to be more comfortable with it? Sticky notes, sketches, picture frames, accessories, etc., can be propped up in your workspace. Making a workspace more suited to your needs and likings can make you feel comfortable at work. It can also reduce anxiety of being in a foreign place. 



Movement is neglected by most employees. Doctors cannot stress enough how important movement is for every human being. Especially for employees who work 40 hours a day. Sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time can never go well. It can cause many health problems and even harm your blood flow. 

Taking breaks of 5-10 minutes to walk around is an assured way to not harm yourself while working. 



The science of music is quite complicated relating to the wavelengths and bpm. But what we do know is that music, specifically music you like releases dopamine, a happy chemical that makes you feel good. A dopamine filled mind is sure to feel productive. So if you’re feeling demotivated or drained, put on your headphones and bump your absolute go-to music. Listening to music is never a bad choice. If your office allows it (and if you are one of those skilled people who can), listen to music in the background while working. 



We all know how tasks can get piled up throughout the day. It can get overwhelming if multiple people assign you a new task every hour. To avoid having a breakdown, schedule your tasks. Cross them out one by one. Making a schedule is what will help you stay focused. Noting down your hourly work is of great help on a long day.



Humans are social animals. Everybody needs somebody. Even at work. Having colleagues you can take a break with can help with stress relief. Colleagues understand the burden you face because, well, they're facing the same. So talking to them about your work or something else to relieve your mind from stress is important. You cannot always be serious at work. Some levity is required for it to not feel suffocated. On top of that, making plans after work becomes a plus point!



Feeling lazy at work is completely justified. There can be bad days where you are not feeling up to it. These days should be dedicated to your health. Do things that will relieve your stress, not add to it. It is always good to change perspective towards work to engage in being productive.  


What Are The Ways To Foster A Positive Company Culture In Coworking

10 May 2023 10
coworking space

Coworking spaces are known for the flexibility and comfort imbibed in the culture. Post pandemic there was a significant change in the employee’s choices, big-small companies adopted coworking office spaces because of the comfort and convenience brought to them.

While you are actually forming a team and ensuring their productivity, it should be your prime goal to foster a positive company culture. A happy environment is directly proportional to happy employees which means more productivity after all employees are the precious assets of any growing business.

To understand the ways that can foster positivity in the coworking space, firstly, let’s get a brief about coworking spaces, benefits and functioning. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is coworking space and how does it function?

Coworking spaces are collaborative centres, or workspace where employees of different backgrounds under one roof executes the task and ensuring functioning of the company. Coworking spaces are more popular among the startups. For simple reasons, coworking is a legitimate cost cutter. One can surely save a fair sum as they work to pay for your needs, which means one can pay only for the amenities that they are actively using. 

Benefits that come along with opting for coworking spaces:

  1. They are flexible ways of working, an employee can work on his/her terms.
  2. Networking. Being connected to the employees of different backgrounds and different companies can surely increase the network.
  3. Increased productivity. The atmosphere affects the productivity of an employee which indirectly affects that of the organisation. Coworking spaces provide a comfy environment for increased productivity.

Now, let's dig into the main course, that is the ways to foster positivity at the coworking space. Here you go:

1. Remember: ECG. Effective, Clear and Good Communication:

Good communication is the key for healthy, positive and smooth functioning of the workspace. According to the available stats, effective communication can increase productivity to 25%. 

97% of the employees believe that healthy communication impacts productivity. A neat, clear and effective communication can surely assure better functioning of the employees. It is also responsible for confidence.

2. Meet & Discuss

Setting up regular meetings and discussions where everyone participates equally without missing out can be an effective strategy to promote good well being at the workplace.

When employees actively participate in the meetings and discuss ideas they can obviously make better decisions and connections that will eventually contribute to productivity.

3. More motivation less blues

Reviving up the energy is a must. A regular defined timing job definitely needs some motivation to cope with the work pressure and blues that employees witness after a long weekend. 

Motivating the candidates can eventually help them more with the workload, obviously not easing it but definitely energising them.

4. Organise “not-so-work-work” events

We need to understand that employees should be given their space outside the work life and there must be events organised besides the work events that can help them regain their energy and work motivation.

This can also be a good strategy to increase the communication and friendship between the employees, as Happy employees = Happy customers

5. Flexibility

Allow employees to work flexibly, understand their needs and mindset. There are times when employees prefer to work extra hours, or till the completion of work or from home. A supportive hand could work for them better.



Employees are the ultimate asset of any organisation, and while coworking it is important that you make your employee’s work life healthy. A healthy work life and standards are responsible for better productivity and a good environment. To maintain a good ambience throughout, there must be some implications and considerations. To understand this, let us not overlook yet consider the topic.

This blog spot has a clear idea and tips of how you can foster a positive environment in coworking. Hope this helps!


Why Is Being Tech-Enabled Important For Businesses?

08 May 2023 10
techenabled  business  importantace

Look at the current scenario, are we dealing with the world in the same way that we or the generation above us used to? Our mechanisms to cope with problems and deal with solutions and technologies work differently. We are more inclined towards technology and by fair means their existence is much needed for the businesses and us.

We at present are legitimately dependent on assets, machines and comforting softwares that ease out our work. Being tech-enabled is not a luxury but a need that we all, as a small or big, flourishing or struggling company needs for better and easier work. 

But What Is Being Tech-Enabled?

Tech-enabled is easy access to technology in simple terms. With the use of existing tools, softwares, libraries and frameworks delivering results that are effective and efficient.  Tech-enabled businesses are given preferences over traditional ones. The business market works on the push and pull of the market.

Push is creating a new market by inventing a new product while, pull on the contrary, is the creation that responds to the existing issues in the market. Tech-enabled businesses respond to pulls only. The basic functionality of a tech-enabled system revolves around efficiency, accurate and effective execution.

What Value Addition Can Technology Bring To Your Business?

While coping with the technological upgrades and triangulating the competition you understand that it eases everything that a small or big organisation struggles with, for example effective communication, meeting deadlines and what not.

Why is it so important?

  1. Bridges the communication gap: While you are running a business, regardless of its scale, effective communication is pretty important. It can be an efficient and swift mode of communication. Conducting meetings sitting at your workplace in different cities, arranging meetings, taking interviews, or assigning tasks is made much easier with technology.

  2. Pro-protection: CCTV surveillance, anti-virus and others are the perfect example of tech-enabled businesses. The rise of cyber crimes has made it mandatory for companies to install security measures via softwares, that would protect their data.
  3. Accuracy: One basic and important feature of a tech-enabled system is accuracy. They are efficient enough to carry out huge tasks, store and bifurcate data as per the needs efficiently with accuracy. You can have data backup and store generous amounts of data, employee contacts and records.
  4. Time saving: How long would it take to record and register manually, this hour long process of storing, searching and then further proceeding is actually not time effective. One has to invest his/her important time of the day for basic-major information. Technology eases this out. Technology enables you to store and search information based on your needs within no time.
  5. Cost effective: Investing in tech-enabled systems is a one time investment. It can save a heavy cost of random mistakes and equipment. Fine knowledge of technology can save fair costs in the future.


How Can A Tech-Enabled Platform Help You With Your Searches?

Tech-enabled companies have defined data of the clients who once, on any platform contacted the company on any terms. Their needs and requirements are registered and looked after, whenever the company finds relevant information of the supplies/properties/anything/jobs based on the client’s requirements from their database they contact the clientele further. The technology advancement has even added filters of what and how and on which location you need the properties and even you can define your budget.


Final thoughts.

Tech-enabled businesses are the demand of time. The way we once looked at the problem and solution, the procedure of how we once managed data and protection has changed with time. They are made much easier and better with technologies. You can search properties, find clients all based on company, the market even has changed with the growth of technology. This makes the incorporation of technologies making the company tech-enabled is important. In the present time hence, technology is thus very important and so are the tech-enabled businesses.


How Can Brantford Make Your Office Search Journey Easy?

06 May 2023 10
coworking space

While growing and coping with the competition we demand more search and research for office spaces. We decide certain factors like budget, location, and many other big small essential components that can possibly favour our workspace in various ways. But, wandering through these questions and finding suitable answers to your needs can be quite a task, you need to learn about your locality, rates as per the industry standards and what not, there’s a constant stressed situation while searching for something that fits your needs. 

What is the possible solution to this problem of searching for a perfect office space? You can always find help from an online aggregator. What is an aggregator? Aggregators are the one who allows clientele to compare and find their perfect requirements from the aggregated information. 

Ergo, all you have to do is find a suitable real estate aggregator who can help you with your search journey. One such online aggregator is Brantford India. Let’s learn more about it.


Know Better: Who Are We And What Can We Offer You?

Brantford is a technology driven online aggregator for office spaces. The probable future of real estate we have is AI integrated technology. We have cumulative experience of 100+ years on board. We enable you to locate, compare and book commercial properties of your choice with expert consultations. We claim to deliver the finest rates and properties based on what we offer. 

We offer a one stop solution to the basic major requirements of the clientele based on our finest team of professionals and the knowledge of the industry we share. The company runs with a legacy of happy and satisfied clients that contributes to our experience. 

Our services include helping the clientele with the office needs which may or may not include: coworking office spaces, traditional office spaces, conventional spaces, private, serviced spaces and many more. We are active in the major cities like: Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and more.


What Do We 0ffer That Makes Your Work Easier?

We offer a wide range of features that will help you optimise your search for office spaces. We as aggregators are aware of the current pricing, market trends and best services available, thence, we hope to serve you with the best tailored values that match your needs. We have imbibed elements of Artificial intelligence and machine learning for more accuracy and less human dependency. Our work patterns are completely as per your needs in our database since we have a data driven approach to the clientele’s requirements,  and expert consultation. 

The company functions on the policy of zero brokerage, and we are certainly sure about providing the best complaint properties in the market to our clients. 

All and all we are one stop solution to all your needs.

If at all you are in search of a sustainable office space all you have to do is visit our website where you can find options to contact Brantford India and experience the services, besides all the other benefits like expert consultation and what not. The website interface is extremely user friendly so that you don’t have to struggle in any step.

After you leave an inquiry or request Brantford assures you a quick conversation within a specific time after which you can give your inputs and within the expected time crunch we will share with you the shortlisted properties based on your data inputs. Further we provide you expert consultation, negotiation assistance and best pricing based on market trends. The whole purpose of Brantford is to provide the clientele with the best possible results and services without any chaotic or stressed situation with ease.


Final Thoughts

We understand it is quite a task. While you have to begin your search for a property for your business, a lot of factors run in the background that affect the costing. To complete your search checklist based on your needs there is one possible solution, find an aggregator like Brantford

This blog spot is completely dedicated to Brantford and its services that ease your search or comfort your journey for an office search. The unique features like zero brokerage, negotiation assistance, integrated AI, complaint properties and expert consultation makes Brantford stand out of the queue and deliver best services. If you want to learn more visit our website in the meantime. Happy searching!


How to optimise your productivity in a coworking space.

03 May 2023 10
coworking space

The concept of leasing a hub, or collaboration centres where people from different companies, different zones and ideas come together and work together, is the core idea of a coworking space. Coworking spaces suit best for the startups though at present many companies are opting for such options. 

Leasing a coworking space can be a cost effective way to deal with the excess bills and necessities, one has to pay for items or spaces in use only. As per global reports on an approx. there are 18,700 coworking spaces at present, these stats are expected to increase to 41,975 by 2024. The coworking market is expected to grow by 13% every year globally.

India, in this has seen a growth by 14% in the year 2019, which is believed to cross 50 million sq. ft. by 2023. Coworking spaces are growing at a decent pace, it seems. 

Productivity restriction, noise are certain myths about coworking spaces. Let's just dig into the topic and spill the tea for you. The blog will speak briefly about the ways through which you can optimise your productivity in a coworking space.

Listed below are some tips to increase your productivity while working in a coworking space:

1. Make and do not break the flow of your schedule:

Plan your day, prioritise your work and stick to it. Coworking spaces are a legit flexy and comfy mode of working, but it can be pretty distractive at times. To ensure no wastage of time, easy and efficient functioning, plan your priorities and work accordingly.


2. Know your co-workers better

Coworking has the major advantage of having employees of different companies working under one roof, each one of them having a certain skill set that can help you learn new things. Your coworkers in the space can help you boost your productivity.


3. Take timely breaks

Constant working can drain your energy and creativity. Make sure you take timely breaks, either sit for 10-15 minutes and meditate, talk to your coworkers, learn about them, take a walk, eat something or just chit chat.  This will simply help you to gain your energy back and you are ready to focus.


4. Keep it your way

The desk or the place you are working at, bring it close to your way. Either add a showpiece, a quote or an artwork. You can surely attempt and keep your desk neat and tidy. This is an effective way that will help you increase your concentration and improve your productivity. 


5. Seek help from the technologies

Avoid social media distractions. Avoid using whatsapp or any other social media platform while you are still working. They work as a distraction catalyst, instead allow yourself to learn more, take help from projects or time management apps.


6. Avoid distractions and disturbance

There might come a time when you have an extrovert coworker with you who wants to gossip and chit chat while you want to complete the task on priority. They can surely make you lose time, book private conference areas or seating areas in such cases. Sit in privacy for a while and complete your priorities.


7. Time management is a must

Effectively distribute your time including breaks and complete your tasks within the allotted time, this can help you cope with the task completion within the time crunch and effective use of the breaks.


Final thoughts

Coworking spaces are comfortable and flexible modes of working, where people from different backgrounds come together under one roof and carry out their specific tasks. Coworking spaces can be a good option to increase productivity and learn new skills based on your timings and associated coworkers. This blog spot has tips on how you can increase your productivity more and better. Learn and enjoy working!



Productivity in Shared Offices

02 May 2023 10
coworking space

Coworking spaces are becoming the new conventional workspaces of the country. Most people choose coworking because of the amenities and facilities it offers, along with the unique learning experience it brings. People choose coworking over traditional working because of factors like lesser cost, more creativity, more freedom, communication with colleagues, and many more. The number of people choosing coworking spaces is as much as 13% per year. With such a high number of people opting for coworking spaces over traditional ones, here are seven ways in which you can improve your coworking space. 



Integrating biophilic designs into your workspace is a perfect way to go back to your ancestral roots and become one with nature. Not only because greenery is good for the planet, but because it is also good for you. Biophilic designs are known to increase fresh oxygen in the circulation of the office air. Other than this, natural presence increases productivity and helps calm the mind under stress. 

Besides, having to take care of a plant or flowering plant in your workspace can give you incentive to come in to work everyday!


Healthy Snacks

Taking care of your plants is not the only necessity. Every once in a while, while eating, your body asks for something to snack on. The best snacks are the healthy ones. Especially if you are someone who cannot work without their snacks, keeping healthy snacks in your drawers is the best option. 

Other than personal snacks, the pantry or lounging area should be stocked with snacks for the employees to eat during breaks. This will not only keep the employees healthy but will also give them encouragement to take breaks during work!


Keep it Clean

You would always keep your house spick and span. So why should your workspace be any different? You probably spend more time at your office than you do at your house. Keeping your workspace clean means that you are contributing to the cleanliness of all employees at the office. A coworking space is like a coliving space. Everyone must contribute. Usually, a coworking space is smaller than a traditional office. The air being circulated is less. If the workspace is not clean, the particles and bacteria from the air will be breathed in by the employees. 

Besides the scientific value of cleaning, there is a mental value as well. Naturally, a cleaner space keeps one more productive. 


White boards

Creativity and innovation should be a priority in workplaces. Without either of them, a monotonous vibe takes over the office that reduces productivity. There should be creative meetings for every team/department. All members should be allowed to add to the board their ideas and creatives. This will not only encourage a good team effort, it also encourages the employees to come up with ideas. 



Without communication, there can be many things that will go wrong. All employees should be able to communicate with each other. Without communication, there can be mix ups and hasty decisions that may result in the downfall of the organisation. If communication of all sorts is encouraged, no employee will be scared to come forward and talk about something that can be optimised or improved. 


Rest Zones

Physical rest as well as mental rest is extremely important while working. Rest zones or recreation zones are a must in any coworking space. These spaces should be devoid of any shop talk and reminders of work. They are purely made for the employees to free their minds from their work. Employees should be allowed to access these zones whenever they want. 


Coworking spaces are the future of workspaces. We should start setting ground rules for improvement from now itself for the future to be a better place. Constantly improving your workspace is the key to fighting monotony. This will help make the future minds creative.


Debunking 6 Myths About Coworking

29 Apr 2023 10
coworking  officespace  myth

Everyone knows that coworking spaces are being accepted as the norm of offices. This is because of many reasons that are in favour of coworking spaces. But even today, there are myths that go around about the misconceptions about coworking. We are going to debunk them today! 


Myth 1- Just for Startups

Many people are of the opinion that because many coworking spaces are used by startups, they are only suited for such. But the truth is that because most startups are of a younger generation, they are open to unconventional ways of working, and are also aware of the many benefits of coworking than the older generation. 


Myth 2- No Private Office

You would think “in a coworking space, where everything is open for everyone, surely there is no privacy and private offices”. This is not the case. Coworking does not mean that every employee works together in the same walls. It means that companies come together to work together, but there are private offices for higher authorities, as well as many amenities like conference and meeting rooms, recreation and rest rooms as well. 


Myth 3- Noisy and Distractive

Since coworking means coming together with other employees of different organisations, people assume that it will cause a distraction in the work. What people fail to realise is that coworking is not as different as working in a traditional office space. The dynamic of the office is the same, except that there are more organisations involved. On the contrary to this myth, coworking has proven to increase productivity and workflow. The reactive spaces in a coworking space bring different minded people together which allows people to share ideas and get the creative juices flowing.


Myth 4- Unprofessional

“Coworking spaces are used by people with no knowledge in the business field! No client will think they are professional” These thoughts are restrictive and are not what coworking is. Many professionals in multiple fields use coworking spaces for its benefits like its amenities, facilities, etc. There are many people who prefer to cowork since it increases productivity. Another fact is that the office space of a company has nothing to do with the efficiency and quality of the company’s work. So if the company is true to their word, the clients are bound to be loyal to them.


Myth 5- Not a Real Business

There are misconceptions about coworking that organisations that opt for it are not “real businesses” or “don’t know what they’re doing”. These misconceptions sprout from the fact that most of the organisations that opt for coworking spaces are startups. Now, naturally if a company is a startup, they will need some experience in the field before they make a name in the world. It is still wrong to assume that these companies do not know what they are doing. Every company is important and judging them on the basis of where they work should not be a criteria. 


Myth 6- Expensive

People think that because coworking spaces come with so many amenities and facilities, they cannot be afforded. On the contrary, because coworking spaces are divided up by different individuals, they only pay for the amenities that they are using according to their requirement. Other than this, coworking spaces are equipped with multiple rooms dedicated to the employees where everyone working in the space can lounge in. This way, the cost is divided. Even the facility charges are divided among the companies. They are eco friendly and pocket friendly all at the same time!


Coworking is a non-traditional way of working that is becoming big in the world. So it is important to debunk any myths that prevent individuals from making the wrong decisions about coworking. Although conventional offices have their own benefits, coworking offices too are saturated with their own benefits that people should become aware of.


7 Reasons a Salesperson is Integral to the Company

28 Apr 2023 10
salesperson, coworking, officespace, company

It is not a secret that salespeople make up the company’s workflow. To run a company, you have to sell its features, products, services, businesses, innovations, etc. Who else does this if not a salesperson? Salespeople are a very integral part of the company because of how much of their time and energy they give to the clients as well as the company. 


Building Relationships

A salesperson builds relationships with clients and brings their loyalty to the company. This way, the client can trust the salesperson and also the company. The company thus gains loyal customers who come back for the services and also refer the company to others. The salesperson knows the needs of the client by asking them personal and professional questions to understand their requirements better. 



If you have ever gone to the grocery store with your mother, you know how difficult negotiations can get. The salesperson is responsible for negotiations with the clients. These negotiations determine the profit or loss of the company. Getting the client on the same page as the company is a very difficult task, which the salesperson is skilled at.


Acting as the Medium

A salesperson is the medium between the client and the company. What the client AND the company can afford, is knowledge that the salesperson is aware of. Being on the sides of both parties and choosing what options are optimal for both is the job of the salesperson. 



A salesperson is the one who attends seminars and meetings with other companies in order to spread the name of the company. They have to represent the company by meeting new people and potential clients to increase the business. Without a salesperson doing this, there will be very less exposure of the company to others. 



A salesperson is a conversationalist. They need to converse with clients, mediums, CEOs, representatives, their own managers, and many more. By talking with potential clients, the salesperson understands their needs and requirements. Using this information, the salesperson can guide the client in the right direction of offers and services that will be suitable for them. Similarly, the salesperson needs to convey the company’s capabilities to the client. 



Competitors exist in all domains. In sales, competition is particularly nasty. If the client is neglected for even one day, there are many other competitors waiting to entertain the client. Thus s salesperson is always ready for the client. They always follow up with the client and make sure that they have not changed their mind. Keeping up with the current market offers is also a part of a salesperson’s job. Knowing what the rival company is offering to the clients and trying to match the offers by convincing both the client and the company is not as easy as it sounds. 


Never Giving Up

In the world of sales, there are always ups and downs. It is very common for a salesperson to lose a sale or a client. This can happen repeatedly. This does not mean that the salesperson gives up. They get up and try harder. If a salesperson gave up after every lost lead, the company would stop running because there would be no clients. Although it is not easy to get back on one’s feet after being demoralised, but it is a salesperson’s duty to keep trying and keep going. Most of the time, it is not even the salesperson’s fault that they lost the lead, but it can still be difficult. 


Now that we have seen the 7 reasons why a salesperson is integral to the company, let us keep in mind that the job of a salesperson is a tiring and taxing one. A company is dependent on the salesperson, without whom, there would be no clients. Be it Wallstreet or a small business startup, there will always be the need of a salesperson.


Cost Challenges faced during facility management, what is the solution?

27 Apr 2023 10
facility management

Facilities management is a profession that works as a backbone for any organisation, the whole concept of facility management is around the need and supply chain management, the basic requirements of the company and employees is under the facility management, the task includes everything from functional operations to administrative operations. Facility managers are responsible for the undertaking of these activities and making it certain that the firm is on a gentle run. Ensuring the growth and development of the company, facility managers are hired for better and efficient management of facilities. They work through different challenges to ensure cost effectiveness and operational efficiency. As per the statics, facility management in any company can help the company with a energy cost reduction by 20% and productivity rise by 20% which makes it an industry of $1,260.36 billion that is expected to rise to $1,856.44 billion by 2029, that clearly shows the importance of facility management and managers. Ergo, while running a such huge business, facility management faces certain challenges that includes issues like:

Cost control:
Cost control is an issue when it comes to dealing with important resources within the budget crunch.

Communication is the key, but handling a big firm providing instructions single-handedly is practically a challenging task at times.

Time Management:
Managing tasks while multitasking without any external help is another major challenge.

Energy Management:
It is the sub-part of cost management. Cutting down the excess use can be considered.

Handling Vendors:
Maintaining the vendors and technicians associated with the company for long term and in budget unassisted.

These are the most common challenges faced during facility management by the facility managers. In this specific blog spot we will be clearly discussing cost management
thoroughly and the solutions to it.


Why is Cost Management a challenge for facility managers and management?

The facility managers are provided with an unquestionable budget, all the expenses have to be done within the defined expense standards. The professional has to deal with multiple crucial tasks including ordering stacks of necessary items, etc.

The total defined budget at times can fluctuate due to unforeseen issues that occur, this may or may not be due to unreliable, off target reports that creates hassle, leading to a sudden and unavoidable expense; Incompetent systems or devices which requires a thorough testing; and many more. Managing the budget and completing the wants requires a detailed research and analysis of the subject and ensures cost cutting.

There exist different areas where the cost distribution happens, it includes: Labour cost, material cost, and energy. Energy management is an efficient way to deal with energy reduction that in turn helps one with cost reduction. The significant rise seen in commercial electricity, the solutions to these problems are numerous, they vary differently, switching to technological solutions, reusing the elements, etc. A frequently heard term that is buzzing around is insourcing the candidate for cost efficiency.

But what is insourcing? Is it really cost effective? What cons and pros come along with insourcing candidates?

Insourcing is integrating the skills of an individual in the team that was previously done by a third party. It is an effective way that allows you full control and fits your needs. Insourcing a team can definitely have certain perks but it is not cost efficient.

The fact that an insourcing candidate works on the company’s payroll and is impanelled inhouse, the company has to pay the insource candidate on monthly basis besides, the company has to provide the candidate with facilities like sick leaves, monthly holidays, etc. It might push the labour cost. Hiring employees can be time consuming and costly.


Facility management comes with numerous micro and macro responsibilities, and with major responsibilities comes major challenges. These challenges can be anything cost management, energy management or any issues related to operational management.

This blog thoroughly discussed common challenges, majorly cost control. Since, it is frequently heard that insourcing can reduce the cost of consumption, but it has proved to be a myth on the other hand it can be a cause of the increased budget. Ergo, insourcing is not a solution to cost control during facility management.

Top 5 Challenges Of Facility Management

26 Apr 2023 10
facility management challenges

Facilities management is one such prime business that is a dedicated profession followed by a dedicated staff that understands the basic needs and wants of the employees and company and is responsible for a smooth execution of all the necessities.The roles and responsibility that comes under facility management is basically all the functions and administrative operations of the company, it includes cleaning, maintenance, etc. While managing such a huge business many issues and problems find their ways. Establishing a smooth conduct by managing different functionalities can be a task at times. Let us understand what challenges and problems are commonly faced in the sector:

1. Price Cost

While running through the facility supply of the company facility manager takes a lot into consideration. Facilities management is expected to be done within the budget crunch, with a lot of basic-major responsibilities. These responsibilities are difficult to achieve with a small budget.There are times with unplanned maintenance in the case of inconvenience or any discomfort in the machines like air conditioners, computers, wifi or even washrooms. This is the first major challenge that comes to order. This issue can be fixed with a regular test of the appropriate functioning of the machines and testing their durability. Negotiating with the vendors or reusing or using alternatives for some stationeries could even work.

2. Communication And Coordination

While managing a company with huge resources/workforce it at times can be difficult to communicate and manage the coordination. Indulging in multitasking leaves one with unmanageable coordination, this issue is majorly acknowledged as it affects the smooth functioning of the firm. One major reason for this is the facility managers do the work single handedly and manually. One can rely on digital calendars and softwares for easy functioning.

3. Time Management Issues

Facility management can be chaotic, performing multiple tasks like communication, overseeing the functional operations and what not? Performing these tasks within the given time frame is difficult to achieve. Hardly all of these can be managed manually, one effective solution to this would probably be managing stuff through supporting softwares like taking the help of softwares for marking down attendance, leaves, overtime, half days and even communication.

4. Managing Ageing Equipments

Companies work on machines and other equipment that adds comfort to the employees and staff. Machines are something that have to be taken care of regularly, they need technical guidance, proper checkup and maintenance. Marking through the wear and tear that usually happens in the workplace proper maintenance is essential. Poor maintenance of these necessities can lead to issues with the serviceability and increase the very obviously marked budget. Hiring a professionally qualified facility manager who ensures the proper maintenance and timely check up of the equipment.

5. Managing Technicians And Energy

Big organisations need huge power supply, technical guidance while maintaining the machines and equipment one has to ensure managing the technicians as well. The technicians play a huge role in maintaining the budget and devices. Power or energy consumption can also be reduced over all that will maintain the devices and budget and not build more challenges any further.



Facility management is a task that is crucial for the gentle functioning of the companies. The mentioned pointers show the basic and necessary issues that need to be addressed and covered. Smooth functioning of firms increases the overall efficiency and productivity of the staff. It is pretty understandable and evident that the facility manager cannot handle everything all at once, hence it is helpful for the employees and the facility manager to take help from the machines and existing softwares that can make their work a lot more efficient and easy.

Everything you should know about Facility Management

25 Apr 2023 10
facility management

Facility management is a profession that looks after the steady flow of basic necessities
effectively. Office spaces especially need a helping hand that enables the workflow with ease.

Facilities management encompasses all the needs and requirements which include administrative and functional operations, building operations, ground management, sustainability planning, budgeting, space planning, etc. This business is devoted completely to support and regulation managed by a dedicated team of professionals, facility managers.

Who are facilities managers?

Facility managers are responsible for facility management. They oversee the serviceability and day-to-day operations. Facility managers collaborate with other departments like service managers, support managers and contract managers to ensure the smooth functioning of the workspace. Their duties include maintaining facilities and running administrative operations. They look after the cleaning and maintenance of stationeries, furniture and other facilities. Facility managers also create and maintain the budget.


What comes under the bracket of facility management?

Facilities management work is the most basic yet most integral part of the work space, it allows and supports smooth functioning of the facilities that meets the needs of the employees.

Facility management includes:
1. Looking after the daily operations: As a facility manager it is important that he/she makes sure that there is a smooth regulation of tasks and facility supply.
2. Building operations: Planning tasks and regulating it. This even includes managing cleaning, security and ground management.
3. Emergency management: This even includes disaster mitigation and responses.
4. Planning budget and regulating it.
5. Managing stationery, carpets, furniture, server rooms and others.
6. Business continuity management:  it is one such work that is taken care of by the facility managers that comes under facility management.

What is the importance of facility management and managers?

The regulation of facilities and their specific considerations is the most important task to accomplish while managing a company. To begin with, all the small big businesses of the company in reference to the employees should be taken care of, under facility management.
Roles and responsibilities of a facility manager:
1. Facility managers plan and obtain the capital required for the project.
2. Working with huge firms, space management is an issue. This is undertaken by the facility managers. They look after the distribution of space and occupancy to obtain better arrangement.
3. Lease administration and keeping a count on expenses is another major task driven by facility management.
4. They are trained to deliver operational efficiency.

5. One such major role includes creating an environment which tends to deliver more productivity.
6. While running a business, it is obvious that there will be certain problems associated with it. To find a logical and technical solution to these arising problems is done by facility managers.
7. A huge firm is equivalent to huge workstations and huge power consumption costs. Reducing these costs and making sure it’s working appropriately is undertaken by facility managers.

Any growing company needs a facility manager who efficiently manages the facilities and ensures smooth operations, ever wonder why this profession has a dedicated staff with professional experience. The reason is, these big firms have small big issues, and vital day-to-day functionalities that need to be considered.

They include:

  • Strategic Planning and execution: Understanding the work type and planning strategies and working on it.
  • Ordering and managing stacks: Making sure that the company does not stand back with any small or big facilities and ordering the required stacks as per the shortage.
  • Planning out things, their execution and coordinating events and functions. While running a big firm, it has to be ensured that planning and execution should follow a pattern followed by coordinating the events, which makes facility management significant.
  • Repairing and security. Machines regularly do need maintenance and repair. Looking after that and ensuring their efficiency is taken care of by facility managers and this makes facility management important.


Facilities management is the most basic yet important requirement of any growing organisation, ensuring the efficient working, security, maintenance and management is the duty of a facility manager and this work comes under facility management. This blog speaks about all the needs and requirements of the company and how facility management helps in the smooth running of it.

How do Facility Managers Manage stationery

24 Apr 2023 10
facility managers stationery

Stationaries are the basic yet important requirement of the company, they are the base line commodity that any workstation needs to complete the task with efficiency, hence their maintenance is something to take care of. It is mostly done by the facility manager. They ensure the maintenance and regularised use of the facilities for better flow of work. This blog spot is all about facility managers and how they manage stationary.

What is a Facility Manager?

Facility managers are the ones who ensure proper functioning of the facility and serviceability of it. They oversee the activities and daily operations of the workspace. A facility manager is one that shares its responsibilities with business service manager, support service manager, and contract managers, to ensure proper regulation of necessities and communication between the vendors, demands of employees and other facility
functions. Their roles and responsibilities include maintaining the facility and administrative operations, overseeing them. Creating and maintaining the budget of the facility and administrative functionalities.

What is Office Stationery?

Office stationeries are the basic commodities that work as a catalyst to complete the task. These are broadly divided into three categories: Consumables, Durables and Adhesives. Consumables include paper, stencils, ink, writing essentials, pins, clips, bottles etc. Durables include staplers, punching machines, gemclips,U clips, paper weight, etc. Adhesives include tapes, gums and fixers. Stationery feeds our convenience and saves time. They are a quick access to ideas and better functionality in multiple ways.

How do Facility Managers manage the office stationery?

Office stationery are vital assets that are used on a daily basis for big-small work. Employees and even staff show dependency on them, in this scenario the facility managers are the one who ensure the regulation of necessary stationery items and manage the requirements. What are the steps they undergo for a steady regulation and maintenance of the stationery:
1. Stock check: For office spaces the stationery always comes in bulk to ensure everyone’s needs are met. The facility manager makes sure that the stationery stock is sufficient and he/she keeps a count of the stock.
2. Maintaining the quality: Small things speak a lot about the company. Assuring good quality stationery and items creates a positive impression.
3. Using instructions: The facility manager makes sure that every user takes the basic rules under consideration, for example asking for any other stationary ones the given product is used for, or not to waste anything that even includes papers, not keeping the caps open for pens which may dry the ink, etc.

4. Appointing a lead: The facility manager is the lead here, he/she ensures the usage and distribution of stationeries as per the requirement. Facility managers look at the shortage of the stationery, proper cleanliness or any such related task.
5. Provides alternatives: It is the responsibility of the facility manager to provide alternatives to the items if the required item is not available under any circumstances. For example: to provide the employee with a sketch pen in absence of highlighters.
6. Consider reusing: The employees should be guided with the appropriate usage of the stationeries. The paper given should not be wasted, it can always be reused. Besides, if the ink is exhausted completely then refilling it can be a great alternative rather than throwing it away.
7. Track items: Making a list of given stationery items and to whom. This will ensure that the employees under any circumstances do not waste the stationery. Also, tracking it can help you to learn about the shortage of the stationeries, so you can re-stock them anytime.


Facilities management tasks are undertaken by facility managers. They are the ones responsible for all the administrative and operational work which include basic needs like stationery management. This blog was a detailed informational spot about stationery management by the facility managers.

Why Carpet Maintenance is Important in Your Office

20 Apr 2023 10
carpet maintenance

What are the benefits of a carpet in your office?

If you have just acquired a new office and are wondering whether you should let the floors free or carpet the area, here are solid scientific reasons why you should decide on carpeting your office. 


Noise Reduction

Believe it or not, a carpet is one of the best soundproof equipment for floors. A soundproof glass or ceiling only shuts off the walls and ceilings. A carpet will reduce the noise going downwards and increase the acoustics of your office. 


Reduces Dust

In today’s world, where dust and pollution are prevalent, it can get difficult to clean your offices. The dust particles float in the air no matter how much you vacuum and clean. These are allergens and pollutants in the air that affect the health of employees. When you install a carpet, it pulls the particles towards it, thus making it easy to vacuum these pollutants from the carpet itself, resulting in cleaner, breathable air. 


Reduces Greenhouse 

Carpet fibres conduct low heat and cold and hence are excellent insulating materials. Carpets do not absorb the heat which is great because will not heat up the room and lesser cooling will be required. The greenhouse effect is omitted and it reduces the use of coolants like air conditioning or coolers that are harmful for the environment. 


Value and Appearance

A carpet is a great decor for an office space. It can be used for good impressions. When the office foyer or floor is carpeted, it gives out a good impression to the clients or people walking into the office. Moreover, a good carpet increases the value of the company, in a way that it looks richer. 


You’ve installed a carpet. Now what?

Now that you have taken the decision to install a carpet in your office, you must be wondering if there are any more steps to take. The answer is yes. Installing a carpet does not end the task there. You need to take measures to maintain the carpet. Carpet maintenance means cleaning the carpet every now and then, keeping a close eye on any new organisms forming below the carpet (like algae or mildew), keeping it stain-free, cleaning out the dust, getting it professionally deep cleaned periodically. 


Why is carpet maintenance important in your office?

A carpet is not a low maintenance material. Since it is on the floor, a place that is most used by every human, it requires maximum maintenance. There are many reasons to maintain your carpet. 

  1. There are dust particles in the air that settle on the carpet. 
  2. There is constant spillage of trash on the floor.
  3. Moisture can cause mould and mildew to form.
  4. Shoes carrying diseases are used on the carpet.
  5. With the rains, comes mud and water right on the carpet.
  6. Stains on the carpet do not look good.
  7. A good impression can only be made on a carpet that looks fresh.
  8. If the carpet gets old, it can wear and tear and cause people to trip.
  9. An unsanitary carpet can cause disinterest in working at the office thus decreasing productivity.

As you can see, most of the reasons listed are based on hygiene. Carpets in an office require maintenance because if they are not cleaned regularly, there can be health problems 


How to maintain your carpet?

Maintaining a carpet is not difficult if you have a contract with a professional cleaning agency. This contract is drawn out in AMC maintenance by the Facility Manager. To know more about Facility Management, refer to our handbook. 

Carpets are very high maintenance. So how do you maintain your office carpet and avoid unnecessary hygiene problems? Here are the solutions:


  1. Vacuuming daily is the best remedy to a dirty carpet. The everyday dust and trash from the carpet can easily be cleaned by a strong vacuum cleaner. 
  2. A contract with a commercial cleaning service. Make sure you do market research regarding the different companies and their reputation. This contract will make sure that the carpet is deep cleaned periodically. 
  3. Wherever the carpet is used the most, i.e, where there is high foot traffic, it should be kept an eye on. Asking the cleaning crew to clean out spills with industry based solutions as soon as they occur is one way to avoid stubborn stains. 
  4. One way to prevent a dirty and unhygienic carpet is to add a foot mat outside the area where the carpet starts. The employees can then wipe their dirty shoes before stepping on the carpet. 
  5. During the rains, erect an umbrella stand outside the office so employees do not have to bring their wet umbrellas and coats inside causing the carpet to be exposed to moisture. 
  6.  Do not forget to sanitise the carpet. This not only kills bacteria, but also keeps a sound smelling carpet. 


Carpet maintenance, if done on a schedule and regularly, can be cost effective and simple in a way that you won’t have to replace the carpet due to prolonged contamination. Keep your carpets maintained and your office environment will stay pure and sanitary. 


Furniture maintenance and significance

19 Apr 2023 10
Furniture maintatence

An investment that every office, small or large, regardless of its scalable industry invests is furniture. Furniture is among the most basic yet vital needs. The chairs, desks, tables,
storage units, or any other accessory that is a part of furniture. We will be discussing the maintenance of these assets in this blog.

Why is furniture an important part of the workspace?

Furniture is not just restricted to leisure and comfort, it is the core establishment of the workstation that not only enhances the overall appearance of the place but works as a
support system to various activities of human indulgence. The furniture type especially desks are evidently designed in a pattern that have separator walls integrated that increase the comfort, usability and collaboration of the employees.

Not being restricted to the desks, the chairs, storage units, the multipurpose storage units which are a true boon to small scale office spaces. Comfort is anyways the first step to productivity. The employees in comfort can help with better productivity. Besides, the fact that a maintained and fancy furniture can leave a good impression on the clients and increase the credibility of the company in the long term.

Good furniture not only elevates the look but also adds sophistication to it. Maintaining good furniture should be a priority in any company. Ways to maintain the furniture For smooth running of the business, suitable maintenance of the furniture should be done.

Listed below are the basic ways that everyone can observe to maintain the durability of the


  1.  Avoid Spilling of liquids on the furniture, especially on wooden and leather furniture.
  2. The cleanliness of the furniture should be maintained. The fluids used for cleaning purposes must be taken care of. Remember a correct usage of the product can maintain the furniture or else wrong product can damage the furniture.
  3. Cover your furniture. To avoid food or liquid spill on the furniture observe the use of covers.
  4. Prevention from wear and tear can be done by rearranging furniture. This can be another effective way.
  5. Maintain the temperature for better durability. Do not expose your furniture to heat or avoid exposing the furniture to direct sunlight, this can fade the colour.
  6. Professional assistance. Ask for professional help once in a while, it will increase the shelf life of the furniture.

What are the basic problems that the furniture faces?

1. Chairs:
Office furniture varies from office to office. The furniture design and choice is different for everyone. Cleaning the office chair is one such problem, certain types of chairs
need certain specific ways to maintain it. For example, Leather chairs are cleaned without the usage of any harsh chemicals. Chemicals tend to damage leather fast.

The mesh chairs are durable, all they need is vacuum cleaning or cleaning it up with a wet cloth. Besides, the fabric chair cleaning needs nothing more than damping it
dry or cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. Under the case of any stains, clean it with appropriate chemicals.Tighten the screws and bolts every 6 months. Make sure that the arms and the back support of the chairs are not provided with heavy weight, it can damage the chairs.

2. Desks:
Any desk, regardless of the material it is made up of, should be dust with dry cloth.For a deep cleaning one can use damp cloth. Mild soaps should be preferred while cleaning the desk for better durability. In case of metal or wooden desks you can add anti rust or anti termite liquids for better maintenance.

3. Storage units:
Storage units are one such crucial asset that every company needs, for numerous reasons. Reasons like, no mess and neatness of the space. Good storage will help
one to add sophistication and maintenance of important documents and files. The cleanliness should be maintained, an appropriate fluid product must be used. In case of bugs and termites, use anti-insect fluids that will not harm your documents or the storage units.

Furniture is the biggest investment of the company, they are the impression makers, comforters and what not. Maintaining furniture for better durability and functionality is the
basic thing that has to be done. This blog has simple tips and habits that must be implemented for the better functioning and high durability of furniture. To read more about
facility management, refer to our handbook.

Designing and Equipping a Server Room: Key Considerations and Equipment Needed

18 Apr 2023 10

Every office space or any functional unit is composed with numerous other subunits, those are their rooms. Every room has its specific functionalities, problems and solutions, the server room is one such. But what exactly is a server room, let’s learn about it. A room that is devoted to storage, power and computer server operations and other computer associated services. These rooms are designed in order to provide a constant supply of electrical power that makes it highly sensitive to certain things.

Taken into consideration, these rooms should be designed in a manner that the environment should be under high network connectivity, good temperature regulation, ventilation, security, etc. Besides other security measures like fire protection, or protection with natural calamities should be taken under consideration.

What are the designing norms of the server rooms? As mentioned earlier these rooms should be design specific, let us understand the requirements that need to be considered while designing server rooms.,

  • The server rooms should include certain specifications that include, the rooms should have a large door. Big doors promote easy access to equipment. 
  • Since the room has gigantic power connectivity, under safety measures the flooring should be anti static. This will help the prevention of electrostatic discharge.
  • Another foremost measure is the temperature control. The air distribution should be evenly distributed.
  • Proper ventilation should be provided in such rooms. Cooling optimization should be taken care of.
  • Fire prevention. The room must strictly have a non-liquid fire suppression system in the worst case of fire outburst.
  • Power grounding for server racks is a must.

What is the equipment required for a server room? To begin with the equipment of the server room, first let’s learn about server racks. Server Racks: In simple terms they are just highly secure, enclosed cases suitable for protection. Ideally their standard size is 19” yet it can be customisable. There are certain types of server racks that have various uses based on their pattern.

  • Open frame server racks- Open frame server racks do not enclose the complete equipment which makes it flexible and easily accessible.
  • Locked server racks- These types are solid slides that are designed to provide quality security.
  • Rugged server racks- Rugged server racks are designed in order to provide the maximum protection. They are shock absorbent and provide protection.

Server racks are designed for better storage and computing the wires for better space. They have inbuilt cooling functions to maintain good condition of the equipment. Routers and switches: Routers and switches are the main characters of the server rooms. They work in a loop of sending and receiving servers for processing. There can be absolutely no connection in the server room in absence of routers and switches. Networking cable: Implementation of networking cable helps with better and safer ability to solve issues. They are cleaner options. Cable management equipment: Cable management equipment is a crucial element of the room. They organise your cables in a neat and appropriate way making it look sophisticated. Now, we have the design and the required equipments, let’s understand how do we set them up step by step:

  • Finding a room with appropriate size
  • Set up the storage set up
  • Temperature regulation
  • Make sure the cables are vividly spaced
  • Create and maintain security procedure
  • Monitor.


Server rooms are the main asset of your workstation. They help you with easy access to power control and work as the central point that organises and manages the network server resource. All they need is an appropriate environment, security protection, not having an appropriate environment may create issues with the space. This blog spot is a guide that will help you understand and maintain the server room for better utility.

How to Tell Your Office Needs HVAC Maintenance

17 Apr 2023 10

How to Tell Your Office Needs HVAC Maintenance

Are you constantly getting complaints about employees being hot despite the AC being turned on?  

If your HVAC unit is causing problems and is not working as well as it usually does, it does not necessarily mean that your AC is broken and that you need to replace it. There are many reasons why your unit is acting up which can get fixed when an AC is not performing the way it should. They can range from simply a clogged filter to an electrical issue. These problems can either be resolved by you or you will need to call a professional. These problems are part of a facility manager’s responsibility. To know more about Facility Management, refer to our Facility Management Handbook.


Filter Clogging:

An issue like filter clogging is the most common reason for an AC not cooling the room as it used to. When the temperature of the AC is at its lowest and best, and you still cannot feel the air reach you, check whether the filter of the AC looks dusty. If it does, clean it out with a wet cloth. With no dust bunnies blocking the air, it should be able to escape the filters and reach you. 


Dirty Coils:

The coils of an AC are one of its main components. They are responsible for the cooling and heating of the parts that make the AC. Surely, it only makes sense to keep them clean and well maintained. The positioning of an AC makes it possible for dust and other pollutants to enter the system. When grime and dirt settle on the coils of the AC, they fail to function. The coils could thus be an issue that causes the AC to stop working. Cleaning these coils will easily solve the problem. But keep in mind that some coils can be beyond repair and need to be replaced.


Leaking Ducts:

The ducts in an HVAC unit are manually attached. Sometimes it is possible that the person may have fumbled and attached the ducts wrong. When this happens, it can easily be detected from any dripping water. It occurs at the place where two ducts meet; so touching the spot and feeling water means that the ducts are indeed leaking. The duct can be sealed by you or you will have to call a professional.



Any machine needs a cooling period to work properly. You may wonder why a machine which cools us, needs cooling. But while the unit is cooling the outside, its inside heats up. AC units usually have an automated cooling period, but if someone decides to override it, it can cause overheating problems in the HVAC. It can also occur due to incorrect measurements in AC choices- a smaller unit in a big room can cause it to overwork. Remember to give your units regular breaks, as you give yourself. 


Electrical Issues:

When your unit has an electric issue, the circuit breaker that is built in your unit will trip. If this problem is persistent, it is an electric issue related to wiring or the capacitor. These issues cannot be fixed by you and you need to call the professionals for help. Do not use the AC until the problem is fixed or it could cause dangerous circumstances



Prolonged use of the AC can corrode its insides. The humidity and moisture in a place can affect the coils of the unit, corroding them. The coils are important for the AC to work. To prevent corrosion in a unit’s coils, get them greased with products like epoxies and silanes. 


Refrigerant Levels:

Refrigerants exist in all cooling devices. It is the process that expels cool air into the atmosphere while heating up the inside. If this process is hindered because of any reasons, it causes a leak in the refrigerant which lowers the refrigerant levels. Just like duct repair, this too can be repaired by sealing the leak. 


An HVAC unit needs to be serviced periodically. Coolant periods are extremely important for any heating device. If these things are kept in mind and followed, your HVAC unit will stay in a good condition. The employees don’t have to be in constant dispute over the AC if the unit is constantly maintained and taken care of. Any leaks or breaker trips should be immediately looked after or the unit is at risk of getting damaged. 


Structuring the Future: Union Budget 2023-24 Empowers Infrastructure, Eases Business, and Boosts Economic Growth

04 Feb 2023 10
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FM Sitharaman announced that the 2022-2023 budget would support economic growth through increased public investment as India, Asia's third-largest economy, recovers from the pandemic-induced recession. The budget is built on four pillars: inclusive development, increased productivity, energy transition, and addressing climate change, aiming to shape India's future from 75 to 100 years.

As the presented budget lists pressing needs to ensure the economy is robust, we bring forth the highlights of Budget 2023 for the construction sector alongside industry experts and real estate leaders’ views and reactions.

Economic boosters

The Finance Minister has forecasted economic growth at seven percent for FY 2023-24. With a planned capital expenditure of Rs 10 lakh crore, a YoY increase of 33 percent, more development would be seen across the country, which would attract more investors. This would ensure improved cash liquidity in the market and thereby, benefit the real estate sector.


Creating urban infrastructure in tier 2 and tier 3 cities via the establishment of UIDF

The Finance Minister placed a strong emphasis on urban planning in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in the budget. With a focus on sustainable and planned development, the housing sector is expected to receive a boost.

The National Housing Bank will manage the proposed Urban Infrastructure Development Fund (UIDF), which will provide support for infrastructure development in Tier 2 and 3 cities. A budget allocation of Rs 10,000 crore has been proposed for this fund.

Additionally, five centers of excellence in urban planning will be established, providing the sector with access to trained professionals. A high-level committee comprised of urban planners, economists, and institutions will be created to formulate urban planning policies, implement plans, build capacity, and improve governance.



This year's budget announces the upgrade of 50 airports and ports. The Infrastructure Finance Secretariat will support private investments in various infrastructure projects, such as urban development, power, roads, and railways.

Last year's budget outlined the expansion of National Highways to exceed 25,000 km and introduced PM Gati Shakti plan for a coordinated strategy to develop cargo terminals, expressways, and other infrastructure.

Jayakumar Krishnaswamy, Managing Director of Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd, states, "The 2023 Union Budget provides a substantial boost to the infrastructure sector, aiding the recovery and growth of the economy. The government's focus on green capital expenditure will address the industry's energy needs, making this budget a visionary approach to long-term growth."


Ease of doing business

The Union Budget 2023-24, includes a slew of measures for ease of doing business. About 39,000 compliances have been reduced and amendments to Central Acts have been proposed which will make governance friendly for businesses.


In Short

This year's Union Budget is expected to be a positive one for the real estate sector. The Finance Minister has proposed a 33 percent increase in capital expenditure for the sector, which would ensure improved liquidity in the market. Additionally, the proposed Urban Infrastructure Development Fund will provide support for infrastructure development in Tier 2 and 3 cities.


Other Highlights

Apart from the above insights here are some of the key highlights of the Union Budget presented,

  • Fiscal deficit to be at a low of 5.9% in FY 24 from 6.4% in FY 23

  • Public expenditure to be more 10 Lakh Crores and 2.4 Lakh crores on Railway infrastructure n upgradation budget allocation 




How much sum has been budgeted for Smart Cities in the Union Budget 2023-24?

The Government has allocated Rs 16,000 crore towards its Smart Cities Mission for FY24

Who will manage the Urban Infrastructure Development Fund?

The proposed UIDF will be backed by the National Housing Bank. 

What is the budgetary allocation for the transition to a low-carbon economy?

A. A budgetary allocation of Rs 35,000 crore has been made for the transition to a low-carbon intensity and green economy.

Who will create urban infrastructure in tier 2 & 3 cities?

The National Housing Bank will manage the proposed Urban Infrastructure Development Fund (UIDF), which will provide support for infrastructure development in Tier 2 and 3 cities.

How Right Office Furniture Can Enhance Your Productivity at Work.

03 Feb 2023 10
coworking space, office space, furniture, productivity,

Anyone working in an office environment would want that they should have a comfortable workday and face no hassle in the workflow. As we all know that we need to sit in the office for at least 9 hours and sitting in the same position straight can take a toll on our back and add more health problems as well. Our body is not built to sit and work continues as it is now in the modern work culture but this is not at all acceptable to our ancestors. Having just a comfortable chair to sit in cannot add to making an employee more productive.

The chair and desk you sit on and all the places you visit in the office must have furniture that is ergonomic and apart from this, the lighting systems and all the touch points of the users matter.       

Here is how the Right Office Furniture Can Enhance Your Productivity at Work,

Chairs & sittings 

 When you sit in a single place for long periods of time you are prone to have back pains, headaches as well as tiredness. The same is the case when you work in your offices sitting for a long and then coming back home you face such issues. Hence, the first and foremost furniture to be done right is your office chair and other sitting places where an employee generally sits and works for long hours.

The right choice of chair can help avoid all such problems and also provide you with many health benefits. A good and ergonomically designed chair will help you give support to your back, legs, hand, neck, and shoulder hence allowing you to sit for long hours without any discomfort. It will also help to better your body posture while you are at work, hence it is very important to have an office chair that will give you comfort and keep your day in your office space a good going. 


Not only the chairs but also desks should be designed in such a way that they will provide the utmost comfort to the occupant as the desk size, usable area, and height also matter for better ergonomics and better usability. If the table height is not adequate like too low or more it can affect your neck and back causing strain and pain. Hence the desk or table must be chosen wisely so that will not affect the health of the user.

Storage Units

Often employees and occupants of the office space need to keep all the things related to their office and personal use. Hence adequate and functional storage units must be built in order to help employees and occupiers to get organized by storing their belongings and other stuff in the storage units such as cupboards, drawers, etc.

Correct lighting

Lighting can directly affect your productivity at work as it is one of the factors that helps create a good environment around you. Low lighting will make you feel everything around you dull and intense lighting will over brighten everything around you, both these factors will affect your productivity and you may lose your productivity at work. Adequate lighting will help uplift the environment around you with a good ambiance in which you will feel comfortable working.

There should be adequate natural lighting as well as artificial lighting in your office space by keeping big windows in the office properly covered by curtains. 


Colours in the office space can directly affect our moods as they have a certain ambiance and emits some type of energy. As every colour has its own significance for the occupiers.

For example, blue colour implies a sense of comfort, green colour energy & positivity, and yellow inspires cheerfulness and positivity. Choosing a definite type of colour pellet for your workspace will definitely help you give a good ambiance to your office space, thus making it more welcoming to your clients, investors, and employees and will make them more productive in their respective work.   


To ensure productivity and a positive representation of your business, it's crucial to prioritize the comfort of your employees. A pleasant workplace leads to better results, and investing in ergonomic furniture and a stylish office design can enhance focus and boost performance. Remember, the right furniture plays a key role in maintaining the happiness and well-being of your employees and helping them to be more productive.


5 Types of Friends You Need At Work

27 Jan 2023 10
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We all know a common saying - A friend in need, is a friend indeed, this proverb is enough to define the actual value of a friendship. Friendship is all about the comfort and happiness that we get from our known favourite people. We have that one friend who is always happy, high on good vibes, and positive; and one friend who many a time is low and with negativity. Both of these friends are helpful to make us understand things around us for a reality check, thus balancing our mood. 

There are many different types of people around us who we might need and vice versa in and around our work chores. Here are some types of friends you may need in your squad while at work to help you get through your work day. 

1. The one who is Career Oriented

These are the type of friends who are always thriving to gain new skills and working on new projects and assignments in their organization. They are always in some work and most productive around. Having such type of friends in your office squad is a boon, as they will always help you keep focussed and motivated in your work and also in all your career goals. These types are always helpful in getting advice in terms of your career and office work goals. 

2. The one who is a Mentor

There is always a wise and sound person around us who is well settled and everything around his life is sorted and seems to have a life together. They are the ones who offer solutions to all your problems in complicated work activities at your workplace. They not only offer work advice but can also help you in your personal life with suggestions and advice on your problems as well. You are lucky if you have such friends, because even after you are not working together then also you will be good friends lifelong. 

3. The one who is your Bosom friend

The friend who is always available for you and he/she is the one with whom you can talk about literally anything. You can vent all your problems, experiences, and any such things without worrying about getting judged. They are your shoulder, you can rely on them and literally cry with them as well, you have their back always in the office as well as when you are away from the office.  But you must be careful always and assess the situation so that it's not only you who is always venting your problems, you must change your role to a Listener, as they also need you many a time.

4. The one who is always socially active

This type of friend is the one who is always active with everyone in the office and uplifts the environment around. Everyone has a good time with this friend, who cheers you up no matter what the situation is. If you are feeling down you can have a fun time with him/her and get yourself a little bit uplifted. As this friend talks to everyone in the office, you can get many insights into things in and around the office. If you need to know something you can simply ask them and they will definitely have something to tell or the source where you can get the information. 

5. Your partner in crime

This a friend on whom you can always count for each situation, whether you are working late hours or want to have some good time in the office with, they are always available for you and you are for them in any situation. You come to the office together, leave together and have breaks together. These friends are the ones you must have at your workplace.  

In Closing: 

Having friends at your workplace is a gratifying experience one can have. They make your work and days go faster, and you can have a good time working together in your office space. They help you grow in your career and life and you also play an important role in their lives. Make as many friends as you can in and around your workplace and have a good work time.


Tips For Choosing A Commercial Rental Space

21 Jan 2023 10
Tips For Choosing A Commercial Rental Space

One who runs a business might feel the need of renting some type of commercial property at some point in that business life. There are a variety of commercial space options available in the market but choosing one as per all the needs is not an easy task to do. It might need too much research in choosing the right space which is non-residential as well as can fetch as much business as it can, considering its location and other factors. 

Commercial spaces refer to a business place where we can run our businesses. It can include small shops, offices, inventories, malls, or any other company type. These spaces might have out-of-the-box requirements as per any business needs. Apart from this, these spaces are huge and located in complexes and mall areas which might need all the huge electrical wirings, ventilations, passages, common or private washrooms, etc. All the setup for such spaces is different from our residential buildings and others. Also for setting up the offices these places must be equipped with connectivity with wifi, security, CCTV surveillance, parking, and many such basic things. 

While getting a commercial space for your business you must know all your business requirements and should have done a particular business study. As each business has a different type of requirements the factors such as Budget, Location, type of space, and transport facilities differ from business to business. 

There are many types of questions according to business needs one needs to ask to self before choosing a business location like,

  • What Profit Income do I expect?
  • What is the customer group you need to target?
  • What will be the total cost to run the business?
  • What is the daily work plan?
  • What is the production? How to plan its smooth flow?

Let us analyze some more points to get a better idea, here are some tips for choosing a commercial rental space.

The Location  

This is one of the most important factors while selecting the space for your business as it can have a direct impact on your business both positively and negatively. If your business relates to production or any storage facility then it can be located away from the city chores and crowded areas such as highways. But this must be located such that there are all types of transport facilities available and easily accessible. For different types of stores, we must always choose a place where it is a frequent flow of population. 

You can prefer Non-residential areas in industrial, commercial, and administrative buildings located in the central region that are most in demand.

Floor Layout

The layout of your commercial space should always be taken into account as per your business needs. As for offices we need to keep in mind the occupancy now as well as in the future if you scale up your business. The sizes which can satisfy your needs easily should be chosen always, not too small and not too big. 

Renting and leasing

This should be the foremost factor after choosing the location of the space as learning the potential income from the business and whether it is feasible to pay the rent. You must learn the lease options of the property and whether they fit your needs or not.  

Building Infrastructure  

Many businesses have many different needs and requirements, which is why while choosing a location one must check all the necessary services such as water supply, electricity, power backup, ventilation, accessibility, parking, housekeeping, wifi services, and other connectivity options. One must also ensure that the infrastructure can be a well fit for your business.


This should be accounted for when your business is manufacturing or production based, or you have inventory for your business. Good security should be a part of the building or the space you will be using for your business.

In Summary:

Getting a commercial space has been in demand nowadays due to the increasing number of startups and the expansion of many companies. We can also see more such spaces in the market, the owners are getting more and more profit from them, and also the tenants are enjoying their business by gaining profits.


Explore Hybrid Working Solution with Open Office Space

11 Jan 2023 10
coworking space, office space

In the last 3 years, we have seen a change in the world, a change that no one expected in any way. A pandemic taught us that we as a human have a strong ability to adapt to new situations and evolve through them. In turn, it’s been just 2 years since the Covid pandemic came and we have got ourselves through and have come up with different solutions to the problems it gave us.

One such thing that covid helped us evolve in is the work culture, as we can see it gave a concept of remote working without hindering work productivity by any means. Corporates let their employees work from home and this gave rise to WFH culture. 

Now we can see that Working from home became a new trend, people are not willing to work from their respective office locations as it helps save them time and money. Always working from is also not feasible as it brings a feeling of loneliness and hinders collaborations with coworkers. This is the reason many corporates and companies have called their employees back to the office.   

To make it equal we all came up with a middle solution: Hybrid Working, one can work from home as well as from the office thus maintaining a work-life balance. On top of that, a traditional office cannot hold such flexibility as it will be a waste of money and space hence we all came up with coworking spaces. In this way, we can see that coworking spaces represent the optimal solution for the future of hybrid work. 

What Is Open Office Space? 

Coworking is an open office space with tons of amenities and technologies offering dedicated desks, private cabins, meeting and conference rooms with reception, lounge, play area, live kitchens, and cafeterias.

All these are shared amenities by professionals hailing from different work fields and expertise. These spaces can be used by  freelancers, businesses with small teams, startup owners, or big corporate giants. 

How do Coworking spaces represent the optimal solution for the future of hybrid work?

If a corporate wants its employees to work in a hybrid work model, conventional office space is definitely not a choice for them. As conventional space will not be cost-effective and will not be occupied each day, hence a waste of space and capital.  Hence, going with a hybrid work model a company can opt for coworking space which is easy to lease and have no long lease options as one can rent a space for as less as a single day. Hence, employees of a company can come and work together the desired days of the week and in turn, the company can save their running costs by just paying for the space their employees occupy. 

Employees can have comfort working from home as well as from the office by balancing their work and life schedules. Nowadays working from the office daily is tiresome as we have to travel to workplaces in traffic thus investing time, which counts in reducing some of the work productivity of the employees. Also always working from home makes us  lazy as well as there is no physical collaboration with the team. A healthy team must have meetings and collaborations so that everyone is on the same page throughout. 

When thinking about Coworking and Hybrid work together, a corporate that is willing to switch to a Hybrid work model should opt for a coworking space at some prime location in the city they want to be in. Another alternative a firm or corporate can do is if the employees are from different cities and states and it will be very difficult for everyone to come to a certain location. Then that company can arrange coworking spaces for their employees in their particular cities so that they can work for particular days from that office spaces. This helps employees to have a perfect work-life balance and not get bored or do not face a workload. 

This collaboration of Hybrid and Coworking office spaces also helps companies to hire talent from different parts of the country, thus getting a great talent pool. 

One of the main reasons for companies to opt for a hybrid work model is that workers have the flexibility to schedule their work time as per their work needs and feasibility. This helps workers and companies to make the most of their professional time thus getting the most productive in overall work. Professionals hailing from different fields and backgrounds make a coworking space build a community and contacts which in turn helps to learn and collaborate with each other. 

In Conclusion,

We can see that a workplace revolution is taking place in today’s fast-moving world which only aims in extracting the best productivity from the workers and employees. This is been fostered by the Hybrid work model which is made to collaborate and go hand in hand with Coworking spaces, both of ‘em are making it a success and all the big as well as small businesses are switching themselves to this type of work model. Having all the office amenities, features as well as flexibilities a coworking space represent the optimal solution for the future of hybrid work.


Considering investment worth in coworking space good or bad ?

27 Dec 2022 10
coworking space

Is Investing in coworking space a good opportunity worth considering? Definitely yes.

Coworking spaces are nowadays in a trend and this trend is going to further continue in the far future.  Coworking spaces offer a positive work environment that promotes the productivity of the professional occupants working under that roof. These types of office spaces host all types of work professionals hailing from different fields and backgrounds.

Additionally, coworking spaces offer more cost-effectiveness compared to traditional offices, thus making them a good investment for entrepreneurs and other businesses.

Coworking offers a shared work culture along with flexible as well as affordable options in comparison with normal traditional workspaces. All the occupiers in this workplace get dedicated desks, workstations, private and manager cabins along with many amenities such as reception, common area, cafeterias, lounge, pantry, etc. 

These spaces offer membership plans for occupants which are charged monthly or yearly because depends on the occupier. Some are individuals or small teams and some are organizations having large no of teams. It provides flexibility to all its members as compared to other spaces. 

Some of the benefits of owning and investing in coworking spaces are

1. Increase your rental income

Coworking spaces will often provide a high return on investment as compared to traditional office spaces. If you are an owner of a space instead of leasing your property for traditional offices, coworking spaces can be proved as a great source of rental income. 

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular among the driving workforce nowadays as many freelancers and small businesses are switching to coworking culture. By renting coworking spaces you can attract many tenants  with increased charges thus increasing your rental income.  These workplaces provide higher flexibility and affordability, which can help tenants increase their productivity. 

2. Increase your property value

Coworking spaces can help you add more value to your property thus making it more appealing to potential tenants and buyers. This will help all your tenants create a sense of community, thus increasing the number of tenants and the property value. Mouth publicity and foot traffic will make your property more popular. 

3. A large range of Tenant

Coworking spaces can be more attractive for many tenants for coworking spaces than traditional office space. These spaces are increasingly getting popular day by day in recent times, as more professionals and organizations are switching to this culture of working.

There are many perks of using coworking spaces as they are more cost-effective and provide a flexible leasing option along with a good work-life balance thus increasing the productivity of employees as well as the organization.  

There are many freelancers and tech gigs who are in need of a proper workplace for their daily chores and are willing to adapt to coworking spaces. They can opt for a coworking for single seats as well as getting all the benefits and opportunities to collab with their coworkers. Small businesses, startups, and big firms are also recently using these workspaces for their operations to save and provide flexible options to their employees.   

4. Many options for leasing

Coworking spaces offer a wider range of leasing options compared to traditional office spaces, attracting a wide range of tenants. Nowadays many landlords and property owners are making their spaces available for coworking spaces and it is not surprising at all due to the higher market in this industry. 

Coworking spaces are cost-saving as they help businesses rent and lease the space and seats they need rather than paying for a traditional space and looking after its maintenance. 

These spaces offer flexible lease agreements that are not for long terms rather than getting locked in long-term agreements. Business can scale down their businesses or scale up according to their needs as they will have to pay for the space they use. 

All these properties of coworking spaces make it flexible to use and offer more and more leasing options for professionals.   

5. Gives a competitive edge to your space

Coworking spaces can give a competitive edge to your space by providing all the amenities to users in the first place to make your space/properties ahead. Coworking spaces can be a very good means to do so, giving you a headstart in the market.

As there are a variety of features and amenities they provide to their occupiers that can be a great point of attraction to all the folks in need of a place.  

In Conclusion:

There are many advantages of giving property for coworking spaces as they may help gain a headstart for a business and earn a good amount of capital thus helping a professional workforce perform with comfort with high productivity. This will also help gain more tenants with multiple leasing options thus getting a headstart in the market with a competitive edge.  


A Closer Look at History of Coworking Space

19 Dec 2022 10
coworking space, office space


We have seen for decades that our parents and grandparents go to the offices and work there day and night, returning home and again back to the same schedule. This has been a common practice for decades and many of us have been following this in our decade as well. Has anyone thought about it whether working from the offices is really productive or not? Yes, it is productive as some of the work environment needs onsite employees and workers, but there are many such jobs and offices which do need their employees to be called at workplaces but still, they are going there. Is it really necessary to do so? No. What we need is productivity, if there is work productivity no matter where we are working, we can work at different workplaces with different people from different organizations.  

Not for a long time we are a part of the revolution, a revolution that is changing working habits, increasing productivity and collaboration with many organizations. Yes, this is a Co-Working model implemented in the near past, where people from different organizations and freelancing individuals are working together with much more productivity than before. But where this revolution began, and what is its History, let's see.

It all started back in 1995 in Berlin, Germany where a bunch of 17 Computer Engineers came together to work and named their place ‘Hackerspace’. The motive behind creating this space was just to share and explore all the equipment and facilities they had. It also increased collaboration with each other thus increasing knowledge, at that time that was it, no progress in such spaces. 


What is Coworking Space? 

In 1999, Bernard DeKoven, an American game designer contributed the term ‘Co-working’. Apart from the name nothing was the same as it is today because his ideology regarding the term was different. For DeKoven, coworking was a term used to describe the idea of “working together as equals,” rather than “working together, yet separate” to remove the traditional hierarchical system. He wanted everyone to work together in game design and make it up to the final product without any grading. The same year that DeKoven brought to life the notion of coworking, 42West24 sprung onto the New York City scene. In 2002, two Austrian entrepreneurs set out to put an end to working from home and to create a space where like-minded people could gather to work and create in collaboration. The two converted an old factory into a new space for architects, consultants, freelancers, and startup owners. But rather than being known as a coworking space, it was, for years referred to as an ‘entrepreneur’s center.’

The actual story of coworking began in 2005, software engineer Brad Neuberg from San Fransico was the one who first officially launched a Coworking space. When Neuberg was going through tough financial times, he was working at a startup where he was feeling conflicted. He wanted to find a way to combine the independence and freedom of working by himself with the community feel and working with others. He worked and resulted in making a new type of space that delivered both the structure and community feel he wanted. He opened the space in San Fransisco itself. At first, the space was not a hit, no one showed up but after that, in a month or two it became a massive hit. People started showing interest in such spaces and since then the number of people investing and using these spaces increased. Studies show that since 2006, the number of coworking spaces has almost doubled per year, and demand continues to steadily grow since then. And in the years that followed, many big organizations started working with it and the rest is in front of us. Since then it has evolved and demand for such spaces is constantly increasing, and most existing spaces have plans in place for expansion. 

Growth in these spaces has continued so much that the number of coworking spaces worldwide is projected to reach a massive number in the coming years. With the upcoming emergence of the side hustle and the rise of flexible work options for many employees, it's no surprise that coworking spaces are expected to grow more and more over the coming years.


The Future with Coworking office : What's Next?

15 Dec 2022 10
coworking space

Working professionals from the beginning need to go to their workplaces for their work and relocate from different locations all over the country or the world. We nowadays also relocate or need to travel distances to reach our workplaces. All these traditional office spaces are not so happening nowadays, we have to come to the same offices daily, the same people around and much less flexibility offered there. These traditional working spaces are not at par in this fast-moving world as everyone needs aesthetics as well as good ergonomics for better comfort to increase productivity and work-life balance.

To tackle all these challenges in 2005, software engineer Brad Neuberg from San Fransico was the one who first officially launched a Coworking space. He wanted to find a way to combine the independence and freedom of working by himself with the community feel and working with others.

Why Coworking is Future for modern office work culture?

Coworking is a collaborative work practice in which individuals work independently or in collaboration with others in shared office spaces. These spaces are also used by organizations that provide spaces for their employees in shared offices with equipment and all the other services in need. A normal and typical coworking space includes many features and amenities such as shared office spaces with 24/7 access and all the other amenities like desks, systems, printers, strong WiFi, a shared pantry, and lounge areas. These are also offered with meeting rooms, storage areas, etc. with Parking being one of the topmost requirements. Perfectly managed by dedicated staff these spaces are readily available for each type of professional hassle-free. 

There is a drastic change in the Working environment nowadays, these shared and coworking spaces are attracting a large number of individuals and other organizations. Startup owners and small organizations have got a platform to work on and are getting highly inspired. They can afford it easily and also can work with and collaborate with other people in such spaces thus building a strong community within a diverse environment. 

Due to incurring of the High costs of real estate; entrepreneurs, startup owners, and freelancers are getting attracted to these kinds of spaces nationwide. The startup ecosystem in India is getting promoted here without any doubt. The Indian government is also promoting startup culture thus supporting coworking and shared spaces. Apart from this, Young entrepreneurs are getting opportunities to work collaborate, learn, grow networks, and learn for a lifetime. Through workshops, collaborations, meetings, networking events, etc coworking spaces act as a center for entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and succeed. 

The office space culture in India today is going through a revolution like working in shared and coworking spaces. These spaces and adopted working culture have changed the way we look at offices now. Unlike old traditional offices, coworking spaces are not just limited to the walls of a company. Instead, they allow you to learn and collaborate with others effectively. It is a cost-effective method where any individual or organization gets their desired workplace with ease and without spending too much. It provides and nurtures a vibrant office environment which in turn increases productivity with satisfaction. 

As of now, coworking space is a young concept in India that is getting nurtured and growing at a fast pace. It is getting into trend slowly as many people are leaning towards it. Having it much more evolved in the past 2 to 3 years, during and post covid these properties are growing in numbers. Providing much more amenities in a work environment in a hassle-free manner. Besides all the amenities and features provided, these spaces are also popularly known for low cost, flexibility, and logistically ease to have.

Coworking is one of the most trending concepts evolving and gaining the attention of young entrepreneurs and startups for stepping out of traditional office work practices and moving to flexibility. India has now nearly more than 1500 coworking spaces, data from a recent report showed. This number of spaces is going to increase in the near future making coworking spaces the only feasible option for all professionals making it a future in the office space environment. 


The Benefits of Leasing and Buying in Commercial Real Estate

09 Nov 2022 10
coworking space

Commercial properties take up a majority of the occupying share in terms of monetary value in the Indian Real Estate Sector. Buying versus Leasing commercial property is a crucial decision that many business needs to make. The same way as there are two sides to a coin there is no concrete or a simple solution to this answer. There are parameters to choose from and today Brantford India will guide you to whether leasing or buying which one suits your spectrum in the best way possible so you can take the right course of action for your business.


Laying out the possibilities of choosing the Right Real Estate Path


Whether you opt in for buying or leasing, Real Estate will be a hefty expense for your business. It is going to affect your cash flow, stability and long-term prospects all while having tax impacts. In order to be more economically sound, it is worth spending some time to consider which the best path is for you.


The Pros of Buying a Commercial Property


Buying a commercial property can be one of the best decisions to make in many cases. You have complete control and authority of the property because you won’t have a landlord. However, most businesses or organizations choose not to purchase their real estate outright. They also have the option of using a loan to spread out the cost.


  •         Asset Building in terms of Gaining Equity: As time passes by and you gradually pay off the loan your equity will increase in the commercial property. The assets on your balance sheet will also see a positive output. The potential equity can be used as collateral in the future for other business needs.
  •         Finite Number of Payments: Buying can be an attractive option in terms of long-term cash flow. Financial security being one of the best reasons to buy a commercial property.
  •         Greater Control: A landlord isn’t going to question you to every modification you make when you own the building. As long as you afford the building you are in charge of the property and completely in control of it. The rent wont escalate every year and you can’t be asked to vacate.
  •         A Rental Income Possibility: A part of the property can be leased to other tenants.
  •         Deductible Depreciation and Interest: There are noticeable tax benefits to buying, one can always deduct expenses if relevant such as interest and depreciation.
  •         Asset Appreciation: Over time Real Estate appreciates in value. By any means this is not guaranteed. There comes a time when you end up owning an asset that is significantly more valuable that it was when you purchased it.


The pros of Leasing Commercial Property


In many scenarios Leasing is the way to go. In general, it is a flexible option than buying. The following are a few of the advantages of leasing a commercial property:

  •         More Flexibility: You are not responsible of the property for years together when you are leasing a space. A loan could have a term of more than 10 years or more buy when you lease a property it can last for 5 years or less and you always have the option of breaking your lease if necessary.
  •         Upfront Costs Reduced: Leased spaces usually ask for a few months of security deposit to make up for the renovation of the space or for setting it up.
  •         Tax Benefits: Leases do come with tax benefits. Typically, the entire lease payment can be deducted as it comes off as an expense.
  •         Shared expenses with the Landlord: Repairs and maintenance are taken care of by the landlord. The common areas are usually covered under this which then helps you keep your budgeting simple.

        Fixed, Monthly Payments: One single invoice to be paid to the landlord or the property owner. Utilities and other variables are set apart.

Co-Working Impacts Growth: What You Need to Know

07 Nov 2022 10
coworking space

How Co-working Impacts Growth ?

Coworking has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in every faucet of every economy. Growth
of an economy as we know has many streamlines attached to it; it can be the booming IT, real estate or
Edutech sector or it can be the result of a successful idea or innovation. How does coworking in this
fashion contribute to the limelight of an economy? Let us take a closer look on how coworking enables
start-ups to reach for the stars or how managed office spaces sets up SME’s and MNC’s for a stable and
steady expansion.

Working at a coworking space can be more fulfilling than it is at a traditional workplace. Unlike a
traditional office, coworkers at coworking spaces come from different industries; they are finding their
own niche in the world and are working on projects or simply to advance their careers. Working
alongside forward-thinking companies and people offers many such benefits such as increased
professional development and satisfaction.

Coworking spaces are usually open 24/7, so you have more job control. You can decide whether or not
to put in a long day when you have a deadline or want to show progress, or if you want to take a long
break in the middle of the day for a powernap. You can even decide if you want to work in a quiet space
where you can focus without interruption or if you would rather work in an open collaborative space
where interaction is encouraged.

Every Coworking space has its own culture and environment that it caters to, it may be a communal
space that is freelancer friendly or an environment that is professional and sets the tone for privacy by
having closed cabins on either side of its hallway. Every Coworking space has something for its users;
some users may like to be independent so they opt for private cabins, some users want to interact with
their environment so they opt for open workspaces hence they have the freedom to discuss ideas and
engage with others freely.

When a space is as flexible as a coworking space and something that caters to the needs of the ordinary
at the grass root level it is bound to succeed in its mission for growth and development. Building up a
communal space in a prime location is not an easy task to achieve and coworking solves many of the
outlining issues of the 22 nd century, hybrid work is made possible by coworking spaces situated closer to
neighbourhoods. The onset of the pandemic shifted the way we work and coworking has to be
attributed to its development.

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